This idea will NOT leave me alone! So I am making another story. Yes, it may take a while to finish but I always finish my stories and this is too much of an orgasmic idea to ignore.

Zim walked confidently down the street. Today was the day that he was going to end that filthy worm baby, Dib once and for all. How many times had that human ruined his plans? Hundreds, he was sure. It would be a shame at how easy this place would become to conquer once the Dibblet was gone but in the name of the Tallest it had to be done. Gir was not with him today. He was sure the robot was still at home jumping into cake batter.

The door to the Membrane household was unlocked. This was fully expected. None of the humans ever locked their doors. They all thought they were safe in their cozy little town. That nothing bad could ever happen to them.

If they only knew.

Zim walked into the home and up to Gaz who was playing her game slave 2 on the couch. He might have expected her to jump and attack him but the girl was too lost in her alternate reality to truly care.

"Hello Gaz, where is the Dib?" Zim yelled in his normal way of talking. The purple haired girl scoffed.

"How am I supposed to know? Last I heard he was in the basement trying to get Dad to believe aliens existed." Zim nodded as the girl spoke in monotone, her eyes never leaving the screen.

"Ah, yes….the lab. Well I'll go to see my good friend Dib!" The Irkan spoke as he marched down to the stairs that led to Dr. Membrane's secret lab.


The descent to the Dr. Membrane's underground lab was dark and moldy. The alien mentally prepared his PAK for the fight that would ensue. It would be epic. Zim knew that the plan was shaky but it was all he could think of where he could get the upper hand with the Dibblet. His enemy was always spying on him before and after school so their fights were expected and nearly planned. This time the big headed boy wouldn't have a clue.

Zim crept closer to the wall as he heard his enemy arguing with his Father.

"But Dad! I'm serious! Zim is an alien!"

"Oh, my poor insane son. Why do you think your little friend is an alien?"

"I'm not insane! Look at this picture! Don't you see the green skin? Don't you see his red eyes?" Zim cautiously looked around the corner to see Dib, waving around a picture of him without his costume. The Irken's eyes widened in shock as he stared at the picture. Damn that Dib! How dare he catch him off guard. This would put his whole plan in jeapordy!

"Oh Son. Don't you know it's not nice to make fun of someone's skin condition? I thought I had taught you better than that!"

Zim slowly snuck behind one of the large machines. There was the Dibblet standing frustrated in front of his Father. His back was turned giving Zim the perfect opportunity to attack. Without any hesitation the Irkan pounced on his prey. The spikey haired boy landed face first one the ground with a "thump". Instinct overwhelmed the human as he immediately fought back. The two rolled around on the floor, desperately trying to best one another. The two scratched and punches trying to one up the other. Dr. membrane stood in the middle of the room.

"Boys! Don't wrestle in the lab! There are many important inventions here that have yet to be unveiled! Don't tamper with real science!"

The two didn't pay head to the booming voice of the patriarch and instead continued to fight. While this excitement was going on they failed to see the large machine behind them and rolled into the elevator looking like instrument.

"Dib! You and your little friend get out of that future machine this moment!"

In the fight Zim managed to get the upper hand, wrapping his claws around the neck of the human and held him to the wall. A smug smile crept onto the alien's face as he held out his other hand, claws first, ready to strike his enemy in the heart to rip it out. The Dib frantically looked around for anyway to avoid the fatal blow. The machine tilted slightly from the pressure of the two boys inside. The human gave a hopeful smile.

"Not today Zim! You will never defeat me! Victory for Earth!" The spikey haired boy shouted as he pushed back on the wall of the machine. The metal gave a screech as it tipped over with the two enemies inside. A bright light filled the room, blinding the two occupants in the elevator like experiment, and the world as Zim knew it disappeared.

"Dib! Stop making so much noise!" Gaz screamed from the top of the stairs.

"Daughter! Dib is in the future now! Let's hope that he finds a way back!" Dr. Membrane yelled up the stairs as he looked at the mess the boys had left behind in his lab. At least he knew that his future machine worked.

Here is my first Invader Zim fanction. I know this is short but the other chapters will be longer. Thanks to everyone who read!