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Chapter 37

They breathe in the cool night air, having hidden throughout the day at the same small cabin they rested in after Gin's rescue. Ichigo and Shiro had jumped Gin quickly once outside the labs, the silver haired male standing no chance at all against the twin terrors. Knocked out and little more than a lift and toss away from Shiro's backseat, Gin didn't wake until they reached the cabin… he's yet to forgive them.

"Come on, koi," Shiro whines. "We could a left yer ass there, ya know."

"Ya couldn' leave me, 'cause then I'd tell Grimm-kitty ya both bolted an' he'd track yer asses down!"

"So bitter," the pale twin pouts.

"Gin, I'm sorry we jumped you and knocked you out," Ichigo sighs. "I'm also sorry we may have tossed you a bit too roughly into the backseat and hit your head on the opposite door handle…"


"I may have also just imagined that part," the orangette chuckles nervously.

"I've had a splittin' headache since I woke up an' it's your fault!"

"Technically, it was Shiro's fault. I told him to be a little nicer, but he was hell bent of getting away and hunting down the one that kidnapped you…"

"Yet yer the two kidnappin' me, damn it!"

"We should pro'bly stop 'fore he has a heart attack," Shiro mumbles.

Ichigo nods in agreement, quietly stepping away from the infuriated fox. Gin has been less than inviting since he woke, the twins barely managing to get him outside so they can hunt for clues as to Lisa's whereabouts. Ichigo knows she isn't stupid enough to stay within the cities under Shinigami, Visored, or Espada control. It would be too easy to slip up should someone see her after her 'death', so she's likely staying within the forests close to where Gin was locked away. Ichigo has his maternal instinct to help him out, the scent of Yasu imprinted within his mind, and his hand itches to tear into the throat of his one-time friend. Deep down, however, he knows he'll never be able to kill her. He grew up with Lisa, only a year or two away from the time he's spent with Shiro, and she's as much family as his twin is.

"Ichi, what ya thinkin'?" Shiro wonders.

"… I don't know if I can do this," he admits. "Kill her, I mean."

"Don' worry 'bout that," the older twin scoffs. "Her ass is mine, only fair since ya got Momo witout me."


"Ichi, I had ta be the sane one last time," Shiro states reprimanding. "It's yer turn ta keep yer head 'bout ya!"

Ichigo smirks at this, remembering when they had to start alternating being the sane one. The mission wasn't particularly complicated, just demolishing one of their father's opponents and his mini army, but the two had gotten a bit too carried away. If it weren't for the firm hand of their mother… quite literally… they probably would've demolished more than the warehouse they accidentally blew up. The reason for the explosion is still unknown; though Ichigo has a feeling Shiro may have carried some explosives into the scene with him. He turns to Gin, wondering if the silver haired male really knows what he's gotten himself into messing with Shiro.

"Let's just get this over wit," Gin mutters grumpily. "Ya owe me so big after this! Yer not gonna be able ta walk fer a fuckin' month!"

"Though that sounds awfully temptin'… I don' think sex is a good thing ta use as reward," Shiro says uncertainly. "Won' that condition ya er somethin'? Like… won' ya 'xpect it from now on? I don' wanna hafta leave in the middle a dinner out just 'cause ya did somethin' good an' wanna fuck after."

"Not my problem," Gin shrugs off. "Ya shoulda thought a that 'fore ya both jumped me!"

"Shouldn' Ichi have ta thank ya, too?" the pale mimic asks flabbergasted.

"He will, just not like ya have ta."

"That ain't fair!"

Ichigo rolls his eyes, his steps quickening to get away from the impending argument. They've been searching for an hour or so now, yet there hasn't been a single sign of non-animal life and he's getting anxious. All he can think of is that he may have been wrong, that his little cub is miles away from him with a delusional psychopath. Just as he's giving up hope, his entire body comes to an abrupt halt. Shiro runs into him and Gin almost trips on his heels, yet the orangette is undeterred. His nostrils flare again, trying to catch the scent that caught his attention, and a faint trace of Yasu's scent touches upon his senses. Rage strikes him, his being stiffening in preparation of an attack, and Shiro reacts accordingly… mimicking his twin's body language.

"I take it ya found somethin'," Gin remarks lazily. "Shall we barge in witout a plan, er do ya think it'd be best ta think up somethin' that don' involve us gettin' killed?"

Both males calm themselves at the comment, uncertainty passing through their eyes as they face the fox. With a wide smile that shows not even a glimpse of his teeth, eyes closed in crescent arcs, Gin claps his hands together and allows his mind to wander into the realm of feral.

Within a small cabin deep in the forest, Yasu watches the world through wary orbs that match her mother. Something isn't right and she knows this. Her brother is gone, her parents are missing, and she's been the object of unwanted affection from a woman that carries a vague remainder of her mother's scent. The dark haired woman strolls in, a bottle in one hand and a towel in the other.

*Momma's gonna kill you, * Yasu thinks with a scowl.

"Okay, Airi, time to eat," Lisa smiles. "Your daddy should be home any day now!"

*My daddy would gut you. *

"I can't wait to see him again! He's so mysterious and dangerous," she giggles. "Have I ever told you how we first met? How I fell in love with him?"

Her giggles have the hint of insanity etched within them, her eyes distant and unseeing of reality, and Yasu knows something is off about this woman. She's lifted from the makeshift crib, cradled within thin arms and given the bottle. She can't be too picky about who feeds her right now, her parents are gone and she's starving. Lisa sighs deeply in contentment as she feeds the baby, looking into the distance and recalling her story.

"I was young when we met," she informs wistfully. "Still just a child around two or three. My parents were good friends to his parents, so we had play dates a lot. I didn't like him at first; he was strange and always hanging around that orange haired twin of his."

*That sounds like momma, * Yasu realizes.

"When we got into high school, we started menial tasks for the Visoreds. That's the gang your grandfather is leader of," she smiles jovially. "I saw just how talented he was, so quick and agile… beautiful. I tried to get his attention, but that pathetic twin of his was always in the way! By the time they turned fifteen, I knew why… they were lovers. It was easy to tell, the way they held one another and I even saw them sleeping together numerous times! That little weak whore was taking away my love! So I got close to him, befriended him, and tried to steer him away from Shiro. Since that didn't work, there's only one logical solution… No Ichigo, no obstacle. I just have to kill him."

*Momma's gonna eat this loon for breakfast, * the cub mentally scoffs.

Lisa is about to continue, but a knock on the door stops her. She carefully tucks Yasu closer, walking to the door with an air of curiosity entwined with a much stronger feeling of expectance. When she opens the old cabin door, Shiro stands on the other side with a wide grin on his features.

"Hey, honey! I'm home," he states.

"Shiro!" Lisa grins. "I'm so happy you're finally here! Airi missed you terribly, as did I."

"Ai… Ah! Of course, my beautiful daughter," Shiro catches after a moment's hesitation.

"Come in, sweetheart, I've made us dinner," Lisa purrs seductively. "Just let me finish feeding Airi and I'll put her to bed. Then we can have some alone time."

"Sounds fun," he chuckles nervously. "But I got a better idea. It's such a nice night out… how 'bout a walk in the forest? Just us an' nature! I'm sure there's a pond 'round here close, we could go skinny dippin'!"

Her eyes light up and she nods eagerly, gently setting Airi down into her crib before following Shiro out the door. A manic glint swims within his eyes, yet he suppresses the urge to tear this woman apart and pulls her along with him. In all actuality, Gin's plan is something the twins wouldn't have thought of. They're far to use to jumping into the fray and winging it. Shiro is meant to be bait, playing along with Lisa's delusions to get her away from Yasu. Ichigo, after Yasu is alone, is to sneak in and take her back… which he's doing at this moment. While Ichigo slips in through the front door, Lisa's eyes seeing only Shiro beside her, Gin shadows the two with jealousy plain in his barely revealed blue eyes. Yasu gazes up at the sound of footsteps, purring happily when she makes out Ichigo's scent. She knew her momma would come for her, yet she's confused as to why her daddy isn't with him. Her daddy should be there to protect them from harm.

"Hey there, Yasu," he purrs. "Momma's here to take you home now, okay? We just have to stop over and pick up Uncle Shiro and Uncle Gin, and then we're going home to be with daddy."

She purrs louder, nuzzling into Ichigo's chest once she's sheltered within his arms. The orangette moves quickly, darting through the trees with the ease of a feline born there, and Yasu is amazed by her mother's agility and speed. The scent of fury and fear wrapped around confusion drifts from a clearing up ahead, the younger twin slowing his pace to circle the cloud of mounting tension. Gin and Shiro are standing with Lisa between them; enough room to move and fight if need be between them all.

"I don't understand, honey," Lisa says. "I thought…"

"I ain't yer honey," Shiro snaps. "Ya need medical help, Lisa. Yer brain ain't workin' right. Just come wit us an' we'll get ya ta a hospital where they can help ya."

"I don't need help, I just need you."

"It ain't happenin'. Yer like a sister ta me, Lisa, I can' like ya in the way ya want me ta."

"No! That's not true! We… we have a baby together!"

"Ya stole Ichi's baby."

"He doesn't deserve to be the mother of your children!" she howls in rage. "Don't think I don't know what happened! I heard them say he went through that genetic process! I heard he's capable of giving birth! Why, Shiro? Why let him have your baby and not me?"

"He didn' have my baby, Lisa, he had Grimmjow's baby… twins… the other looks just like Grimmjow," the pale replica attempts to reason.

"I don't believe that. You were all over him, you slept together!"

"Ya know we couldn' be apart, but it wasn' 'cause a that. Ichi an' I have been tagether since birth, we didn' know how to live witout the other. We were learnin'."

She shakes her head, fighting to clear away reality and keep hold of her misbelief. Shiro is hers, this is their baby, and Ichigo is an obstacle… It all seemed so perfect in her mind. With a snarl of anger she bears down on the older twin, her fingers curled into claws just in case she needs her nails to maim the other.

"Don't lie to me! I saw you two having sex!"

"Havin' sex? I been close ta Ichi my whole life an' where I may have thought 'bout it a couple times, that little prude would never let me bang him!"

"Fucking pervert!" Ichigo hisses. "I never thought about you like that!"

"Sure ya didn'," Shiro waves off. "Look, Lisa, I ain't never touched him like that."

"I saw it."

Gin snorts in reply to her outburst, remembering the time he had taken Shiro on his bed… the telltale feeling of eyes on his back accompanying his actions through the curtains. Lisa spares him a glance of distaste, the wide smile a touch more frigid than his usual joviality.

"Ya saw me in a hoodie," Gin points out. "I fucked him good, right there on his bed. The curtains were drawn; my hood was up 'til we closed 'em. Ya were 'crossed the way on a rooftop er fire escape, can' 'member which. Only thing ya saw were our silhouettes screwin' like bunnies."

"Right sex, wrong guy," Ichigo mutters.

Lisa stares in disbelief at the three, Gin moving over to wrap Shiro in his arms with a smug smirk her way. At her completely baffled expression, Shiro leans back and kisses Gin deeply just to get a reaction… she bursts into tears. All the frustrations built up over the years that twisted her mind into something so broken finally rushing out.

"Y-you were w-with Gin?" she sobs.

"Yep!" the silver haired man smiles. "I been bangin' him since Ichi started his mission as Grimm-kitty's maid! We been fuckin' all over the place! We even talked 'bout gettin' married."

"No! I won't let you have him!" she shrieks.

With her tears brushed aside, she leaps at Shiro and Gin quickly tosses him to the grass. Ichigo sits on a fallen tree with Yasu, just watching and waiting for the time he's needed to intervene. Shiro is pretty good at holding back his inner demon, but there's always those more than rare times he gives in… which would be over half the time. Lisa, however, is making him uneasy. He's never seen her this gone before, her eyes wild and unfocused to the point he's wondering if she's even there. Her movements are sloppy and uncoordinated, something she always prided herself on not falling prey to. With every moment that passes, the orangette grows a stronger conviction that ending her would be more merciful… that's not the Lisa he knew as a child anymore.

"If I can't have you, no one can!" she screams. "I tried too hard and gave up too much for you to walk away from me!"

"Too late," Gin snaps. "He's mine now!"

"Fuckin' awesome!" Shiro laughs in glee. "I never had people fightin' over me 'fore!"

"Shiro, you dumbass!" Ichigo yells. "This is no time to enjoy the idiocy of others!"

Having the decency to at least blush, Shiro looks away innocently as Lisa and Gin jump at one another. She takes a swipe with her nails, missing the chance to rake her red painted claws across his face by only inches. Gin dodges, darting beneath her hand and almost missing the blade she produces from her sleeve. In a heartbeat he's rolling away from the silver dagger, dropping to the tall grass of the meadow and vanishing from sight. Lisa stands in confusion for a moment, looking around and frowning as her brow twitches a bit in her mania. Ichigo can just make out Gin's lithe body streaking through the grass, circling around to get behind the dark haired woman before stopping. His position is crouched and appears as though he's a fox ready to pounce, yet he makes no further move. Shiro must've not given him the okay to kill quite yet.

"Lisa, please, let us get you some help," Ichigo sighs. "This is ridiculous. I don't know what you see in Shiro, but I can assure you he's not worth fighting over… he's definitely not worth going crazy over."

"I heard that!" Shiro sulks. "I'm awesome I hope ya know!"

"Everyone thinks you're the great one," Lisa mutters. "Everyone thinks you're so perfect, that you're worth protecting because you're so much more talented than him… but they're wrong. You're holding him back. He could be exquisite if it weren't for you. I wanted to help him get there… but you refused to die."

"Uh, yeah. I was pregnant with Grimmjow's litter, there's no way in hell he'd let me go!" Ichigo snaps. "I thought about giving up and letting you kill me, but he nearly killed me for thinking of it!"

"You used to be so independent, Ichigo," Lisa sighs, a glimmer of her older self within the comment. "What have you let him do to you?"

Ichigo is dumbfounded at the comment, his jaw working to come up with a rebuttal though nothing comes out. He did use to be a force of nature none would go against, though that was before Grimmjow. After meeting the other, the fight was slowly drained from him and he became content allowing his alpha to deal with everything. He may have put up a fuss about the 'new enemy', but for the most part he held back because Grimmjow wanted him to. No more. He can't allow his skills to get rusty just because Grimmjow wants to be the domineering alpha he is. If something were to happen to the teal haired bastard, Ichigo wouldn't have the skills to survive on his own and protect his cubs. Unfortunately for Lisa, the number one thing he knows he has to work on… is taking out the threats, no matter who they happen to be.

"You're right, Lisa," Ichigo sighs. "I need to pull myself together. I need to remember who I am, what I'm capable of, and… who I can trust."

She flinches at that, stepping away warily as he sets Yasu in a nest of soft grass. She watches him curiously, cooing and reaching a hand out before the sound turns into a purr. Lisa is a formidable opponent, he remembers her taking on four of the Visoreds alone during training… but this isn't training and the twins can easily overpower even their parents without breaking a sweat. Shiro gets ready, Gin crouching lower in his hiding spot, and Ichigo drops into an offensive stance. Lisa steels herself, a second blade drawn as she realizes how much danger she's in. Shiro is first to move, always the brash and impatient one, and Lisa expects it. She drops low and turns, using the hilt of her dagger to knock the breath from his lungs. The pale replica staggers backward before collapsing, attempting to replenish his oxygen supply as Ichigo moves in. She's always had a harder time reading the orangette, as she's never had the opportunity to see him fight. He weaves between her attacks and dives out of the way when she slices at him, purposely leading her to notice a pattern. Once she's positive he'll react in a certain way, she lashes out with the blade and readies herself to stab at his dodging form with the other… he doesn't dodge. He pulls back, kicking up at the same time and landing a solid kick to her chin. With a gasp, she falls backward and blood drips between her lips from her teeth knocking together. For a moment, Ichigo's inner demon revels in the thought she may have bitten off her tongue. He shakes his head to keep the demon at bay, focusing on his opponent and noting that Gin is repositioning himself while Shiro recovers. Lisa gives a hard mule kick backward to strike the pale twin down once more, yet he catches her foot and knocks her off balance. Ichigo slams a good kick into her gut, Shiro bringing down a punch to her cheek, and Lisa screams in a mixture of frustration and pain. The fight is difficult, mostly because the twins are attempting to keep sane… yet soon the insanity wins out. Their blows are meant to maim, ripping flesh and breaking bone, and they're uncaring as to the damage they're causing their one time friend. Lisa has landed a few hits to them as well, cuts littering their bodies in a variety of depths. Blood oozes from a nasty gash at Ichigo's side, the wound healing at once as his manic grin turns into an insane laugh. Shiro is doing worse, his cuts and gouges losing too much blood although his mind doesn't realize it. He may be able to brush this abuse off for now, but he'll pay for that later. Lisa knocks them both back, running for the cabin with the last amount of energy she can muster. The twins languidly stalk behind her, enjoying the chase and the smell of her fear. Before she can reach the trees, however, Gin's forgotten form pounces from the brush and knocks her to the ground. He's not stupid; he knew someone had to keep their head about them. If he joined in the fight, Lisa would've used him to piss off Shiro. One good wound his body didn't deem good enough to blow his secret over and Shiro's focus would've been him, giving her time to hurt Ichigo further by locating Yasu… she would've won and he knows that's the opportunity she was looking for. As crazy as she is, her intellect wasn't completely obliterated.

"Game over, sweetheart," Gin smiles widely.

"Of course it is," Lisa smirks. "And I've still won."

A heavy thud turns their attention, Shiro's body hitting the ground along with their stomachs. He lifts a blade from the grass and sniffs at it, pulling back with a furious snarl before slamming it hilt deep within a cackling Lisa's chest… breaking her heart completely.

"What's wrong?" Ichigo asks in fear. "What happened?"

"She dipped her blades in poison," Gin mutters. "Yer body healed ya, but Shiro ain't like us."

"So… so make him like us!"

Ichigo is desperate and Gin can tell this is killing him as well. More effective than any bullet or poison, losing his twin would kill half his soul. All the vibrant life within the younger twin will leave with Shiro. Rustling in the bushes alerts them to company, Ichigo hurrying to lift Yasu into his arms once more as Grimmjow and company burst into the clearing.

"Ichigo! What the hell did you think you were doing?" Grimmjow snarls. "I'll get after Gin and Shiro later, but you…"

Before he can finish, the moment he's stepping up to the orangette, Ichigo's hand is drawn sharply across his face. Stunned, the dominant male can only blink at the other. He picks up on the fear and overwhelming sadness playing hell with his mate's mind he minute the anger has faded, looking around to locate the object of Ichigo's distress. Shiro is lying crumpled within the grass, Szayel and Nelliel standing over him as the others break into other groups. Shinji and Hiyori look over Lisa with Yorouchi and Kisuke, the other Espada trying to console Gin and getting nowhere. If he would've had the tail and ears of his animal side, they would've been permanently dragging the ground and drooping in loss. Szayel looks upon his friend uncertainly, eyeing Ichigo's fading brightness and realizing just how deeply this bond had went.

"He's not gone yet," he comments. "He'll last until we reach the lab… a few hours more, perhaps."

"You can save him?" Yorouchi asks hopefully.

"I can do what I've done to Ichigo… but it will be tricky. Shiro isn't a complete submissive, yet Gin manages to hold dominance over him almost indefinitely. He'll be pushed into submission should I do this, so I want to be perfectly clear… that won't affect his everyday attitude, it'll only affect his attitude toward Gin."

"Do it," Kisuke remarks. "Save my boys."

"Ichi's fine, though," Nelliel murmurs in confusion.

"His bond wit Shiro is too deep," Gin explains. "If Shiro dies, Ichigo will likely follow. He'll lose his will ta live."

"The poison is slow acting, but extremely painful," Szayel continues. "I need you to lift him up. Make sure you're careful with him though, we don't want to cause him more pain than necessary."

"I hope ya perfected yer fuckin' experiment, Szayel," Gin says icily. "'Cause if anythin' happens ta my mate, I'll kill ya."

He lets out a silent thank you for the advancements he made studying Ichigo. The ride back is quiet and trying, Ichigo fading just as slowly as Shiro. Grimmjow tries to pull him back, yet fails even with the added help of the cubs. It's as though he's going through the motions and nobody's home. The cars skid to a stop within the dirt parking lot of the reserve doubling as a lab, Gin gently carrying Shiro's sickly pale body through the doors as the others follow. Grimmjow has Akira and Ulquiorra is carrying Yasu, Ichigo pulled along by Rukia and Shinji. The wait is murder, everyone staring at Ichigo as though he holds the answers to Shiro's wellbeing… which he kind of does, as once Shiro is faring better he will as well.

"Leave him be," Grimmjow murmurs. "Come on, Kitten, let's put the cubs to bed."

Soundlessly, the orangette stands and drags his feet after Grimmjow. His head is bowed, his tan skin beaded in sweat and paling, and his amber eyes are as dull as the day he almost died. Pantera is lying on the bed when they arrive, her head shooting up immediately when she sees her 'cub'. Grimmjow shakes his head, motioning to the door, and she huffs before leaving. As she passes, however, she allows her tail to drape around him consolingly. Grimmjow carefully lays the cubs down and tucks them in, turning to undress his mate and get him ready for bed as well. Ichigo doesn't even bother with pajamas and plops down on the bed in just his boxers, lying down and waiting for the end. Mentally, Grimmjow pleads with every star in the sky that he wakes up next to his beautiful mate and not a corpse. He curls up behind Ichigo, wrapping in a hold tighter than he's ever used on him, and forces himself to go to sleep.

The morning has Grimmjow waking alone, the cubs having been commandeered by Yorouchi around eight and Ichigo having left him about fifteen minutes later. In a panic he throws on some clothes and hurries out of the room, searching for the missing orangette and vaguely happy he didn't wake to a dead body. Ichigo is standing outside Shiro's room, the one he was moved into after surgery, and Gin is sitting with him.

"You scared the shit outta me," Grimmjow breathes out.

"He got here 'fore I did," Gin mutters. "Hasn' said a word."

Ichigo's head lifts a moment, though he's not listening to them, and then he's bolting for the door to Shiro's room. It's almost ripped off its hinges at the force used to open it, the younger twin rushing over to his counterpart and leaping onto the bed enthusiastically. Shiro grunts in pain and perplexity, grumbling protests that are effectively ignored. Their parents are in the room with Szayel as soon as Gin hits the call button, his icy blue eyes on his pink haired pal with a question only he can read.

"Fox," he comments. "Just like you. Ichigo was given feline genetics to compliment Grimmjow, so I place fox genetics in Shiro to compliment you."

"Great," Yorouchi sighs. "They fought badly before, but now they'll be fighting like cats and dogs."

Everyone stares at her a moment, the twin grinning widely after their bout of depression and near death. Ichigo watches his friends and family for a long while, Shiro nestled against his side as he complains. So much has happened since his mission began, so much has gone wrong and led them astray, yet here they are. Overcoming all odds to stay together, forming a treaty to mold a future for more than just himself and Grimmjow, and taking down an enemy lost in their imagination. Ichigo lets his grin grow… he was 'maid' for this shit.

Lol! I like the ending ;p Word play is fun =D Anyway, that's the end T^T I'll miss everyone trying to guess who did it, that was my favorite part! Now that this is over, I have a new fic and a sequel to work on! I'm thinking of taking the summer term off for a break, so i'll be working on my fics more =) Yeah for you! If you're interested, the name Lisa picked out means this:

Airi: love affection with jasmine, pearl

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