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It is an entirely overwhelming sensation, and one of very few things that Light is aware of feeling at this point in time. Barely anything else registers in his hazy mind as he reclines upon the deserted staircase, blood pooling around his body as it spills from his various gunshot wounds.

The blood. Yes, he is quite aware of that, too. The sticky warmth seeps into his clothing, painting the fabric a rich crimson. This bothers him very little for some reason, and he briefly ponders that, but cannot seem to fathom why he does not care more than he actually does. He knows that he should, for the more blood he loses, the closer he comes to dying. But as before, he cannot bring himself to honestly be concerned.

Perhaps, the last remaining rational part of his mind muses, it is better this way. The rest of him agrees easily enough as the pain grows in intensity. It's almost unbearable by now, and Light suddenly comes to the startling realization that this is not just pain born from a gunshot wound or five.

This pain... it is the beginning of a heart-attack. So, Ryuk had to have written his name in the Death Note... Once more, that part of Light whispers that it is for the best, and in fact, it is far overdue. And as before, the rest of him agrees.

His chest flares white-hot with this new pain, the agony reaching to fill the entirety of his fallen body. Everything suddenly seems to ache, to burn with the pain, but Light has not the ability to scream. His throat is clogged with thick blood, the taste sweet and metallic, and any sound he makes would be nothing more than a whimpering gurgle.

When the pain finally becomes too great, his vision begins to darken, and this is when Light finally concludes that he has lost. He is going to die here, in this dank warehouse, with the sharp edges of the stairs pressed uncomfortably into his back and his blood staining everything it touches with that brilliant, brilliant scarlet.

This is not the way a God should die, the lone, yet defiant, Kira-tainted part of him snarls in his mind. But then, the rational side of him responds, You were never a God to begin with.

And it's true. So very true. In his last few moments, Light sees with absolute clarity that his entire crusade to purge the world of evil was nothing more than a futile endeavor. He is not a God, and he never was. He is simply a man, one who allowed the power of a supernatural notebook to control his better judgment.

He knows that what he has done is wrong, and he is genuinely sorry for his actions. So very sorry...

And, for what it's worth, he then asks forgiveness.

He suddenly wants desperately to be forgiven for his mistakes in that moment, as he takes his final breath, and silently requests it of everyone he has wronged. From the criminals he has killed, guilty or not, to the eleven FBI agents, and to people he is more closely involved with; Lind L. Taylor, Raye Penber, Naomi Misora, Kyosuke Higuchi and the other member of the Yotsuba Group, Aiber and Weddy, Ukita and the rest of the Kira Task Force, his mother and his sister.

Misa Amane.

Teru Mikami.

Kiyomi Takada.


His father.


Mello, Matt, and Near.

Everyone else.

And especially L.

This last name, Light knows, is the one belonging to the person he craves forgiveness from most of all. L was never meant to die, he knows that now, and least of all by his hand. He could never imagine what the deceased detective must have been thinking as he stared up at Light in his dying moments, cradled within the brunet's unyielding arms, only to see the face of Kira staring back at him.

It must have been terrifying.

And Light has never been more remorseful in his entire life than he is in that single moment.

It is L whom Light's mind dwells on as his eyes begin to draw closed at long last, the brunet allowing his final exhale to leave his body. It is so strange, he ruminates. The pain has completely disappeared, replaced with a blissful numbness that he knows he does not deserve. The world as he knows it has begun fading into black, and mere seconds before his eyes close completely, a flash of sudden movement catches his dimming attention.

There. At the bottom of the stairs, watching him with a forlorn expression adorning his pallid face, is a man.

A man with onyx eyes and midnight hair, bedecked in a stark white sweatshirt and faded blue-jeans, no shoes present on his blanched feet.

Light's dulled amber eyes widen in sudden comprehension, and his parched lips part to speak, to ask forgiveness from this man, to beg it from him. No sound escapes as only blood bubbles forth, spilling down the side of his face to further stain his already-reddened collar.

No. It is too late, he knows. His last breath has already been drawn and exhaled, his lungs no longer pulling in air. His heart has long since slowed to a stop, and he lives only for these last few moments. As the darkness creeps back into his vision, he does not take his eyes from the man, and the last thing Light Yagami sees before he falls into oblivion is the movement of those pale lips. The words are not spoken aloud, but Light understands the message just the same. His eyes fall closed for a final time, and a smile curls the corners of his mouth as he rejoices in the fleeting knowledge that, yes, he has been forgiven.

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