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"Now, Future Stink Monkey, you know you don't want to do this. Why send Zim back? It will only hurt in the end. Be a good Stink Beast and listen to your future slave Master…" The small Irkan cooed from behind the unbreakable glass plates of the energy vortex controller. The older human let out a sign and gave his Master what could only be described as a pleading look. He had been listening to the alien for the past hour while his Master went to set the coordinates. The Dibblet sat on the floor near the end of the energy cage and rocked himself.

His future counterpart had been quick to tell them about all the energy that was being conducted through the glass to ensure that the two didn't fight. The younger human was happy that for once Zim was listening to a warning. The human rubbed the sides of his head as he thought it over. He was anxious, jumpy. He could nearly feel being back in the past. If he could get back then he could stop this horrible future. Dibblet took a glance at his older look alike. How could he be so happy with Zim? In fact, he wouldn't have cared so much if the older Zim was using him or had forced him, but the older Dib seemed genuinely happy. It was scary to watch someone that he had denied and fought for so many years having control. It was also scary to watch how well the two fit together.

The young human looked at the older alien at the control panel on the opposite side of the room. It was hard to believe that his Zim turned into that. How would he ever give himself over to the Zim from his time? They hated each other! They had always hated each other! Time and time again their hate had played out in front of many different audiences. In the school, at home, in the playground, through town, nearly everyone had witnessed their hate for each other!

Time travel, he could believe. His Dad was Professor Membrane for crying out loud but him and Zim being happy together was just…..unbelievable. The Dibblet let out a sardonic laugh, oh course, it would make sense that the only way the two of them could get along is if one submitted.

"C'mon now, oddly older Dib-Stink…..You know you want to let Zim go. You can't live without Zim, you want Zim to stay…." The older slave tuned the rambling out. He hoped his Master would be done soon. He wanted his life back and he wanted it back now! These two had been nothing but problems! It was nearly as bad as the cloning experiment! Yes, it was nice to see how much they had matured from their pre-teen years but that was as far as it went. It hadn't been that hard to trick the younger alien into the energy field cage. All he had to do was mention "future global conquest weapon storehouse" and the Irkan went right along. His own younger counterpart had been easy as well, since the two were on the same page about going back.

The Dibblet might be upset with some of the choices he's made but as a slave and a human he regrets nothing. There is nothing to regret, simply the extermination of mindless jokers who didn't do anything for the planet. The slave wonders if in twelve years Dib will understand, or if the younger one will have created a different future for himself.

"And then you will press the button to release Zim.."

"Shut up! You do not talk to my Dib-pet, filthy little me!" The older alien finally piped up from the other side of the room.

"But older one! Certainly you must see the advantages of having the ALMIGHTY ZIM stay? I can help you destroy the humans! And you can keep the Dibblet as a punching bag." The Master gave a bored look at the younger one.

"Excuse me! The only one who will be a punching bag is you after we get back to our time. Look, your older version doesn't even like you!" The human screamed from inside the cage.

"Huh? What is this nonsense you speak, Dib-beast? My older version loves me, adores me, probably can't live without me." The Irkan explained in a carefree manner. The older alien's eyes rose as he stared at his younger counterpart in disbelief.

Giggling filled the room as the slave desperately tried to stop the laughter. Oh God, this was too hilarious.

"Something funny Dib-slave?" The Master asked with on anyone else would be a pout.

"I'm sorry, it's just, he thinks you like him!" The giggles just kept coming.

"What is so funny? Oh course the Taller me likes Zim! Who does not adore Zim?" The alien asked in a serious voice.

"I don't" The human spoke up.

"You don't count Dib-beast."

"I don't"

"You are a slave, your vote is invalid."

"I don't, you're annoying."

"Taller one! Why would you say that? Have you spent so long with the Dib that you forgot what PURE AMAZINGNESS looks like?"

The older alien let out a sigh as he walked over to the control panel and pushed the button. He was ending this right now. A sadistic glee filled the older alien as he watched his younger version disappear. The energy cage filled up with light. The two beings inside the cage let out a scream as they were ripped apart and put back together. The first thing Dib saw when he woke up was the school building, and laying on top of him was Zim.

"Get off me, you pathetic alien!" The human yelled as he struggled under the other. Zim was much heavier than anyone would have believed.

"Argh, Dib-beast, why are you yelling? Let Zim sleep, filthy human." The alien mumbled as he increased his grip on an ever flailing Dib. This of course sent Dib into a mild panic attack.

"GET OFF! GET OFF! GET OFF!" The panicked boy screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Argh, fine Dib-stink, since ZIM is awake now!" The irate alien yelled as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"Quick! Use your scanner thing and tell me if we're back in our time or not!" The human demanded.

"Oh and what do I get out of it if I do?" The alien smoothly asked. Dib's jaw nearly came unhinged. They were transported into somewhere and it hadn't been five minutes and the alien was already trying to get something. Should he really be surprised?

"Fine, nevermind, I will find some other was to find out what time period we're in." The Dibblet testily stated as he turned around, before he could take a step he was pulled from the back of his shirt. The next thing he knew he was in a lip lock with Zim, smoke was coming from their tongues. Zim's hold on him was possessive and despite how he struggled it was obvious that he wasn't going to be going anywhere unless the alien let him, after what felt like minutes of struggling the kiss ended.

"That's fine, Dib-Toy. I have seen the future, and there is nothing you can do. You BELONG to ZIM. You will help Zim achieve his goals, there is nothing you can do to escape me. Dib-slave you belong to me." The alien darkly stated as he reached up to peck his future slave's lips, before turning away.

"Well, see you around Dib-toy, and we're back in our time." The Irkan casually stated as he looked at his watch which doubled as a scanner. The human watched the alien walk away, stunned. Did that just happen? Dib's hand flew up to his lips that were still smoking from where his saliva had touched Zim's tongue. What Zim had said to him, how Zim had held him, it was enough to make his knees go weak. Dib shook off his moment of weakness quickly, ashamed that he would let one of Zim's tricks affect him so much.

"Yeah right! You wish Zim! I don't care what you do there is no way I will ever join a filthy alien like you! EVER!" The Dib yelled as he ran the other way, ready to go and prepare his weaponry. He ignored the thumping of his heart, whether it was of fear or anxiousness for when he would see Zim next was unknown. He still had time, as long as he didn't get caught off guard by the human bullies he could beat Zim once and for all! The future was always in the making but there was no doubt to either the human or the Irkan that their fates would be forever intertwined.


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