Title: That Nasty Tooth
Rating: K or G
Pairing: None
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own Oliver! If I did, Nancy would be alive and deeply in love with Dodger.
Summary: Dodger wakes up, in pain, to find two people looming over him. What's going on? Dedicated to Rosebud5.
Author's Notes: This is dedicated to my bud, Rosebud5, who I have not talked to in quite some time. The last time we talked, though, she was about to get her wisdom's yanked out...

Dodger opened his eyes, and his first thought was "pain." Bright light shone in his eyes, causing him to close them once more. However, when he dared to open them again, he saw two figures looming over him.

He tried to yell out in fear, but his mouth was aching and his head was sore. "W..." he started to speak, despite the ringing in his eyese. "Wot 'appened?"

As his vision cleared, he identified the two figures as his best mate, Charley Bates, and old Fagin, who had a grin on his face.

"You 'ad a bad toof," said Charley, leaning on the edge of Dodger's bed. "Nasty, it twas. Remember? You 'aven't eaten nuffin' but bread fer four days."

Dodger thought a moment. "Yes..." he agreed, nodding. "But why does me 'ead 'urt and my face ache?"

"Well, the only way of dealin' wiff a bad toof," said Fagin, still grinning. "Is ta rip it out. So I 'it cha wit a brick and relieved ya of the rotted old thing while ya was out cold."

"Ya did wot?" Dodger sprung up, despite the protest from his aching skull, and darted out of the room. Into the central room he went, grabbing a platter and looking into it. Sure enough, when he opened his mouth, he saw a large, red hole where one of his teeth used to be.

"Ya feel better, though, don' cha?" asked Charley, who had followed him out. "Fagin said that chu would feel betta after 'e'd gotten rid of that nasty toof."

Dodger gaze's fell on Fagin, who was still smiling that devilish smile. "Yea, sure, wotever," he muttered. "I feel brilliant."