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The the number 5 You have been warned again.

Chapter 5 Kopa Disappears and the new battle

Kopa and Vitani had ditched Timon and Pumba again to explore. Timon and Pumba were sleeping anyway. Dotty was with her father still sleeping. Nala was nursing Kiara on her royal platform in the main cave. While Simba and Bluey were going over the morning report and schedule for the day on the top of pride rock. Tojo, Kula, the birds all lioness and baby Kovu were also sleeping.

Meanwhile back in the Outlands a rouge lioness and her cub had wonder into Scars pride. Scars lioness and Hyanas had surrounded her and the cub.Who do we have Zira spat." My cub and I are rouges who have escaped my former pride looking for King Simba's pride for asylum?" "Simba?" Zira spat Yes she squeaked." Scar then approached the circle.

"Rouge I am sorry but you will not see Simba you and your cub have discovered us and now you must die."

"But why?" She begged

"Life is not fair and you see you and your cub are trespassing so therefore you must die." Dispose of them but keep the cubs body I have an idea."

The Loyalty party attacked and killed both the rouge and her cub quickly.

"Now we can take over Simba's pride with black mail My Lord." Tama said

"Not quite yet we need Simba's son dead and also I want that Kovu alive." Tama Zira seek out Joka and ask him to come here. I have a job for him. "Yes my Lord" Tama and Zira said and went to find Joka the constrictor snake.

Meanwhile back in Pride lands. Kopa and Vitani were exploring near a waterfall when Joka had slithered into sight.

Kopa and Vitani horrified and started to run when they saw the snake. Kopa was dangerously close to the falls when he started to run but slipped and fell into the waterfall.

"Kopa Nooooooooooo" Vitani cried

Joka slithered away back to Scar to say that the boy was dead. Scar believing it was true told the Loyalist that the time was ready and it was time for battle.

Vitani ran back to pride rock to get help.

"Help. Help a snake Kopa fell." Vitani screamed. Everyone woke up Nala rose to see a panicking Vitani. Slow down Vitani what about a Snake and Kopa?" Nala asked.

Kopa and I were playing near the falls when a Snake slithered up to us we tried to run but Kopa was too close to the edge and slipped." Vitani explained

Nala was in shock and couldn't speak.

Cornel Kula spoke "Mr. Sweetie send for Simba and Captain Bluey. Tell them to meet us at Zubri Falls."

"Yes Ma'am" Sweetie saluted and flew off at braking speed to find the King and Bluey who were on patrol near the ruby caves.

Then Nala spoke. Search parties now everyone. Will search in twos. Vitani you watch your brother"

"But your Highness I want to help."

"No Vitani, you need to stay here and watch your brother while Timon and Pumba will watch Kiara."

"Yes your Highness." Vitani had her ears pinned down.

Simba and Bluey had joined the rest of the pride for searching for Kopa. The search went until dusk and couldn't find Kopa or his body anywhere.

As they were all heading home weary and glum they saw a dead cub at the base of pride rock that strangely look liked Kopa.

''Kopa?'' Simba believed in concern that it was his boy that was laying there dead.

"It can't be'' Nala murmured Then Laughing was heard. Simba turned around to Scar, Zira and two Hyenas laughing.

"Scar!" Simba barred his teeth

"Ah Simba my Favorite Nephew." Scar said evilly

"What the hell are you doing here. You know the penalty for returning on my land."

"Well yes here your flesh." However, I am hear only to warn you that I intend to take back what's mine." Tomorrow and Dawn."

"You have killed my only son and I shall rip your head off tomorrow." I will get my vengeance for what you have done." Simba Spat

"Ah yes revenge. That is also what I am seeking for what you stole from me. Simba I don't know what that crackpot monkey Rafiki has taught you but he once said one thing to me that I never forgot. It's a saying from Humans he said.

"Enough Scar."

"Let me finish. He said if I remember correctly. Ah yes. "Revenge is a dish best served cold." "What do you think?"

"Tomorrow Scar." Simba bitterly said

''I look forward to it my favorite nephew." Scar and his companions left.

Simba looked at the body of what he thought was Kopa and nuzzled his wife. A quick funeral was held. Later that evening Simba met Tojo and Bluey.

"Have all the Lionesses prepare for battle."

"We will be ready for them your Majesty." Tojo said.

The next Morning Tojo lined all lionesses to the field ready to fight. Bluey and sweetie scoped the field awaiting orders. Buddy, Birdie and Snowy scouted from different angles as they were in positions to report back to Tojo. Dotty and Kiara were being watched by Timon and Pumba while Vitani was left alone watching Kovu.

Chumvi lined up next to the General while they marched to the center of the grassland. Scar's pride was approaching and ready to attack.

"Lionesses attack." Tojo pointed his sward to a forward charge. Zira barked her side to charge as well. Simba and Scar were in the back watching the situation as the battle began. The battle began very fiercely. Ligtning struck as wus about to rain.

Slashes and cuts made by both sides as each side attacked one another. Zira had flanks move left while Tojo had Flanks move to counter. It was going back and forth as the two sides were at it. Simba had jumped in to fight Hyannas.

Tojo was using his sward was a defense and killing tool. Chumvi had corned scar and fought him head on. Scar was fighting rather well. Slash slash the two lions went.

Fowerd moves tot the right and left and both sides fighting . The rain was getting worse.

Simba found and attacked Zira from behind as other Hyanna's and had attacked Simba's pride. Then four Lionesses snuck away from the fight to kidnap Kovu. Kovu was kidnapped when Vitani had her back turned as she was watching from the promontory. The four lioness took Kovu to the outlands. One of them happened to be Tama.

The battle was getting very intense as the birds were issuing tactical orders to Tojo who was screaming different actions to his side.

Zira was also shouting attack orders. Another lightning strike. The oulanders were lossing.

Scar had broken Chumvi's left rear leg and went for the charge but thee outland lioness attacked from behind. Three Hyannas pushed the Lioness of leaving scar ready to go for Chumvi who was out of commission.

Scar had pinned Chumvi and went for his neck. After ripping his neck Scar was rammed in the gut by Nala and Kula and had overtaken Scar. Scar was fighting fiercely but lost and was killed by both Nala and Kula. another Lightning strike.

Zira noticed that her husband was killed and stopped what she was doing and ordered the reminder of what was left to retreat. Roars and cheers went as the outlanders had retreated back to the outlands.

Mheetue and Ashanti who had just finished two Hyannas went back to pride rock to celebrate the victory when Ashanti noticed Kovu was missing.

"Hey Colonel where is your son?" a concerned Ashanti ask to Kula.

"What?" Tojo where is Kovu?" Kula asked

"Vitani where is your brother?" Tojo asked

Authors Note: Sorry But I have to end this book now and start the new one later. I got temporary writers block and of school to focus on.