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Also, this is a fantasy world where condoms, lube, and other sexytimes paraphernalia are going to be used, but I'm not mentioning them. Too many details to distract from the good stuff ;)

Once more, this is wholly unbeta'd. Forgive me my typos.


It was Peter who touched her first. Bella knew of Jasper's past with women, but she had no clue if his lover's experiences were similar. Bella wasn't close enough to Peter that she felt she could ask, and that wasn't exactly something you brought up in everyday conversation. Judging from the skillful way he moved his fingers and teased between her legs, she was sure he must have been with a woman at least once. If not, he was a freaking sex magician.

They maneuvered and shifted, all three of them trying to find the best way to arrange their bodies and how to take turns…or however this was going to work. Bella ended up on her back, Peter hovering over her and continuing to make her spine arch with the movements of only two fingers. Jasper was behind Peter, kissing back and forth across his shoulder blades as Bella watched. I was all such a crazy, awesome mindfuck, and she wasn't sure if she was enjoying being a part of it or seeing them together more. Would it be fair to say it was pretty much a tie?

She saw Jasper's arm wrap around Peter's waist and begin to work him over with his hand. Peter's face twisted into look of pure pleasure, and for a few moments, his fingers stopped moving entirely. When Jasper's pace slowed, Peter resumed what he had been doing. Her eyes fell closed, but only until she felt Peter's body closer to her. The head of his cock was being rubbed over her thigh, and Jasper wore a satisfied grin.

As happy as Peter looked, he rolled aside, kissing Jasper for a few moments then allowing him to move closer to Bella. She seemed more nervous than she had been, so Jasper lay on her left, placing his hand on her stomach.

"Bella, honey, are you okay?"

She was breathing heavily, her eyes darting back and forth between the men on either side of her and the ceiling. It was all quite surreal, and when she actually stopped to think about it, she had no idea where or how she wanted this to go. For all the times she'd imagined being with two men, they were always just fantasies, and she never believed it would actually come to fruition. Now that it was actually happening, she didn't feel bold or confident; she was apprehensive and unsure of herself. These two beautiful men loved each other. What were they getting out of it? Propping herself up on her elbows, she saw a throw blanket that was dangling off the end of the bed and pulled it over herself. Taking the corners, she covered Jasper and Peter's lower halves. Both men laughed a little, though good naturedly.

"Stop it," she said, pouting. "I can't concentrate like that."

They did stop, and they waited for an explanation for her sudden pause.

"We don't have to do this if you're having second thoughts," Jasper said gently, pushing his fingers through her hair. "Neither of us will be upset if you don't want to."

"It's not a matter of wanting it," she answered quickly.

"You're overthinking, then?" Jasper offered, and Bella nodded, her eyes downcast. He knew her so well.

Peter, who has been quite silent as the two best friends talked, took Bella's hand and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles. "I can't claim to have the same relationship with you that Jasper does, but I know that we both love you. And we trust you," he added after a pause. "You trust us too, right?"

"Of course I do."

"Then think of this as a gift. Something you've always wanted but would never get yourself."

Bella snorted at that. "Umm, yeah. Not exactly something I could just go pick up at the grocery store."

"You'd be surprised," Peter shot back wryly, his eyebrows raised playfully.

Jasper shifted slightly closer, leaning down to kiss just below her ear. "Let go for once. Have fun."

"I just don't understand what you get out of this," she protested weakly.

Again, Jasper maneuvered, guiding Bella so that they were both lying on their side, face-to-face. He stroked her cheek and let his hand glide down until it rested on her hip.

"You know how much I love you, right?"

She nodded twice.

"And you know how much I love Peter?"

"Of course."

"Then, you should know that he is it for me. We're forever," Jasper said firmly, smiling over Bella's shoulder at his sexy, dark-haired man. "I'm never going to be with anyone else, Bella. Not another man or a woman. Except for tonight."

Bella's heart raced at the implication. He was telling her that this wasn't just about her. Though the guys were certainly the ones making it all happen, it would be symbolic for them as well. As out of the ordinary a thing to do as it was, the idea of it bolstered Bella's confidence and renewed her desire to carry on.

"I think we're all crazy," she whispered, a little laughter in her voice.

"You might be right about that," Jasper said, moving in to kiss the corner of her mouth, "but we can still have some fun."

Seeming to sense that Bella and Jasper would need a moment that was all their own, Peter backed away slightly, pulling the blanket with him and tossing it to the floor with the trail of their clothes. He watched, partially jealous but mostly fascinated at the way the love of his life treated the woman in his arms. It was undeniable that Jasper cared for Bella like no one else and that his affection for her ran deep, but moving into sexual territory was new for them.

It was almost fascinating to see his lover in such a…well…foreign position. He wondered if seeing Jasper with a woman was what seeing two men together was like for Bella. Still, it wasn't as though he'd ever had the opportunity to watch Jasper's body twist and tangle with another, aside from the videos they had made of themselves. There was obvious care in each touch, and when he kissed Bella fully on the mouth, there was more behind it than the physical action. Jasper was his, completely, but there was something special shared between the best friends. It was really quite beautiful to watch it unfold.

Meanwhile, Bella was slowly allowing herself to relax and ease back into things with Jasper. She had been naked with them for at least half an hour and was ready to move things along. She thought it would feel weird to actually be with Jasper, naked and pressed against one another as they kissed, but it wasn't. He had a way of calming her.

As they kissed and touched, she felt something far greater than she had with the last few flings and one night stands. She wasn't convincing herself this would ever be more than a one-time thing, but it was still Jasper, and that made it special in its own unique way.

She wanted him. Despite all her earlier hesitations, she wanted him to be inside her, for them to share something that would strengthen the ties of their connection and that neither of them would ever forget. To make herself clear, she hitched a leg over his thigh and reached between them, familiarizing herself with his length. She had always thought everything about Jasper was perfect, and this solidified it.

They kissed more as she turned over, away from him, and let his body curve around hers. Bella looked Peter in the eyes, seeking his permission to have Jasper in a way that belonged to Peter alone. The other man nodded and smiled, watching with rapt attention as Jasper's cock disappeared inside Bella, and they both cried out in the most happy of ways.

"Fuck, it's been so long," Jasper hissed, and Bella pushed back.

"I hope that's not a bad thing," Bella answered breathlessly.

"No, babe. You feel amazing."

They fit together perfectly, Peter mused, noting how effortless it seemed for Jasper to caress Bella's body or for her to turn and wrap her arm around his neck to pull him in for another kiss.

For each of them, it held a special significance, but Bella was ready to take things to a whole new level. She wanted the fantasy, so she was going to throw all her sensibility and any lingering fragments of hesitation out the window and just ask for what she desired.

"Come here, Peter," she said, reaching out toward him. He slid closer, leaning over Bella to kiss Jasper when he saw his boyfriend's puckered lips. Settling in front of Bella, he studied her face and waited for her request.

"He's incredible, isn't he?" Peter asked her. "I told you he could do unbelievable things with that body. Frankly, I'm a little jealous right now."

Bella smiled, her attention split between the way her body felt and the words she was trying to process for the other man.

"You're a lucky fucker," she said, grinning, and Jasper slapped her ass playfully. "But tell me, have you ever been with a woman?"

"Not like that," Peter admitted, shaking his head. "A little experimental fooling around with my best friend in college, but we determined that she was definitely a lesbian and I was definitely gay."

"But you're hard now." She reached for him, taking his erection in her hand and squeezing.

"I…I know." He breathed out hard, his spine stiffening in reaction.

"I want us all together," she said, but any further conversation was cut short by the pistoning of Jasper's hips and his fingers just above where they were joined. His movements were sharp and fast, and Bella's mouth fell open in a soundless cry of ecstasy. She fell apart, but Jasper held her tightly, letting her ride it out.

Though still stiff and ready for more, Jasper slid out and laid her on her back so they could all figure out their next move.

"What exactly is it you want?" Jasper asked, touching her then Peter.

"Anything," she answered. "Who's the top?"

Peter chuckled, his cheeks reddening a bit. "Why does that matter?"

"It matters," she said in a sultry voice, running her hand down Peter's chest, "because we need to decide who will be in the middle."

Jasper leaned over her shoulder and nuzzled his nose against her neck. "I kinda figured that would be you."

Bella shook her head and looked at him. "No…I don't….I've never even done it like that, so both of you at once? I'd rather not venture down that road."

"Seriously?" Peter asked, drawing her attention back in his direction. I think we both kind of figured…."

"What about that guy back in college?" Jasper added. "The muscle guy with the big tattoo you told me about? Wasn't he really into anal?"

"He was," Bella clarified, "but I wasn't. Hence our breakup. I just…nope, not my thing. I mean, I get why it feels good to you guys, but girls don't have the same parts as boys inside there."

"Don't knock it 'til you've tried it," Peter said with a wink.

"Don't get me wrong. I might try it someday. I might not. I say, 'do what makes you feel good' and all that stuff, but not me. Not tonight."

There was too much talking and not enough action as far as she was concerned, so she sat up and spun herself around so she was facing they guys. They were still reclined, and she slid her hands up their thighs, moving back toward their cocks to get them nice and hard again. They moved in closer, giving her better leverage, and as they did so, she asked them for a little help. Their arms crisscrossed, taking hold of the other man's erection and helping Bella. It was unquestionably the most original hand job either of them had ever experienced, but Bella stopped them before either could finish and knelt down. Each received a few swallows and licks, and she gave herself the most satisfied smile ever seeing them both sprawled out on the bed, soft moans uttered just for her.

Jasper turned and kissed Peter soundly, then pulled Bella on top of him, tickling her sides and making her squirm. All of them were so ready to explode with the repetitious oh-so-close moments, but a decision had to be made.

"Who's the top?" she asked again, pulling away. Her gaze ran smoothly back and forth between them until Peter spoke.

"Jasper is."

Bella grinned at her closest friend and held back a slew of jokes she could have made about Peter being a teacher or the older one of the relationship. She knew from stories of Jasper's past that he was "versatile" as one might say, but she'd never pried about his relationship with Peter. At least not that particular detail.

"And will you be tonight?" Bella pressed, smiling.

Peter was quiet for a beat, but he eventually stroked her skin, looking bashful. "If you want me to be."

Her grin grew, and so did Jasper's, but Bella had another request.

"I want to watch you first."

It was, of course, her favorite thing to watch.

There really wasn't any room for any of them to be shy or standoffish about it at that point, so Jasper set it all in motion, directing Bella to sit back and enjoy the show while he pulled Peter to the edge of the bed. Both men stood, holding and kissing one another as they normally would, though the little show encouraged lingering touches and firmer squeezes. Bella was fascinated and unquestionably turned on. Again, the intense reality of the situation struck her like a wrecking ball, and she had to remind herself to breathe several times. It was just so fucking hot!

She watched with rapt attention as Jasper turned Peter toward the bed and pushed a flattened palm against his back. Peter's waist bent, and he held himself up with his hands pressed into the mattress. Jasper touched the other man along his back and around to his chest, pausing to tease Peter's cock and kiss his neck and shoulders.

"Watch his face," Jasper told Bella. "It's fucking gorgeous when he first feels me."

She felt her body flush, but she did as she was told, and it truly was an amazing thing. Peter's expression contorted into a look of absolute pleasure, making her heart race. She watched the little details – the way their muscles flexed, the places where sweat glistened on their skin, and the subtle shifting to reach to ultimate heights. Jasper leaned over, pressing his chest to Peter's back and weaving their fingers together as he thrust his hips and whispered in Peter's ear. When he stood, he held firmly on his love's hips, and Peter told Bella to join them.

They repositioned only slightly, and though she knew it wasn't what they were expecting, Bella moved onto her hands and knees and backed herself up to Peter.

"That's kinda kinky," Peter murmured, but Bella just held her position and touched herself momentarily, ensuring that she was ready. Of course she was. Her body could hardly stand seeing the show they'd put on without her hand moving involuntarily to ease her horniness.

Jasper made sure Peter was fully erect and ready and pushed them closer to Bella. Peter placed one hand gingerly on her waist, and then she made the happiest, most strangled cry. It was involuntary and had absolutely no grace to it, and that was what made it perfect.

So there they were, Jasper fucking Peter while Peter fucked Bella. The poor man in the middle struggled to hold on. While being with a woman for the first time was a little strange and surreal, it wasn't impossible to catch onto. The way Bella moaned and whimpered encouraged him, as did the words Jasper whispered while continuing to fill him. For once, Peter's dirty tongue was held – not by choice but because he couldn't seem to form any words. There was far too much happening to do anything but feel, and god, he felt so fucking much all at the same time.

Bella couldn't help looking over her shoulder frequently, pushing her ass back and trying to make things good for Peter even though she had no way of knowing how much pleasure he actually got out of it. Holy hell, she realized, she was taking Peter's virginity. Sort of.

Meanwhile, Jasper was blissful. He could tell that Peter could hardly contain or control himself, and Jasper had to guide the other man's movements quite a bit. Bella was completely unhinged, and he knew she would never be able to forget this night. For himself, it was very much the way it always was with Peter: like holding a shooting star in your hand. Impossible, all encompassing, beautiful.

Together, he mused, they were all quite beautiful.

To Peter's relief, Bella came first and collapsed on the bed. Moments later, he was done for, and the hot, tight clenching of his ass was exactly what Jasper needed to let go.

They all collapsed, and when he had the strength, Jasper retrieved a few bottles of water for them.

None of them discussed anything they had done. There was no discomfort between them, but words seemed unnecessary. That was how they fell asleep, with Peter on one side and Bella on the other, Jasper nestled happily between them.

In the morning when Bella woke, she tried to slide herself out of Jasper's hold, but he roused for a few seconds, smiling at her though his eyes were slitted in half-sleep. She let herself out of the room, looking back at her boys wistfully before taking a long, hot shower and falling into her own bed for a few hours more rest.

She slept much later than she'd intended, and a peek at her alarm clock told her it was past noon. The apartment was quiet, but when she sat up from bed, she noticed a bottle of water and grabbed it. It was cold, so someone must have been in recently. Also on her bedside table was a USB drive she didn't recognize. A folded piece of paper sat below it.


We thought you might want to start your own video collection.

Love, Jasper and Peter

No, it couldn't be. They wouldn't!

But it was, and they had.