Wow. It took me a while to finally get back around to writing this story. I was busy with my thesis but that is now done. And maybe I was a little reluctant because this is the final chapter of the story. It's always a little sad when a story ends but they all do eventually.

Anyway, I found the time to write this chapter just between finishing my thesis and moving to a different city for a job, which is good, because I might not have much time to write during the next month either. I'm glad I managed to finish this story before the move. Thank you all for supporting this all the way through and for leaving all those reviews. It has been great writing this story. Now I hope you'll enjoy the last chapter.

"Congratulations, Dean," Cas beamed at him and raised his glass.

Dean smiled and did the same. "To a new life," he said and drank some of the champaign Cas had bought for this occasion.

"To you being a free man now," Cas replied.

That morning Dean had had his last meeting with Missouri. His parole was now over and he was officially free and a regular member of society again. All the papers were signed. He could now do what he wanted.

"What are your plans from now on?" Cas asked after a moment. "You can do what you want, go wherever you want to."

"Yes. But I'm not going anywhere. I'm right where I want to be," Dean answered and earned a warm smile from Cas. "I think I want to change jobs though. I don't want to work for Michael any longer. He can hardly afford me anyway and his son never liked me. I think I'd rather be a mechanic."

"You'll be a great mechanic. The way you rebuilt the Impala was very impressive," Cas told him. "Very sexy, actually," he added in a much lower and more sensual voice that made Dean shiver with desire.

"Maybe we should take this celebration somewhere else," Dean whispered. The table separating them was suddenly way too big.

Cas just nodded and put down his glass and that was the signal for Dean to get up and grab Cas' hand to pull him out of his chair and lead him upstairs to their bedroom. By the time they reached the bed they had lost most of their clothes already and had almost fallen on the stairs because they couldn't wait to kiss and touch each other, couldn't keep their hands off each other.

It had been a while since they had done more than just hold and be there for each other. With everything that had been going on with John and the funeral it just hadn't felt right but now they both realized how much they had missed the physical aspect of their relationship and it showed in the urgency of their actions.

Apparently Dean wasn't moving quick enough for Cas because suddenly the older man determinedly stirred him towards the bed and pushed him down onto it, immediately following and settling down on Dean's legs.

"Wow, Cas," Dean teased with a chuckle that turned into a moan when Cas pulled down his boxers and swallowed Dean's hard length down as far as he could, sucking hard.

"Fuck, Cas. I'm not gonna last long if you keep that up," Dean panted only moments later and Cas stopped and looked up at his lover, his eyes wide with lust, his cheeks flushed and his lips slick and swollen. Dean thought he looked sexy as hell like that and reached up to pull Cas closer for a passionate kiss, while his hand found its way into Cas' underwear.

He stroked until Cas moaned loudly into the kiss and then moved away to get rid of both their boxers before returning to Dean for another short but deep kiss.

"Dean. I need you. Now!" he said and laid back against the mattress, waiting for his lover. Dean didn't need to be told twice and quickly grabbed the lube, then moved between Cas' open legs and started to prepare him. After only a few moments Cas stopped him with a hand on his wrist.

"Enough. Dean, please," he begged, his breathing harsh and ragged. Dean regarded him for a second before he nodded, lubed himself up and positioned his cock at Cas' entrance. Since the other man was still pretty tight he pushed in slowly and gave Cas time to adjust to his size. But soon Cas started moving his hips, urging Dean to go faster, who happily obliged. He thrust slowly at first but Cas insisted on a faster pace, moving against him until they found a rhythm that worked for them both and had them panting and moaning in pleasure in no time.

When Dean felt that he was close to his peak he reached between their bodies to stroke Castiel's cock, making the other man arch up at the touch. After only a few strokes he felt Cas clenching around him as he came on their stomachs and the sudden tightness around him made Dean follow only seconds later. Exhausted but happy he collapsed on top of his boyfriend and gave him a sloppy kiss before rolling off him.

"That was amazing," he whispered and Cas responded with another kiss as he snuggled closer.

They made love again later that night. Slow and gentle, taking their time this time. They enjoyed being together like that again and being able to leave all their worries and the mourning behind them now. It was the start of a new chapter in their lives together and the first thing they would do was attending Balthazar's wedding.

"Do we have to go?" Dean asked when they were packing to go to the wedding a few days later.

"Yes, we promised. You promised you would come with me," Cas answered as he closed his suitcase.

"I know. And I will come. For you though, not for him. I don't trust him."

"Dean, he's getting married. What do you expect him to do?" Cas asked quizzically.

"I don't know," Dean admitted and Cas over to him, taking his hands.

"Come on, it'll be fine. Maybe it'll even be fun," he said, pulling his lover closer, giving him a small kiss.

"It'll be full of chick flick moments. It's a wedding," Dean said in an almost derisive voice but Castiel stopped him from saying any more with a look.

"Exactly. It's a wedding, Dean. It'll be romantic," Cas told him and then moved closer so he could whisper in Dean's ear. "And just think. We'll be staying in a nice, luxurious hotel for two nights that Balthazar is paying for."

"I like your way of thinking," Dean said with a smile and now he sounded much more enthusiastic about going to the wedding than before. Cas smiled back at him and then let go of Dean's hands to grab his suitcase and carry it downstairs.

"Cas," Dean called after him and Cas turned around to look at him, putting his suitcase down as Dean stepped up close to him. "I love you," Dean finished, looking into his boyfriends deep blue eyes, which seemed to shine even more brilliantly after Dean's words.

"I love you, too."