Family by Willowfan

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Spoilers: Glee season 1&2 and Leverage Season 3

Description: Eliot takes the summer off to decompress and spend a little time with his family.


"It's done, man." Hardison said, turning to Eliot. He handed the hitter a bus ticket and a small earbud.

Eliot took the ticket and glanced at the small tech that would allow the team to stay in contact with Eliot. He shook his head.

"I'm not taking you guys." Eliot growled out. "I'm going alone."

Hardison looked at Nate and Sophie, silently questioning them. "Just for emergencies, man." he pressed.

"If it gets so bad that I need to call someone, do you think any of you will be able to get there in time to help me?" Eliot asked. "Besides, I'm just taking the summer off. Moreau is locked up, but that just made a bunch of new enemies to add to our already impressive list of people that want to kick our asses." he said, tucking the bus ticket away.

Nate nodded to Hardison and the hacker put the earbud back in the small case with the others. "Just try to stay out of trouble and if you do need our help, call."

Eliot nodded once. Three years ago, if someone would have told him he would be a part of a team, he would have laughed. If someone would have told him that he would be a part of a team that he trusted, he would have gotten violent. But he was now. He trusted the team and he knew that they were looking out for him.

"I'll be fine. It's my brother. I haven't seen him in awhile and now that I'm straight, I thought I would look him up." Eliot reached out and grabbed his bag. "Try to mend the fence." he said softly.

Nate nodded once. "Good luck."

Sophie reached out and rubbed Eliots arm. "We just worry when you disappear."

Eliot grinned. "I can take care of myself." he turned and headed for the door, almost running into Parker, who was standing in front of it with her arms crossed and her eyes narrowed. She was actually glaring at him.

"I don't get it." she said, shifting her stance.

"Get what, Parker?" Eliot sighed.

"Whats the big deal about family?" Parker was an orphan. She never knew her family. In fact, she grew up in foster care and it was NOT something she would ever want to go back to.

"Sometimes, they're all you got." Eliot smiled, placing a hand on the blondes shoulder. "And sometimes, they are the only ones that forgive you."

"Are we a family?" Parker asked.

"Close enough to count." Eliot smiled, pulling the blonde in for a tight hug. "Gotta go. Take care and stay low."

"Don't die." Parker said, hugging him back.

"It's small town Ohio, Parker." Eliot said. "Not what I would call a scary place."

Eliot walked out the door and headed for the bus station. Once he was out of the building, Nate turned back to the group. "Hardison, run it."

Hardison clicked on the remote and the monitors popped on each displaying data. "Lima Ohio. Small town, almost literally in the middle of nowhere. No big players live there, no big players want to live there or even want to know about it."

Sophie smiled. If Nate was the father figure of this rag tag group of "children" than she was definitely the mother. And they look out for their family.


Rachel Berry clutched her books to her chest and hurried through the halls, just trying to get through her day unscathed. So far, she had been successful. Three class periods, the passing time between them, and lunch followed by three more classes and she had not been targeted for slushiee attack. She was no longer under any impression that the Glee Club was cool now.

They had gone to Nationals in New York City last year and while they did not win, or even place in the top ten, they had done well. But it did nothing for their reputation. They were still outcasts, misfits, losers, and geeks. But they didn't care. The animosity they had felt for each other had truly been buried in the far.

Even enemies such as herself and Quinn were getting along better now. Although they had sent only a handful of texts over the summer, it was more than the previous three years combined. So Rachel was optimistic.

As Rachel rounded the corner heading for Glee, she spotted someone at the end of the hall. David Karofsky. He was her main tormentor. But he didn't look like he was carrying anything, not surprising since he seemed to mellow a bit since last year. But Rachel was still nervous. She managed to duck into the choir room as the boy passed, his head down, not even noticing her. Rachel breathed a sigh of relief.

While a part of her was wondering what had the boy so distracted, another was jubilant that he had not even noticed her. That meant she might get home today without a slushiee facial. She squared her shoulders and turned to find a seat. She was the first on in Glee, but due to the care she took in getting here, she was only first by a few minutes. The rest of the club slowly trickled in, each taking their seats.

The meeting was a standard start of the year club meeting. They discussed what everyone did over the summer, what new music they were listening to, and also upcoming competition (thanks to Rachel's insistence) and they agreed to a tentative invitationals set list. All in all it was a standard, slightly productive, first meeting of the year.

Shue nodded and checked the clock. "That's all for..." he was cut off by a guitar being played from the hallway and a voice echoing closer, obviously heading for the room.

Well I know they say all goods things

Must come to some kinda of ending

We were so damn good, I guess we never stood a chance

Go on and find what you've been missin

When that highways tried a listenin

You'll see i'm not that easy to forget

A man walked into the room, his hair hanging loosely at his shoulders as he strummed expertly on the guitar. He sang with an accent, and he sang well. His eyes swept the room and he grinned.

When a new moon shines through your window

Or you hear a sad song on the radio

Then you don't know why you but just start to cry

Or your driving round on a sunny day

And outta nowhere comes the pouring rain

Then a memory hits you right out of the blue

Thats just me

Thinking of you

No one expected what happened next. Rachel stood and slowly made her way to the stranger, picking up the next verse of the song.

I'm not gonna try to stop you

Don't mean that i don't want too

If i know you, you've already made up your mind

So go on and go if you're really leaving

Put a million miles between us

But you still feel me like I'm right there at your side

She stopped, letting the stranger take up the chorus again.

When a new moon shines through your window

Or you hear a sad song on the radio

Then you don't know why you but just start to cry

Or your driving round on a sunny day

And outta nowhere comes the pouring rain

Then a memory hits you right out of the blue

That's just me

Thinking of you

Rachel poured herself into the next line, tears coming to her eyes as she belted out the notes.

And I'm thinkin about the road your on

I'm thinkin about you coming home

I'm wondering if you got your radio on

Their voices merged as the stranger turned, staring into Rachel's eyes. His eyes also beginning to tear.

When a new moon shines through your window

Or you hear a sad song on the radio

Then you don't know why but you just start to cry

Or your driving round on a sunny day

And outta nowhere comes the pouring rain

Then a memory hits you right out of the blue

That's just me

Thinking of you

Yeah, That's just me

Thinking of you

The last few notes faded as he stopped playing. He set the guitar down and smiled softly. "Hey star."

Rachel didn't say a word, but launched herself at the man, hugging him to her, grasping at him and trying to pull him tighter as she openly wept. The stranger had to gather her close, as her knees had buckled as she clung to him.

"I'm back." the stranger said softly. "I'm back star."

No one spoke, no one took their eyes off the two people radiating such intense emotion.

Eventually, however, Rachel regained her poise. She wiped her eyes and had a smile on her face so large she was sure that her face would split. Then, she reared back and slapped him. Hard.


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