One of These Days

Rating: M
Pairing: Abby/Gibbs
Category: Romance
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. NCIS and its characters are the property of DPB and CBS. If I had a silver-haired, blue-eyed Marine to play with, do you think I'd have time for writing?

Summary: Lunchtime distractions... written for the Gabby Shipper Forum Hiatus Creative Drive and the prompt 'Lick'

The first sweep of her tongue got his attention.

The second tentative lick made his eyes lock, mesmerized, on her pink tongue, wondering what she was going to do with it next.

The next full blown lick along the entire underside caused his toes to curl.

He was beginning to think that it was a very bad idea to come down to Abby's lab to eat his lunch and try to quietly read some paperwork.

He was sure she did it on purpose. She'd done it before and driven him half out of his mind.

This time she'd waited till he was absorbed in his reading, sipping his coffee before she'd started slowly unwrapping what she'd called her 'lunchtime treat,' a mischievous smile on her face.

She'd grasped it in her hand, slowly examining it from all angles as if trying to decide where to start. Watching her lick her lips in anticipation caused all the blood in his body to rush south, and he felt the tension coil in the pit of his stomach as he waited for the torture to begin.

They were sitting in her office, hopefully out of direct line of sight from anyone wandering past in the corridor because one glance would give them away.

As she provocatively wrapped her tongue round the base, he almost couldn't suppress a low moan. He saw her close her eyes as she pressed the flat of her tongue against the underside and then drag it tantalisingly slowly all the way to the top.

His breathing increased as she swirled her tongue round the weeping tip, chasing the few drops which had dribbled down the main shaft with a few darting flicks of her tongue.

He heard her giggled, throaty "oops" as she used a finger to catch the drops running down the side which had escaped her sinuous tongue. When she sucked that finger, emerald green eyes flashing in his direction, he felt his cock throb in response.

He heard her humming contentedly at the taste and could swear he felt it shiver all the way down his spine and he hardened further, if possible, his thigh muscles tensing.

Clenching his fists around the armrests of the chair, he abandoned all pretence of trying to concentrate and just prayed he could hang onto his control for a while longer.

The wicked grin thrown his way as she closed her lips round the head convinced him she knew exactly what she was doing to him.

She was trying to make him lose it.

Watching her sucking hard on the tip, eyes closed in appreciation, made him shift uncomfortably, not sure how much more he could take.

Slowly disappearing between those dark lips was something he fantasized about regularly. He groaned as she took it in as far as she could, before setting up a slow sucking and licking rhythm designed to drive him crazy.

"So tasty," came the husky murmur as she let it slip slowly from her mouth.

Soon it would be coating her tongue and he'd have to watch her swallow around the thickness.

Unable to stand it any longer, he surged to his feet growling her name. She looked up at him in surprise, a teasing smile curving her lips.

One of these days... he was going to stride across the lab, pin her against the wall and fuck her senseless.

One of these days... he would really know what those lips and tongue felt like wrapped round his cock.

One of these days... watching Abby lick and suck on a popsicle was going to be one temptation too far...

The end.

A/N: Well, you didn't think she was sucking on anything else, did ya? Tsk... tsk... smut fiends the lot of ya! *grin*