Hidden Pain (Again Frodo's thoughts after the Quest, addressed to Sam)

There are some tears you'll never know of

There are some cries you'll never hear

Nor feel how at this very moment

My heart is bleeding, soaked with fear.

I want to scream so you can hear me

I want to tell you of the pain,

To sit in peace and have you near me,

To stop at last this poisoned rain.

You'll never know the guilt I'm feeling

For every second of the day;

You won't believe how much I'm willing

To be as happy as I may.


Dialogs/Thoughts- Frodo and Sam

No more pain, master!

(Then what do I see in your eyes?)

It was worth the gain, master!

(After such fall, is there a rise?)

We are back, master!

(But it seems you are still there)

The world isn't black, master!

(Though I wonder if you still care…)

The shadows will pass, master!

(But probably not for you)

You will find rest, master!

(Do I really believe it's true?)


All is well, Sam!

(How much longer can I conceal?)

There's nothing to tell, Sam!

(I can't let you know how I feel)

Enjoy your life, Sam!

(You deserve it more than I do)

Take care of your wife, Sam!

(You can't always be torn in two…)

I will be all right, Sam!

(I promise, you won't see me die)

Sleep well, good night, Sam!

(And very soon, goodbye.)