Hello readers!

I know it has been a really, really, REALLY long time since you have heard from me... And I'm really sorry about that too.

I do however come with unfortunate news...

I am reading you pretty much my fanfiction will because I am obviously pretty much dead here.

So I asked another author if she would take over my stories. Right now she only has Harry Potter up but she is a multi-fandom person. And loves DBZ, Naruto, Smallville, etc so..

So I leave my stories, notes, etc. in the hands of littlemissSHAMEless.

If you all have any questions, concerns, ideas, tell her.

Love you all!

Kit :)

P.S. Don't worry! if you notice she hasn't updated her own stories in a while it's because she was a patient at the hospital I was at. She is so quirky and is getting much better. She can answer anything you want to know as PM her!

P.P.S PLEASE don't leave her and EHS. She will make it even better I'm sure.