Annnnd... The prologue!

In the midst of the dark sky, the moon shone brightly, lighting up the lake, now shimmering with the light.

Up in the stars, a single tom sat upon a shining stone, staring into the pool of water below him. His ears twitched as he heard bushes rustling.

A blue gray she cat, eyes bright in the darkness, emerged from the bush and joined the tom, her tail tip twitching. The tom had not looked up from the pool, but he acknowledged her presence by flicking his ears. The she cat looked at him questioningly.

"Why have you called me here, Sunstar?" She mewed in confusion, her head tilting. "The clans have been at peace for many, many seasons now. What has gone wrong?"

Sunstar shook his head. "You must wait for the others to arrive." He reached out and lightly touched the pool of water, watching its waves ripple through the water.

Both of them looked up as the bush once again rustled, and a fiery ginger tom stepped out, his green gaze puzzled. He glanced at the blue gray she cat, and when she shook her head, he mewed "The others are right behind me."

As if on cue, several other cats stepped out of the darkness, looking just as confused as the first two to arrive. "Firestar?" A mottled light brown tom mewed. "Bluestar? What has happened?"

"Sunstar has chosen not to speak before all of us are here." Firestar mewed.

Sunstar slowly looked up from the pool and gazed at the Starclan cats. "All of you are wondering why I have suddenly called you out, yes?" Murmurs of agreement rose out from the crowd.

Sunstar stepped down from the stone, his gaze stopping on a mossy stone next to the pool of water. "Do you remember the past prophecies, the ones we gave before the era of peace?" The cats did not say anything, for they did not understand why the wise old leader had asked.

Sunstar raised a paw, and touched the stone. Almost immediantly, a faint image began to materialize in the air, and took the form of a tom, surrounded by flames.

"Fire alone can save our clan..."

The image disappeared, and was slowly replaced by another, this time an image of a mighty lion and tiger charging at each other, each seemingly letting out a ferocious snarl.

"Four will become two, lion and tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest..."

The image repeated the process, now revealing a picture of many, many cats traveling, a ruined forest behind them.

"Darkness, Air, Water and Sky will come together and shake the forest to its roots. Nothing will be as it is now, nor as it has been before."

Repeating the cycle, the image now showed a blood red lake.

"Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red."

The image revealed three cats, stars glimmering in their fur.

"There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws."

One more picture appeared, showing a lion, a jay, and a dove.

"After the sharp eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace will come on gentle dove's wing."

The image dissolved, revealing the final image, which showed three cats, and a cat with its back to them, towering above them all.

"The end of the stars draw near. Three must become four, to battle the darkness that lasts forever."

The image vanished, finished with its job. The cats were still confused. "There is another prophecy." Everyone whipped their head around at this remark, staring at Sunstar.

"When the moon rises high, on the eve of the new year, darkness will lash out, drowning those of the sun. Nothing will ever be the same."

The cats looked at each other in horror.

"However, there will be those who hold the sun's light in their paws, and with their courage, they shall raise the sun and chase away the darkness."

"You are the ones who shall guide their pawsteps, through their long and treacherous journey." The cats nodded.

"Ice. Air. Wind. Water. Fire. Mist. Earth. Strength. Lightning. All combined with the power of the sun, those cats shall have the courage to drive the danger away.

"Now, walk in their dreams. Warn them of the coming danger." The cats nodded once again, before disappearing into the bushes.

Firestar lingered a little longer then the others. "How will we know who are the ones in the prophecy?"

"You'll know." Sunstar replied, knowing at once Firestar had left from the rustling of the bushes.

And thus Sunstar was left alone with the pool, which showed the brave faces of the prophecy cats. Sunstar touched the pool again, dissolving the faces, before the stalking into the night.

Okay prologue's done. I'll give you the two pics of the mains next chap :D