It's a terribly uncommon thing, for one to see John Watson rumpled.

Not his personality, it would take much more than a mere mortal to rumple his calm, steady-going self, but his hair, his jumper, and his pants. In short, everything that currently is very rumpled does not see this level of rumpling often. John is a (former) military man, and so the amount of attention he pays to his appearance could be considered a mild form of OCD. At any moment, he can be seen fussing with his clothes, tugging at them, making sure the folds are as straight as possible. Right now, though, he looks as if his clothes have spent a week at the bottom of a dirty-laundry hamper. Creases and wrinkles abound, and small smudges from undefined substances on the living room floor are clearly visible all over John's sweater and jeans.

And the funny thing about it? At the present moment, he doesn't mind, not one bit.

Well, at least not when Sherlock is in much the same state- coat flung haphazardly on the couch, wild curls mussed to form some sort of bizarre dark halo about his head, mouth open and happy and wide and pouring out laughter, real, joyous, gut-wrenching laughter. The baritone voice booms throughout the flat, and John smiles down at his captive flatmate.

"Didn't know you were ticklish," he teases, nose brushing against Sherlocks'. Sherlock glances up at him, a small smile lingering on his face.

"You never asked," he says, and of course it's in the voice he uses when stating the obvious to a room of baffled investigators. It's so at odds with his currently happy and rumpled exterior that John has to laugh.

"No, I didn't," he agrees, smile warm and content. He flops down onto the floor next to Sherlock, and there they lie, just for a little bit, panting slightly and grinning and altogether very, very rumpled.


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