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Chapter 15


By EZRyder

"What are you doing in here boy," shouted the flaming haired King? "I thought I destroyed you already."

"I am here to stop you," shouted Trunks. He stood at the bottom of the podium of the throne room. Staring defiantly at his father. "You have to be stopped and since I can't beat you physically then I will mentally."

The king smiled mockingly at the young hybrid. "How will you do that," he sneered?

"I am going to separated you two and cast you out of my father forever," shouted a determined Trunks. "I know you can't wage a war inside and outside the body."

With that King Vegita lifted his left arm and Prince Vegita appeared in his normal state beside him. He was unconscious and floating in mid-air. "Well here he is the last remaining bits of your former father. I will give him credit he has resisted my total control. A true Saiyan he is, that is why I chose him. If you want him come get him."

"Good," said Trunks. He unleashed his aura and his golden light pierced the pitch black, his Super Saiyan energies surging throughout the whole room. Struggling against the energy was an awe struck King Vegita.

"But, how," screamed the essence of the Saiyans. "This is not the physical plain, your powers are not suppose to apply here. Not even mine are that strong here."

Trunks smiled. "I have a friend who may not be the strongest fighter in the universe but he is the smartest fighter, and he has transferred my energy into this plain. And now you are going down," screamed the glowing Trunks. With that he took off at the King.

"What the hell is with this guy?" screamed Gohan. "He is barely acknowledging us." Gohan launched a ki beam attack. King Vegita just continued to struggle against the battle in his brain, ignoring the imminent threat.

The beam collided with the King sending him crashing into the mountainside.

"I think Trunks is succeeding," shouted Goku. "He is trying to separate the two Vegita's and this is really distracting his mind. We have to give Trunks all the help he can." With that Goku launched an all out assault on the king. His super saiyan 3 form charged fast and furiously at the crumbled king. A fury of punches and kicks were barely being blocked, then another set of hands jumped into the fray as Gohan was making an all out assault on the king as well. Goten also charged in and the three combined efforts were managing to land blows all over the kings body. The blood was pouring out of his mouth, his ribs crushed, his mind a daze Vegita was being beaten to death by his friends, in order to save his life.

The battle inside Vegita's mind was intense, as Trunks was thoroughly pounding the essence of the Saiyan race to a bloody pulp; This evil that had consumed Vegita and fed off his violent aggression, and tried to kill him, his family, and all of his friends. This upset Trunks gravely, he was intent on finishing this being off and bringing his dad home.

"Give me back my dad," screamed the golden Trunks. "I want him back now."

A gasping voice of the king whispered, "Never." This only fueled Trunks desire to beat him some more. The king was beaten back further and further into the abyss that surrounded the throne room. An attack of this magnitude was releasing the grip that was holding Vegita unconscious.

Vegita's eyelids began to stir as his mind was coming back to consciousness.

"No," screamed the King. "I am so close to victory, you little brat." The king looked on in horror as Vegita awoke from his slumber. A look of anger crossed his face as he landed on the ground beside the throne that he was standing next to.

"Oh yes," said the revived Prince Vegita. He stood tall beside his son. "And thanks to you I have learned something else for you." He gritted his teeth and exploded into an aura of pure gold as well. The two celestial super saiyans stared cold hard stares at the terrified king vegita "I have gained incredible power and knowledge thanks to you," smirked Vegita. "But now I must destroy you."

"Hey I think we did it," said Goten. The three of the fighters ceased there assault and looked on as King Vegita slowly fell face first into the ground. Lying motionless as he began to morph.

The body began to revert back to its original form. There lay the prince of the saiyans back in his original body. With spiky black hair, the original armor, black jump suit and the face of a friend.

"Is it over?" asked Gohan. The others glanced over to Piccollo and the ladies standing on the cliff. Piccollo and Trunks were still in a meditative pose.

"My guess is that King Vegita has drawn in all his remaining power to battle Trunks," said Goku. "We have done all that we can, it is all up to Trunks now."

Prince Vegita just smiled at his opponent. "Son," he said. "I will finish this battle, go back and see if your mother is okay."

Trunks just smiled and nodded. He turned and went away from the throne room to where he originally came in. "Oh, and Trunks," shouted Vegita. Trunks stopped and turned to his father. "Thanks," he said with a half smile.

Trunks was elated with joy, he ran and ran until he disappeared into the wall and out of his fathers mind.

Vegita turned back to his opponent. "Now to finish you off for good," said Vegita. He spread his arms out and opened his hands to gather energy.

King Vegita just stood there staring at what was happening. "Be sensible Vegita," he said. "I can give you power that you have never felt before. Today was but a mere taste of what your potential is. Join with me and we will rule the galaxy."

"I too have realized something," said Vegita. "I have been trying all my life to be the strongest being in the galaxy and today I was it, and you know what, I really didn't care that I was. I am a Saiyan, a prince to a dead species, and one of the top fighters in the galaxy. I also realized that I have a family, a son that is powerful, a wife that is bold, and now thanks to your interference I have another child coming. Today I defeated Kakarotto and that was what I lived to do, but he is just a man, a powerful man like me who only wants to be a great fighter, and that's what I am. My name is Vegita, I will never live in your servitude, in your lies, and I will never let you use my Pride again. NOW DISAPPEAR, FINAL FLASH." Vegita brought his arms together and unleashed a huge ki beam. Incinerating the essence of the saiyans in a torrent scream, and erasing the form of his father. His last link to the past severed in that beam. It was finally over.

"I never want to see this place again, my home is earth and that is where I plan to stay," said Vegita to the silence that surrounded him. The whole room went black.

Vegita blinked a few times to see that he was looking up to the sky. The sun had finally broken through the clouds and dawn had risen.

"Oh Vegita," screamed Bulma as she hugged him.

"Damn it women that hurts," shouted Vegita. "I feel like I got the shit kicked out of me." Bulma pulled back in fear but Vegita just gave her a look to know that he was still saving his pride and was glad to see her.

"Well what do you know," said Vegita, as he looked around at all the bruised and beaten faces of his friends and family. "I finally wooped all your asses."

"Dad," said Trunks looking mad at his father. "That's all you have to say after all we went through. You nearly kill us all and all you have to do is gloat." Trunks crossed his arms and turned his back on Vegita.

Vegita walked up to Trunks and put his hand on his shoulder. "Thank you Trunks. I am not ashamed that you are my son. I am proud of who you are and what you are becoming. You did an amazing job" Everyone around was shocked at what had occurred, Vegita had finally thanked someone, it was truly a first. Trunks turned and look up at his father. He hugged him and Vegita let him. Bulma came up to him and put her arms around him as well.

"So, woman when were you going to tell me that you are with child," said Vegita. Everyone except ChiChi and Videl were shocked at this revelation. Bulma went beet red with embarrassment.

"Bulma you are going to have another baby," said Goku. "That's great."

"Yeah," said Gohan, as he put his arm around Videl.

"A baby well isn't that nice, isn't it Gohan," said Videl with a note of hinting in her voice. Gohan went even darker red then Bulma. "Um, uh, ah, we'll talk about it later Videl," replied Gohan. Everyone burst out laughing at what happened.

"Alright," said Piccollo. "It has been an interesting night but I must go back to the lookout." He rose into the air. "I will see you all again soon. Goodbye everyone." With that he shot out of sight.

"Yeah we should go to," said Bulma, still hugging Vegita. "I am exhausted but happy that I have my man back. Trunks would you please carry me back."

Trunks let go of his father and turned to pick up his mom. Vegita raised his hands and stopped him. "No need Trunks, I will carry your mom back," said Vegita. Now everyone was stunned by this unusual act of kindness.

"Vegita," said Goku jokingly. "Are you going soft on me?"

"I have not gone soft," Vegita spat back. "If you say that again I will beat you even worse then I did last night." Goku just shook his head.

"Well the next time I will be possessed by the evil spirit of our ancestors," said Goku laughingly. Everyone laughed including Vegita. Vegita picked up his mate and everyone said his or her goodbyes.

"Lets go home dad," said Trunks. "I want you to teach me to be a super saiyan 2."

"That is the son I am proud of," said Vegita. They both took off into the air and shot of into the sunset.

"Wow," said Goten. "What a night I am tired, but right now I am hungry." He started to rub his tummy as noises began to gurgle around in it.

"Yeah, me too," said Gohan.

"Me too," shouted Goku. "Come on ChiChi lets go home and you can make breakfast with Videl."

Both girls slapped their hands over their eyes. "Are they ever not hungry," said Videl.

ChiChi smiled. "Yep, but only on rare occasions, but they especially get hungry after they have a sleepless night."

All five of them shot into the air and headed for home.