The Fallen Prince

"Where am I," said Vegita to himself?

He had no idea where he was. He was standing alone, at the base of a mountain, looking out to a never-ending grassy field. A strong wind blew in from the right of him. Vegita looked down at his body, it was covered in the armor that he had worn through all of his young life until he realized that it was no longer of any use in battle.

"Wait a minute this place does look familiar, but where have I seen it before," Vegita whispered. "That's it! This is the Torean mountain range on the planet Vegita, but how am I hear, Vegita has been gone for over 30 years?"

The wind picked up and blew harder, and then it almost sounded as if the wind was speaking.

"V…e…git……………a," the wind cried.

"Whose there," shouted Vegita?

"Ve………ta," replied the wind.

"Show yourself, you coward," retorted Vegita.

"Veg…i.ta," as the voice of the wind came closer and closer.

"What do you want," screamed Vegita? "If you don't show yourself right now I'll flush you out myself."

Vegita scanned the field where the wind was coming from but there was nothing there. "Alright, that's it, you asked for it," shouted Vegita. "I hope you know how to fight a Super Saiyan."

Vegita clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and started to gather energy.

"Veg…ita," the wind said again, even louder.

"What the Fuck!" screamed Vegita, "I can't gather my energy, I can't power up, and I can't transform." Now Vegita was getting nervous.

"Veg..ita," said the voice, it was really close now. Whatever it was it would be here soon.

"Shit, screw this I am out of here," said Vegita. With that said, Vegita leapt into the air and then fell flat on his face. "Ok what is going on, I can't even fly. Its like I have become weaker then my wife."

"Vegi.ta," said the voice. It was now right on top of him.

Now Vegita started to run. He had no way of fighting whatever that thing is. He ran and ran.

"Where are you going Vegita," said a familiar voice in Vegita's ear?

Vegita slowly turned around. He gasped in complete shock at the figure that stood before him.

"Fa…fa…..Father," whispered Vegita.

"Yes, it is me," said King Vegita, " and welcome home, my fallen prince."