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Chapter 1.

"Really, Lestrade," Sherlock groused. "I can't believe you've bothered to come all this way for this. A missing person's case is hardly worth my effort."

Lestrade refrained from rolling his eyes. "I think you'll find this one to be bizarre enough to hold even your attention. Have you ever heard of the Wester Drumlins Estate?"

"If I had it must not have been interesting enough to remember"

John didn't bother refraining from rolling his eyes. "Why don't you just fill us in, Lestrade," he said.

"Well, long story short, it's an old abandoned home on the west side. There's been disappearances associated with that house going back several years. Really odd disappearances, people go in and they never come out."

"A ghost story? Pleaseā€¦" Sherlock sniffed.

"Not ghosts, Sherlock, and not just stories. We have a garage full of abandoned vehicles; cars people drove up to that house and never came back to. Some were found with their motors still running. And then there was Detective Inspector Billy Shipton. He was put in charge of the investigation of the disappearances, until he went missing as well. Reports on his disappearance stated the desk sergeant called him because a woman had come in to report another missing person, Shipton clocked out and it's believed he left with her. He was never seen again. That was over two years ago. There was a full investigation of course, but not a trace was ever found, just like all the others."

"If the investigation didn't turn up anything back then, why are you looking into it again now?" asked John.

"Because the disappearances stopped after that." said Lestrade. "The Wester Drumlins cases just went cold, but they've started up again. Over the years the place got quite a reputation as you can imagine, and developers bought the place, planning on making it into kind of a "theme hotel". There was talk of having some kind of ghost-hunter program filmed there. They started the renovations about six months ago and within a few weeks, workmen started dissapearing, five of them total. Eventually, all the contractors quit and renovations ground to a halt. The last people to go missing were a couple of kids, sixteen years old, on a dare to spend the night in the "haunted house". That was two weeks ago. Their friends never saw them again." Lestrade paused, shaking his head. "And something else, not sure it's important, but some rather strange evidence has gone missing. You see, after Shipton went missing, everywhere they could think of was searched, including the storage garage of course, but didn't turn up anything, except it was discovered that one of pieces of abandoned property, a replica of a 1930's style police call box that had been there was gone. There was no indication of how it ever got to Wester Drumlins in the first place and no one's seen it since. We're at the end of our rope on this one Sherlock. There's been over 20 people since 2005 gone missing, a lull from 2007 to now, and now seven people in the last 6 months. We have got to put a stop to this!"

"So, you have missing evidence and missing people with no clues at all." Sherlock sat, eyes closed and fingers stapled beneath his chin. "This does have the possibility of being an interesting case after all."