Name: Kami Safah Nadège

Age: 21

Background: A peasant, her parents died when she was young.

Personality: Funny, Sweet, Kind, Lonely and can be emotional.

Home: As a peasant on the back streets of London but with Marek she lives in an old Victorian house on a long street.

Friends: Well she has Marek and Violet and along her journey she will meet some others.

Height: 5ft 8

Born: June 5th 1840

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown, Long and curly

Skin colour: Golden brown.

Fears: The Police, pain, death and bugs.

Name: Marek Lucifer Zoran

Age: 24

Background: A Lord, born into a rich family, had a wife but she left him.

Personality: Strong, brave, forgiving, kind but can have spurts of anger if thinking about his wife.

Home: An old Victorian house on a long street.

Friends: Kami, Violet, Jajuan Ramón and his sister Alette, Abril Krystof and her cousin Lorin etc..

Height: 6ft 1

Born: December 2nd 1836

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown short and straight with a few curls.

Skin colour: Pale brown so slightly tanned.

Fears: Loneliness, Death.