The next morning, Tim woke up with Dallas curled against his chest. For a moment, he didn't know why, then last night's events came flooding back to him. Tim felt his eyebrows jump up. Then he scoffed before tightening his grip on Dally. It was damn cold in the house, and Dally was warm.

But the sudden movement woke Dallas up. He didn't want to be awake, because if he was, Tim might make him leave. Then again, if he felt like he did the night before, Dally might be able to get some extra warmth.

"Mornin' Tim," he said sleepily, curling his arms around the older greaser.

Tim's body went rigid. Then it hit him.

"Wait a minnit, how'd you know where you are? You was roarin' drunk last night."

Dally blushed. "Well, I was actin'. Wanted to see if you liked me."

"Oh, you li'l bastard!" growled Tim,scowling. Seeing Dally's face turn worried, Tim grinned. "Oh well."

Tim pounced, swinging a leg over Dally's hips, practically laying on top of him. There was a passionate kiss shared that could rival the one from the night before. It was like they were two lovers that had been separated for too long. But the kiss had to end too early for both of them, because Tim heard someone entering the house.

"It's Curly," Tim stated quietly after there was a loud crash. He pressed a soft kiss to Dally's lips. "Time for you to do some more acting."

At that, Tim shoved Dally roughly to the floor.

"We gotta be fightin' when Curly gets up here."

There was a countdown from ten then- "DALLAS WINSTON, IMMA KICK YOUR ASS INTO NEXT YEAR!"

Dally almost laughed. "OH LIKE YOU CAN DO IT, SHEPARD!"

Their voices carried through the house, but their laughter didn't. Tim picked Dally off of the floor, putting him into a headlock and leading him out of the door, where Curly was standing, awestruck.

"Hey, baby bro," greeted Tim. "Back inna minnit."

Still in a headlock, Dally was lead out of the house. Tim let go and quickly kissed Dally.

"See ya 'round, Dal."