"Sweetie. Please. I need you."

As soon as he read the five words off his psychic paper he rushed up to the console. Slamming in coordinates and whispering to his TARDIS. "Please Sexy…please take me to her! The right her. This her." He held up the paper to show the TARDIS hoping she could find River from the sentence. Before he knew it the TARDIS lurched into the vortex, throwing him back into the rail then forward into the console. He finally grabbed onto one of the levers and steadied himself. "Please. Please." He repeated over and over again begging to get to the right her in time. He felt the Old Girl land and jumped over the steps to reach the door before it materialized completely.

"Leadworth?" He asked aloud stepping away from the now materialized TARDIS. There was no question about it. He could see the familiar Pond-Williams residence just a few yards away. "Why would River be here?" He shook his head. "There's no time for questions! I have to find River." He took off into a sprint, covering the distance from his TARDIS to the house in mere seconds. He noticed that Rory's mini was missing from its usual place as he ran up the cobble stone pathway. He whipped out his screw driver and soniced the front door. "RIVER!" he yelled pushing the door open. "AMY! RORY!" he yelled again. No answer. "RIVER! I'M HERE!" he was panicking now, running through the first floor rooms as fast as he could. Hoping to find a clue or some sort of evidence as to what could be happening. He stopped suddenly. He heard a faint sound coming from upstairs. A pant, or groan. He hurried to the stair case skipping steps on his way up.

His hearts stopped when he reached the top. There curled up in a ball, one arm stretched towards the stairs was River. Her unruly hair hiding her face. He dropped to his knees. "River…River" he frantically whispered placing his hand on her forehead pushing her mane back out of her face. He pulled out his screw driver and ran it over her body. Then brought it to his face. His eyes grew wide as he read the results then looked back at her. He crawled closer so he was kneeling behind her back. He put one hand under her head while the other reached over her huddled body to find her shoulder. He gently turned her over so her back rested in his lap. His mouth dropped. Her other arm was wrapped around her mid section. Her swollen mid section. "River?" He brought his eyes to her face then back to her belly. "You're pregnant."