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"I'll see you in the morning." Naruto said as he packed up his paper work.

He smiled at Neji when the other came over to help him organize his area. Neji felt his ears heat up when their hands touched. Naruto thanked him for the help and waved goodbye.

Neji smiled back and stayed behind to help Iruka clean up their section of the mission room.

"Neji! Please more, Neji!" Naruto closed his eyes tighter to keep the moonlight out. The warm bed beneath him was soon damp with his sweat. "Give me more." Naruto's hand slid up and back down his cock. It was slick with precum and easy to see under the thin sheet he used on such a heated night. With his left hand Naruto gripped on to the blanket as his excitement rose.

His moans became louder and his stroking was quicker. It was times like this when he was thankful to be alone. He could be as loud as he desired and never had to keep an ear out for uninvited guests. "Let me fuck you harder!" Naruto's hand hit the base of his pubic bone and pulled up hard towards the red throbbing head. He was inside of Neji this night and nothing was going to ruin that.

From the second story of the Hyuga mansion there was a perfect view into the younger Naruto's room. Neji knew that. He knew it and used it to his advantage. Currently Neji was sitting on a reclining chair near his window. A white sheet covered from his torso and down below. His right hand dug its nails into the seat's hand rest while his left pulled lightly at his softness. It wouldn't be soft for much longer.

He could see Naruto masturbating vigorously on his bed. Neji wondered who's name he was yelling out into the night. He could see as Naruto's head was thrown back every time the younger boy's hand reached the dripping tip. Neji rubbed the head of his cock and softly moved his finger in circles over the small opening. Now he was ready to join his friend. Neji let his hand reach in between his legs. He touched himself lightly, teasing at his entrance then moved his hand up to his eager erection.

Naruto could uncover himself. The air was cool and it felt good against his skin. His right hand held the blanket up at an angle in order to provide quick cover in case somebody happened to step into the room. He dipped his fingers into a small Vaseline container and rubbed his stiff shaft until it was shiny with the stuff. He watched intently as Naruto began to pull the blankets off of himself with his feet. Very soon he'd have more inspiration to jerk off. The wet smacking sounds could be heard in the silent room as Neji's hand increased its speed. He leaned back into the chair. He could hardly keep his eyes open to see Naruto buck and come into his hand.

"Good morning, Naruto." Neji greeted when Naruto stepped into the still empty mission room. He offered Naruto a cup of hot coffee.

"Thanks." Naruto said as he took the offered cup. He blushed as their hands touched and looked away.

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