Chapter 1 A new era

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"Ladies and Gentleman. Boys and girls of all ages, welcome once again to the Lions Tournament main event." Caption Bluely the Royal Majordomo Parakeet announces to the crowed. The crowed goes nuts as the cheers get louder since the sparing contest is their favorite event. "The sparing contest. As you know its tradition for the King and Queen to start of the event Simba Nala if you please walk into the circle and have fun. Bluely chirped, fly's away as the crowed cheers.

"Go Dad you can beat Mom" Little Kopa screams amongst the cheering."

"ha I can't Hiccup they disqualified me for hiccup having a little too much hiccup ah who needs the judges. Hiccup go Nalalalay Naly hiccup will have a nip of fun liquid later hiccup. Whooooo! Sarafina was obviously drunk with a Budweiser in her paw.

"Mom please control yourself I'm sure Nala will share a drink with after the tournament but first you must calm down." Mheetu appealed to his mother.

Mheetooo how many times I have to tell you hiccup Mommy's just fine hehe."

What ever mom. Mheetu rolled his eyes.

Nala and Simba walk in to the ring. The crowed cheers for their King and Queen

"Nal are you ready to loose this time" Simba said his pet name as he had his trade make grin

"Oh Simba Haven't I taught you anything?"

"I don't know sweet lips I guess you have to teach me. Simba rases his brow suductivly

"Latter much latter but now hehe. Prepare for a chance of a life time.'' She said beamingly as they circled each other. Roar Simba went.

Simba wasn't as cocky as he was when he was a cub this time this time he circled and studied Nala moves as Nala went first. She took her time. Jab jab slash they went back and forth with charges and dodges. Back and forth. Roars and cheers were heard. The fight was going back and forth as the two were throwing each other but not able to pin each other. Simba kept rising up as did Nala did to win but it kept going Nala jabbed right as Simba stuck left Simba Jumped forward and had her pinned Nala temporarily but was thrown off so they continued back and forth. Then Simba thought he had her but missed the upper cut and found himself pinned again.

"Pinned Ya Sweety."

"Oh all pin you tonight." Hehe." Simba licked Nalas Muzzle Simba later "haha stop"

Nala helped Simba up.

"You're Winner! Nala" Bluey chirped. Nala took a bow. The crowed cheered

"Prince Kopa I choose you.' Vitnai pointed to Kopa

"Me? You want me." Kopa squeaked.

Sure Kopa or are you a fraidy cat.

"No I'm not."

"Then Princey lets go I'm waiting." Vitani motioned with her paw to come in the circle.

Kopa walked into the wring.

Cheers and roars went as Kopa went to fight Vitani.

"Alright here goes nothing. Kopa gulped"

The two cubs circled each other. Then Vitani went first. Jab strike she thought Kopa was pined but was wrong Kopa rose up to keep the fight going. The two ran jump kicked, dodged, and were in positions to fight but Kopa was very good. The rivals went again dodge. Kopa had the guts and glory to keep going. Jab jab slash paw by paw then Kopa got the upper hand and had pinned Vitani who was shocked that she lost. I won I won haha. Take that Vitani" Vitani stuck her tong out.

"Good job Kopa. You did well." Simba gave his son a noodgie

"Thanks Dad"

"You Majesty I challenge you." Hehe.

"Alright general you're on but no pointy objects."

Simba and Tojo had quick match in that Simba had won quickly.

"I want a rematch." Ok." Simba and Tojo went slower since they were both tired from the first match. Tojo was had a left jab but missed as Simba charged and pinned Tojo again."

Well there're is always next time my friend. Simba said. As he helped him up.

"Yes next ...time Tojo says with a smirk and raised left brow.

Doty and Spotty had gone but used claws cut each other and were disqualified for the violation. Thus no one won the match.

Chumvi had just won the endurance race. As they say like father like son.

Tama had beaten Kula in the tic-tack-toe chess match. Nala had won the swim off amazingly since Simba had taught her how. Now she swims in the Watering hole every other day.

Tojo had won the adult sprint while Dotty had won the cubs sprint off. The games ended the evening and Nala had padded to here mother who was drunk.

"All right Mom I'll have one drink with you but I am not ending up like you."

"Nala dear what do you mean?"

"Never Mind Mom come one lets go the aeroplane."

"Bluey would you come here please."

"Yes your Highness" Bluey fly's over to Nala and bows to the Queen.

"Tell Simba that I'll see him later tonight."

"Yes your Highness." Is there anything else?"

"Uh yeah tell Paka that she will be in charge in tomorrow mornings hunt and they'll be short one. I will let her have the next day off so we are even on days off. I plan on sleeping in and joining Simba for his early evening rounds."

"Yes your Highness is there anything else,"

"No I think that covers it. Goodnight Bluey"

"Goodnight My Lady." Night Sarafina." Bluey bows and heads back to his family that lives with Tojos family. Nala and Sarafina head to the airplane for one drink.

Meanwhile Chumvi and Tama were arguing about their daughters disqualifications.

I told you Tama that they were too young to understand the rules of the game and shouldn't have participated." Chumvi sternly said to his mate.

"Oh Come on Chumvi you always do this. You know we were younger than them when we played those games." Tama retorted.

"At least I didn't cheat like you did."

"Well I don't dare people into things that's your doing."

"Now wait just a damn minute her who's the one who bullied everyone. Who's the one who picked on Nala when we were Cubs?"

"Well At least I don't have a pig of a sister."

"At least I still have one Tama!"

"Why you." Tama yelled if the kids weren't asleep in front of us I would pound you."

"Huh you wouldn't dare!"

"Just like you Chumvi always on the Dare"

"pft the one that knows it all."

"Ok that's it you're sleeping outside tonight."

"Gladly but I get to have Dotty tonight."

"Fine by me."

The two picked up there daughters by the scruff and went to bed separately. Little did they know that this was the beginning of bad things to come for them?

Meanwhile in the outlands Scar was bruiting and pacing in front of the termite mounds that served as his loyalist's home. Scar had Bonzi, Ed and Shenzi banished from his loyalist faction as well because he was pissed that they failed to kill Simba and Nala. So that trio had left both the outlands and Pridelands to find a new home.

I have to think of plan to get rid of Simba. Maybe if I strike him at his weakest. Hmm. Scar was thinking out loud to himself.

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