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Glitched Leaf Green

[Please excuse my bad English]

A few weeks ago, my Leaf Green arrived from eBay. I was overjoyed, because the game came VERY quickly. I won the auction two days earlier. I put the GBA cart on my DS (because I don't have a GBA) and started playing. When I reached the File Screen, I looked the older save file. It wasn't very avanced, the player only had a lv7 (I think) Charmander, and was on Route 1. I started to check Charmander's stats and such.

Then, the music started to glitch up, and the Charmander became a Ghost-fire type (which is weird, because Chandelure family is the only one with that typing). Then, a text box appeared. "Do you want to go to Viridian City?" Asked. I only had the options of 'Yes' and 'No'. I selected yes. I appeared in Pokémon Tower, strangely.

I keep walking, and arrived on the Tower. I tought that it could be impossible to beat, because Green was there. I went to floor 2, and I saw my rival dead. What the...? I checked him and a I got the message: "He looks dead." Also, the exorcists were dead too.

Finally, I arrived to the floor where you can heal your pokémon. It worked, but the trainers around there were dead too. "What the hell is happening?" I said to myself.

In the final floor, Cubone's Mother appeared, but this time it was different...It was holding a knife, and a gun.
"No this time!" It said, and the battle music started playing.
I sent out the Lv.7 Charmander, and selected 'Ember'. Marowak didn't do anything.
"Heh, you won't do much damage with that" it said. And it was true, but what can else I could do? Then, I had a brilliant idea: I selected the 'Key Items' pocket from my bag, and chose 'Oak's Parcel'.

"OAK: _ it's not the time to use that!" After that, it showed my character throwing a PokéBall. It was caught. I couldn't believe it, because I read around the 'net that it was impossible to catch it.

After that, the game froze up. In that moment, I wanted to play another game. I tried to turn off the Nintendo DS, but I couldn't.

"You won't do it!" "You're in my hands now!" That all appeared in a textbox.
I left my DS without sound on my desk, and I started using the computer. I was very scared. My DS is old, but I can play games normally.

After like...three hours, I went to my room and found the DS turned off. I turned on it again, and selected in the main menu the GBA game. I deleted the save file and started a new one. I beat the game like two weeks ago, without problems.

Anyways, I don't want to buy games from eBay anymore.