Here's my first fan fiction, Hope you all enjoy it

Chapter one: The end comes back from the grave


She opened her eyes and realized she was in a box! No... a coffin! She screamed in horror. "How had this happened ?" she thought. The last thing she remembered was the trapeze wires breaking and seeing Dicks hand trying to grab her...Dick! Where was he? , Was he ok? . She heard some noise from above then the coffins door was swung opened and she was looking at her husband and some strange man.

"Oh John!"

She cried and she soon felt husband tightly hug her.

"What happened to us John? where's Dick? She whispered.

"I'm not sure Hun" He said.

"But this man says he knows and he'll tell us".

He pointed his finger to the man who was leaning by a grave. He was man in some type of armor with a mask. It consisted of black clothes with dark silver armor on top and half of his was orange while the other half was black. All you could see of his face was one eye.

"Greetings M r's Grayson, Now that both of you are here let me explain what had happened to you and of you children".

They both gasped. Mitch! They had sent him to a bourding school , but had something happened to him? and Dick... when he turned 11 they were going to send him there to. Had something happened to him as well?.

"Relax" he said

"There both alive,Far apart but alive, let me explain".

What he said next made my blood run cold like ice.

John Pov

I woke and the first thing that came to my mind was

"Am I in a coffin?".

And indeed he was. He started banging on it,yelling for help when suddenly with a quick


it was opened. He looked up and saw a man in a strange armor with that covered his face except for one eye. The man helped him out of the coffin and said

"I will explain later what happened later but first help me dig and get your wife out".

He was horrified, Mary? Had she been buried like him? and where was Dick? But instead of asking he just helped dig. He started to hear screaming as they kept digging. Wait! Was that...Mary? Oh god he had to get her out of there!

Finally they were able to get her out,When he saw her he hugged her tightly and after a while he got her out of the coffin.

Then the masked man came

"Now that both of you are here"

He said

"Let me explain what happened to you and your children".

He stiffened.

"What would he say?"

But what he heard was something he wish he hadn't heard.


Five years ago while you were performing, Tony Zucco had took the bolts out of the trapeze wich led to your deaths. Then he pointed his head to the spot where they had been buried and they were shocked to see on the double grave lay their names.

Mary John

Clarisse Michael

Simon Grayson Grayson

April 10 1977-January 18 2006 March 29 1977-January 18 2006

The Flying Graysons

Friends to all and shall still fly in heaven forever

"Oh god..."

whispered John.

"Wait! what about Mitch and Dick?"

Mary said.

"Your eldest son has been living with his Grandfather in Russia for the past 5 years training in acrobatics and attending the school you sent him to, which I believe he just graduated as well".

"What about Dick?"

John growled.

"Your youngest son, after seeing you fall to your deaths had been sent to juvenile hall for 2 months because they couldn't contact any relatives and later was adopted by the multi-millionaire, Bruce Wayne. He also attends Gotham Academy but other then that nothing".

They looked at him horrified. There young est son had seen them murdered and was separated from their eldest who had been living in Russia for 5 years!

"Who are you?"

Mary said

"The name is Slade. You know, The Batmans sidekick Robin actually saves Tony Zucco from death, Is that real justice? To me it's not. I have brought you back to have your revenge on Tony Zucco, The Batman and his sidekick Robin. So do it for yourselves , and your children and then you can be a family again".

Mary and John looked at each other. They knew there answer.

"Tell us what we have to do and how to get are children back". Slade smiled behind his mask finally he would get his revenge on the former titans leader. But what he didn't know was that the Grayson's Youngest son, Dick Grayson was actually Robin, The boy wonder.