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Chapter 7!

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When he looked inside the room, it was dark. But he could make out two figures by the window, looking at the door way. They were expecting him. Argent had changed much in the time he'd been gone. She had grown her hair out longer, and her skirt was now cherry red jeans with black, leather boots, with the same shirt as before. In all, she still wowed him.

"Speedy," She said, "Or is it Red Arrow now?" "I'm still Speedy to the Titans" He said, stubbornly. "And I always will be". She nodded in understanding to him.

He slowly walked up to the window still and sat down. "Jericho," He whispered. "I can tell you know why I'm here, and I'm pretty sure you have the answers I'm looking for. So, please, if you could, tell me what you know, It's going to help Robin". At the mention of the former leaders name, Jericho looked up at him with a look sadness, like what he knew brought him pain.

But Jericho nodded in agreement with him. He stood up and walked to the map of the world he had on the wall, and after a moment, he spoke. "My throat has healed over the years since the accident, but I don't talk because of the knowledge I know, because I've known it'd be found out soon. But the time has come to tell my knowledge of what I know of my father, Slade."

He drew a breath, he then sat down on the desk chair. "Long before me or my siblings were born, before any of us were born, my father was hired for an important job. The job did not require killing anyone though, it involved training the dead. The Light planned on having an army of warriors to help their mission succeed. They had one problem though, the warriors needed. They came up with a type of technology, that when injected into the body, would stay frozen and inside them till long after they died and would restart all the body's functions and restore it to normal appearance of a living person when activated. My father, Slade, was giving the job of killing, then training the people picked. The light soon realized the people chosen had no abilities of use for them. All were later killed and buried again and the idea was cancelled till further notice. But there was one couple, a husband and wife, who had the potential to work for the Light. They had already been killed just shortly after unknowingly being injected with the technology."

He stopped his story and looked him and Argent for a moment. "They were not brought back like the others. They were promised to my father for his work in the project and from my observation, and from seeing his notes. I think I know the connection they have with what your case is about, am I right?'

Red Arrow looked at him shocked at what he was just told, but with a look of understanding. "Your right, Jericho, they do have something to do with the case, Thank you." With that, he walked out of the room. He turned his head around when he reached the door, "Does anybody else know, about all this?" Jericho gave him a look of 'I'm not stupid, and no, it'd be too dangerous for many to know'. "Ok, I guess that answers my questions."

As he walked through the familiar halls of the tower, he remembered he wanted to see his old room. He turned through another hall and soon stood in front of his old room. The name 'Speedy' was in bold orange letters with a cursive twist. It seemed like a dream that he was here now, he never thought he'd see this door or even the inside of this tower again. But he was seeing this door and he was inside this tower. He took a deep breath. He was Speedy when he was here, not Red Arrow. And Speedy would enter that room and not be afraid to go in like he was right now. He slowly opened in the door, hearing the familiar swoosh of the door. With old memories coming back to him. It looked exactly like it did when the day he left only-it had more dust now. It still had the great view of the sea, the same smell of hair gel, and could even see some of his old uniforms in the closet. It felt like home. He lightly traced his fingers on the desk, reliving all the memories he had of being a Titan. He was snapped out of his bubble when he heard a familiar voice. "You know, I wanted to make this room my office. I was paint it all black and red, and it was going to be the coolest room in this tower".

He turned around to see Argent giving him a smug look. "I decided not to after I found out this was your room. After all," she said walking close to him, holding his hands. "I am your girlfriend still". He smiled his scowl like smile, "Argent…..," Before he could even finish he was quickly kissed on the lips by Argent before she whispered in his ear, "Stay safe, Speedy. Can't lose you now." She gave him a smile which he returned back. "Come on," She said, leading him out of the room. "I'll come help you out, just lead the way, Arrow-boy." He nodded, leaving for the front hall with her.

Jinx and the twins were waiting for them in the main hall. As soon as the twins saw him they immediately jumped off the couch and hugged his legs. (Note: I don't speak Spanish. I take French. And they don't offer Spanish in the grade I just finished so bare with me) "Something, something, something, Spanish?" they asked. (Take care Senior Speedy Red Arrow. Promise to come back and visit and bring fish tacos with you?)

He blinked and stared at them till Argent quickly translated what they had said, making a grin come to his face. He bent down and hugged them. "Will do, you guys….". He stood up and walked over to Jinx. He could see the twins now hugging Argent, which made him smile again. When he reached her she gave him a quick hug. "Don't do anything stupid, Speedy. Come back safely and keep Argent and else safe to". She whispered with fear to him. "Don't worry," He said. "I promise". With that they both let go and gave each other stares of wishing the other good luck. Argent came up to him and she and Jinx quickly hugged each other before Jinx handed her bag to her.

With that, Argent and Red Arrow went to the front door and gave a wave of goodbye to everyone else. They quickly got onto Red Arrows bike and sped out of Steel City. Leaving his old home behind again, Red Arrow now had another ally on their side in the fight against Slade. And with the information he had just got, he knew Robin would not take it well when he told them.

Back in Titans East, Jinx had just gotten a call from a fellow Titan that Kid Flash was in China and on his way to see her. 'Well', She thought. ' I expected it'. She quickly walked outside to the front of the tower, facing the cool, steel colored water, waiting for Kid Flash. Sadly he had no clue that she was going to punch him in the face, really hard.

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