Here is one more for the day. I'm in a good short fic mood. ^_^


It was one of those moments where perfection seems to have been reached. There was moonlight and stars. There were thick candles burning bright and a red tablecloth without a single wrinkle.

"I can't." She walked away and hesitated only long enough to finger the velvet soft roses set across the gold trimmed plate.

A few deep breaths weren't enough to stop the pain he felt. He made the mistake of closing the small blue box. The hinges snapped shut and the sound was the last straw. He cried.

The wind ruffled the edges of the tablecloth and blew his hair across his face. He still sat on the stone floor when the red dawning sun rose above the mountains to the east.

"I love him, if he asks tomorrow... I love him." She said the words in a whisper, her voice full of awe and a tenderness he'd never imagined, that had never been meant for him.