I was really unhappy with how the writers left things at the end of This One Time at Space Camp. So this is my attempt to "fix it". If I owned Eureka there would be another season to wrap things up if not more..

Two weeks after the announcement of the final Astraeus crew, things weren't going well between Zane and Jo. Zane was angry. After all the time and effort they had spent to get her up to speed and she quits. He had never seen her as a quitter. All that stuff about not needing to compete with her brothers was bullshit.

Walking into Café Diem Zane saw Jo eating breakfast at the counter. She was sitting between Carter and Henry and she smiled at him when he came in. Zane purposely walked past her and sat a seat down from Carter. Jo slumped a little in her seat at the rejection.

"Morning Zane," Carter greeted him. Zane grunted in acknowledgement. "How's the preparation for the Titan trip going?" Carter asked trying to draw Zane into conversation.

"Just finishing up the final tests on the life support systems. Anything new with you?"

"Just waiting on the new DOD liaison that Mansfield is insisting we have…."

The door to the café opened and in walked a tall, well built man in his mid thirties, obviously military based in the way he was standing. He had olive skin, dark hair and warm brown eyes, which scanned the room and landed on Jo.

"Josie" he exclaimed a bright smile on his face.

Then the oddest thing that had ever happened in Eureka occurred. Josefina Lupo squealed loudly like a teenage girl. She leapt from her stool and actually jumped into the mystery man's arms. She kissed his cheek and then pulled him into a headlock.

"Oh my God, look at you." She laughed letting him go and punching him in the arm. "You are supposed to be overseas, when did you get back?" Jo was beaming.

Rage was now coursing through Zane's veins. Who. The. Hell. Was this guy and why the hell was Lupo throwing herself at him.

Carter felt Zane tense next to him, he knew this wasn't going to be pretty. This was probably the new DOD liaison and Carter was pretty sure he knew exactly who this was in relation to Jo. Standing Jack put himself directly in the middle of the impending Lupo/Donovan explosion.

"Hey Jo, who's are guest?" Jack asked slowly, trying to hide Zane's reaction behind him.

Jo looped and arm around the man's waist and turned to Carter. Walking toward the group she blushed "Sorry this is Nicky." Her eyes flicked to Zane and he pointedly looked away.

"Nicky, I would like you to meet Sheriff Jack Carter, Dr. Henry Deacon and Zane Donovan." Henry had risen to shake the man's hand and Zane had slunk backwards a little.

Nicky extended his hand to Jack and Henry and nodded to Zane "Sheriff, Dr Deacon, Mr. Donovan pleasure to meet you. I'm Major Nicolas Lupo, but please call me Nick."

Jack and Henry shook hands with Nick "Call me Henry please." Henry asked.

Zane leaned forward and shook hands, "Just Zane"

Lupo, Zane pondered his rage dissipating slightly, at least this wasn't some ex-lover.

"Josie here is my baby sister."

"Watch it Nicky I can still kick your ass." Jo said rolling her eyes.

"In your dreams Josefina Ballerina." Nick retorted mockingly.

"So what brings you to Eureka, Nick" Henry asked.

"Well that is kind of a long story, but the summarized version is the DOD needed a new liaison with all the Titan stuff happening so Mansfield called me and offered me the job personally."

Jack was flabbergasted, "A personal call from the general that's impressive."

"He is an old army buddy of Dad's and I do have a pretty impressive record. Green Beret, two purple hearts, a bronze star, Distinguished Service Cross and a medal of honor, not to shabby right Jo? Not like being a security grunt for a bunch of mad scientists." Nick smirked looking at Jo he seemed to be rubbing each of those accomplishments in her face.

No one else noticed but Jo flinched at her brother's comments. She was smiling on the outside but Zane could tell that Nick's words stung. Zane wasn't sure if he meant it or if it was just sibling ribbing.

"Hey, you were a grunt yourself once Nicky boy." Jo played along.

"And unlike some unnamed members of the family I wasn't handed a cush job as a deputy after getting herself injured. The brothers and I were handling the front lines and you were babysitting"

Wow, what an ass hat Zane thought. Jo was damn good at her job and saved the world from these mad scientists more then once. Hell she saved his ass more then once.

Jo stiffened. "I saved four of my men that day Nicky and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Now I think it's time we headed up to GD."

"I know when I am being kicked out. Sheriff, Henry, Zane pleasure to meet you."

Jo's eyes met Zane's before she turned to leave and he gave her the first real smile he had given her in weeks. Maybe he really didn't know her as well as he thought and maybe he had misunderstood why she quit the Titan mission.