A dead Girl's wish

Attaine gasped, she felt cold air wash through her and snag her soul, then the cold air went through her again, returning it. Ron lowered his wand, and Snape steered him away from her, and she breathed in gulps of air. There was a clatter of footsteps and Molly Weasely came through the doors, and spotted her husband. "Arthur!" she said and hugged him. He opened his white and pale blue eyes. "Molly?" he asked, a little disoriented. "Oh yes. Yes, it's me Arthur" she said. "You shouldn't be here" he murmured. "I don't care" she said, and Madam Pomfrey left them. Attaine walked over to Snape and leaned on him, half hugging him again. Ron stared at her, "...I'm sorry" he said. She shook her head, "It's alright now. Maybe you should say hi" she nodded towards his dad.

He went over, "hi dad" he said. "Ron" said Arthur. His pale, cold fingers stroked his son's face. "Dumbledore!" came a shout. Fudge came into the infirmary. Dumbledore turned around, "Yes?" he asked. "This...this mess! Look at this!" he said. "Minister, I assure you that everything will be fine from now on" said Dumbledore. "An employee of the Ministry has been bitten! Now he must be fired and tagged!" said Fudge. Ron heard this and stood up, "He's not going to be fired!" he said very forcefully. "I'm afraid he has to be. It's just impossible to have a vampire work for the Ministry" he said. "I swear, I will bite you Fudge!" said two voices. Everyone turned around to look.

Attaine and Voldemolt stood side by side, not realizing that they said it in unison and looked very dangerous indeed. Fudge shook a little, "This behavior is unjust!" he said. "You're the one who's unjust! My dad didn't do anything wrong!" said Ron. "I'm sorry" said Fudge in a brusque manner. "I'm going to make you sorry, because you really don't sound like it" warned Attaine. "You!" sputtered Fudge. "He's staying at the Ministry" said Ron very firmly. Piercing gazes were all around the Minister of Magic. He gave in, "Alright, but he's going to be tagged" he said. "No exceptions."

Attaine's dead heart jumped, "No!" she said. "I'm not letting an unregistered vampire stay" he said. She rolled up her sleeve to show the brand on her skin. "I'm not letting this happen to him" she said. Molly looked sick at the mark. "What am I supposed to do?" asked Fudge, now angry. Attaine took in a deep breath, and took one glance at Mr Weasely laying in bed, surrounded by family. "I'll take his brand" she said. "Attaine!" said Snape sharply. "I'll take his brand" she repeated again. Fudge nodded, "Right then, we'll have to be going" he said. "Wait!" said Ron, "I want to go, just to be there" he said, unspoken were the words, "For Attaine" "I'm going with Ron" said Molly. "I have custody of Attaine" said Severus, and Dumbledore nodded as well. Fudge sighed, "Very well"

Arthur Weasely signed a magical contract, and Attaine was once again grabbed by those rough hands, "I don't need this" she said and shook them off. She was seated in the wooden chair and felt the metal insets crawl over her skin. Her sleeve was rolled up and she closed her eyes tightly. Even though she was gritting her teeth as hard as possible, a scream escaped her lips and she felt the burning on her arm, new numbers blazed on her skin and then her was let go. The metal insets crawling back to their places and she was helped up by Severus. Molly hugged Attaine, "Thank you" she said. Attaine nodded, her eyes feeling teary and fogged up. Dumbledore gave her a squeeze on the other shoulder, "You did something brave" he said. "I had to do it" she whispered. Ron looked up at her, "Attai?" he asked. "Yeah?" she said. "Thanks for doing this. You did alot for my dad" he said. She smiled, "No problem Ron...I'm just feeling a little burned up now" she said.

"Before you faint, I think you'd want to know something" said Dumbledore. She opened her eyes, "Yes?" "Severus has kindly offered to adopt you" he said, there was an audible gasp from Molly. "Yes" said Dumbledore smiling, "All you need to do is sign" he said and held out a levitating quill and paper. Attaine inked her name with flourish.

I, Severus Snape agree to take care of Attaine Hephs with all my love and ability.

Severus Snape

Attaine Hephs

For the first time in a long while, Severus looked at the paper and smiled. Attai was shocked at the change, it was no longer a bitter vampire looking at her, but a happy man She smiled too and hugged him, "All your love?" she asked. "Don't get cocky" he said. She laughed, "I love you too" she said. Molly sighed, evidently happy with the scene. "I don't think those chickens at home will be too happy" she said. Ron elbowed his mother lightly, "Don't joke mom!" he said, and she smiled. Dumbledore led them all back to Hogwarts and Arthur was on his feet again. "Hello honey" he said to Molly.

"Arthur, you'll still have a job at the Ministry and you won't have to have a damned brand" she said breathlessly. He nodded, "I know. I heard everything" He then turned to Attaine. "Thank you" he said. "You're welcome" she said. A big dog then padded into the room.

"Sirus" said Dumbledore, immediatly Sirus Black stood in place of the dog. Molly didn't seem the least bit surprised, "There are always bigger surprises" she said. Sirus looked down, then at Dumbledore. "It's been done" he said. "What?" asked Ron. "Remus" said Sirus sadly. "He was killed, I buried him" he said. "We're so sorry" said Molly and she patted Sirus's shoulder. "He never deserved to die" he said. "I got him killed" murmured Attaine. "Don't be foolish" said Snape. Sirus looked up to Snape, "What are you, her father?" he asked. He meant for it to be a joke. "Yes" said Severus very seriously. "You must be kidding" said Sirus. Severus shook his head in a creaky manner. "You never cease to amaze me" he said, then turned back into his dog form and padded off. "Where is he going?" asked Ron. There was a small gap of silence, "To visit Lupin" said Attaine.

The next night, Attaine found Lupin's grave. Sirus had buried next to the Whomping Willow, but a safe distance from the tree so that people could visit the grave. "I'm sorry" said Attaine softly. "I guess I've been making so many apologies lately, but you went after me and...dad. I got you killed, I hope you aren't mad" she said and then left lillies on his grave. Feeling a little worse than better, she headed home and greeted her father.

"Severus?" she asked. "Yes?" he replied. "Is it foolish talking to a dead person?" "Aren't we both dead?" he asked, and she sat back, thinking.

"So then he heard me" she said,