Frodo's Sacrifice

He gave his life

For someone else's smile

For other people's joy

He doomed himself to dark exile

He walked through fire and rain,

Knowing he'd never be whole again,

And left nothing to himself.

You've got

Your joy for his tears

Your moments for his years

Your happiness for his sorrow

And for his yesterday

Your tomorrow.

Broken (Frodo's thoughts after the Quest)

What else could I do?

I had no choice

I was torn in two

When I heard that voice.

It was speaking to me

And I couldn't resist

Seeing beauty and love,

Seeking freedom and peace.

It slipped on my finger

And power I felt

I was the master,

And all evil would melt.

But I was mistaken,

I had crossed the line

And his life was taken

Instead of mine.

I survived, but what for?

It was never the same

It hurt more and more,

And I was the one to blame.

Blood dries, wounds heal

And life goes on

But pain is hard to conceal

When hope is gone.

Emptiness fills my heart,

And blackness is all around

Piercing me like a poisoned dart;

That which is lost, cannot be found.

I must leave the lands of the living,

There's a price to pay for every deed.

For some mistakes there is no forgiving,

And some wounds forever bleed.