Title: Above Suspicion?
Fandom: Ashes to Ashes
Characters/Pairings: Gene/Alex
Rating: 15/T (for Gene being Gene amongst other things)

Summary: Post 2x07. Gene and Alex share some secrets. How will this affect their investigation into Operation Rose?

Disclaimer: I don't own Ashes to Ashes. If I did, we'd have had a different ending! The franchise and its characters belong to Kudos and BBC and I am not making any money from writing this.

A/N: Hello and welcome to my little world. This fic takes place directly after Series 2 Episode 7, and will eventually become an alternative to Episode 8. Thanks to Harri83 for the title and for beta-ing this for me. All mistakes are hers. I'm kidding, of course.

Gene and Alex sat on the sofa, a nearly empty bottle of wine in front of them on the coffee table, the painful memories of betrayal radiating off both of them. Since the discovery that Chris had been corrupted, it was like the world had been turned on its head. If they'd gotten to Chris then, who else? Granted, there was no evidence of anyone else being corrupt but that didn't stop Gene from being suspicious. Since he'd turned up on Alex's doorstep two and a half hours ago, they'd worked through every member of CID, trying to identify areas of weakness; points which criminals or other corrupt officers could set upon and take advantage of. Alex had been furiously taking notes of their discussion, not wanting to miss anything. She wrote the final comments on Bammo's paper and dropped it onto the the table with an air of finality.

"That's it then, that was the last one," she remarked.

"Not quite," he answered.

"What do you mean?"

"Look, it kills me to think this, let alone say it but what about you?"

Alex was angered, "Me? Do you really think me capable of being corrupt. That I could betray you like that?"

"No," he admitted, "but then I didn't think it of Chris either."

"Fair enough," Alex conceded. He was right, neither of them had had the slightest clue about Chris, she supposed she couldn't blame him for being cautious. "So you want to do this for us too? Run through all the skeletons in our closet?"

"Me an' all?" Gene didn't look thrilled by the prospect.

"If you're doing me then I'm doing you."

"Chance'd be a fine thing," he quipped.

Alex wisely chose to ignore him. "So, is it a deal?"

"Two conditions," he stipulated. "One: it goes no further than these four walls an' two: you go first."

"Okay," agreed Alex.

"Right then, what could people 'ave to 'old over you?"

"I'd like to think I wouldn't give in to their demands."

"Wouldn't we all? Come on Bolly out wi' it. There must be somethin'."

"Well, if you'd have let me finish, I was going to say my daughter."


Alex was surprised that Gene had remembered Molly's name, she'd probably only mentioned it a handful of times.

"Yeah, Molly. If someone told me...could provide me with irrefutable proof that they could reunite us, then I'd possibly be tempted." Gene thought that she probably would be tempted, whether there was proof or not, but he thought it was wise not to mention it. She was a mother; mother's tended to be extremely passionate about their kids. "So, come on, what about you?" Alex prompted.

Gene took a deep breath, "Stu. Me brother. 'E got into drugs. Died. If someone could show me 'oo got 'im 'ooked I'd probably do whatever they wanted."

Alex was surprised that Gene would start with something so personal, thinking he'd have gone with some unpaid parking tickets or setting someone up. She really felt for him, and wanted to console and comfort him. "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"'Ardly surprisin', given that I didn't tell yer," he snapped. He didn't mean to, he just found it hard to talk about and over the years had become quite defensive about it. "Anyway, any other secrets yer'd like ter share?"

"It's not really a secret and it's kind of along a similar vein to the previous one, but if someone could get me home I'd be tempted." Even as the words left her lips she began to doubt them. Would she really give up this world, or more precisely Gene, without a fight? What was once a black and white situation was becoming increasingly greyed. Conscious of his eyes on her, she turned back to him, raising an eyebrow, telling him it was his turn.

"I'm not sure this is such a good idea. There's some pretty nasty skeleton's in my closet, Bolls. I've done stuff I ain't proud of."

"Come on Gene." He raised his eyebrow at the use of his first name but Alex continued regardless, "I know you're not exactly an angel. It's better to get these things out in the open. We agreed; less leverage that way."

"Okay, I once covered up a death in custody ter save Ray's career."

"What?" Alex couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"There was this bloke, suspect, Billy Kemble. We'd arrested 'im fer possession, but we knew 'e weren't the brains behind the operation. Ray...Ray 'ad 'eard that cocaine got people talkin' so he fed 'im some while Sam an' I were out. Bloke 'ad a weak 'eart and dropped dead."

"And Sam just sat back and let this happen?"

"Oh no, Gladys took it upon 'imself ter report me ter the Super, who proceeded ter ignored it. Ray was punished though, I made sure o' that."

"What did you do?"

"Demotion to DC, half his wages for a year donated to the Police Benevolent fund, and maintenance of the CID stationery cupboard." Alex didn't look convinced. "Look, Ray might be a pillock, but 'e's a damn good copper, and they're 'ard ter find. 'E made a mistake; we've all done that. But 'e paid fer it an' 'e learnt from it. Like I keep tellin' yer Bolly. My department, my rules." Gene took a swig of his drink, finishing what was left in the glass, "Never said this would be easy listenin'." He lifted the bottle to refill his glass, but found it empty. "Yer got any more wine?"

"No, but I think there's some whisky somewhere." She headed to the kitchen to rummage through her cupboards.

"Good girl. I think we're goin' ter need it," Gene called after her. A couple of minutes later, after much clanking of dishes and utensils, and a few choice words from Alex, she reappeared holding a half-full bottle and two glasses. Setting the glasses down she poured them both a rather large measure and handed one to Gene, who downed it in one and handed her the glass back to fill again.