This my first 10/ Martha fic. I like Martha but 10/Rose forever!

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"Martha?" The doctor yelled fiddling with his sonic screwdriver.

He got no response. He crept up the ramp to her room.

"Martha. I'm coming in." He whispered to her door.

No response.

He gently pushed it open to find her sprawled out on the bed tears falling down her face.

He immediately shook her and her eyes snapped open.

"Martha? Did you have a nightmare?" He asked looking in to her eyes. They were full of fear.

"No I'm fine." Martha replied. She got up avoiding his eye, wiped the tears from her face and made her bed. She put on a false smile.

"Fine see?"

The doctor's face was pitiful.

"No I don't see. Tell me what it was about."

He placed a hand on her shoulder. She tried hard not to show her Goosebumps. The problem was. It was him. He made her feel, stranger than she had before. He didn't realise that she loved him. But his heart belonged to someone else.

"I'm fine." She replied and shook his hand off. She walked out of the room feeling fresh tears spring to her eyes.

She was soon followed by the doctor, his warm hands pulled her back and she twitched trying to shimmy away.

"Tell me." His breath was warm on her cheek.

"I'm fine." She repeated and walked off.

She ran to the bathroom and walked up to the mirror.

Her makeup was smudged and her hair was sticking up.

She looked a mess.

When she had got out of the shower she tied up her hair in a pony tail pulled on some leggings and her old top.

As she walked out of the bathroom and bumped right into the doctor.

"I need to talk to you." He stated.

"I'm-"before she could finish he placed his fingers against her head.

She gasped... All her memories and feelings were in front of him. How embarrassing.

The nightmares flowed out of her mind. He let go.

"That should sort them out, but Martha. Why didn't you tell me?" he went down to her level.

"I was embarrassed." She replied turning red.

"How long have you been having nightmares?" He asked

Martha looked up surprised. She thought he had seen her feelings about him.

She changed the subject.

"Doctor. You know. Rose?"

He quickly turned away at the mention of her name.

"Well, I know you get upset about her. So if you need anyone to talk to."

"You first." He cut her off.

"You loved her." Martha replied she pulled his arm.

"Come on. Tell me." She added looking at him pityingly.

"Martha, this was the one woman I loved and I never got to tell her." He said looking up at her. Suddenly his eyes looked so old.

"I always promised myself not to do it again. Not since the time war. But-"

Martha cut him off and wrapped her arms around him. He reeled back but responded to the hug.

She let go as she was going to break if she held him any longer.

"Martha, thank you. For letting me tell you. If I let it out it makes me feel better."

Martha knew that he would never return her feelings. But she felt better that she had cheered him up. She gave a sad smile and replied

"That's what friends are for."

The end

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