Carter was sitting on his desk in the Sheriff's office with Fargo and Nick sitting in front of him.

"Let's tell him about the ice funnels of death next." Carter said looking giddy. Rarely did he get to share his Eureka stories with anyone. And most of them were pretty funny, in retrospect.

Nick laughed "What the hell is wrong with the people in this town."

Jo and Zane walked in hand in hand. "Big egos big budgets and very few filters." Zane supplied. "WE really should write a book."

"Or make a tv show." Carter added "Not that anyone would believe it."

Looking at Fargo, Jo asked smirking "Did you tell him about the time you got stuck in a personal force field and I had to kill you? That ones my favorite."

Fargo adjusted his glasses "Actually I was about to tell your brother and Zane about the shared dreaming incident."

Color drained from Jo's face. "We agreed to never speak of that ever again and if you talk I will tase you."

Fargo chuckled looking pleased that he made her squirm. Zane raised and eyebrow. Shared dreams what was that about.

"Can you guys give me a few minutes with my brother, alone please?" Jo asked looking at Carter and Fargo.

Carter stood and crossed to Jo, "No problem, and don't worry we told him plenty of Zane saves the day stories too. Big bang, second sun, blowing up an atomic bomb to save the town." Carter grinned at her "I do want your family to like him. Oh and I played down the whole felon aspect." whispering the last part to her.

"Thanks, now out. You too Zane." The three men left and Jo could hear Zane ask Carter "I really got to blow up an atomic bomb? Awesome."

"You work with some odd ducks Josie girl."

Jo sat down in the chair Fargo had vacated. "Carter is pretty normal." Leaning forward she continued "lets talk about today."

"Yeah, does this kind of crap happen all the time? I mean today sounds tame in comparison to the stuff Carter and Fargo were saying but I think those may be trumped up."

Jo smiled. "Eureka is the home to many of the brightest people in the world. Here they are allowed to push boundaries in order to further scientific discovery. And sometimes they almost blow up the world in the process. I'm pretty sure Carter didn't trump his stories up too much."

"Why do you stay then? I thought you wanted out of the line of fire?" Nick looked confused. After the accident that ended her military career, he thought Jo had settled into a quiet life in a small classified military town.

"I'm an adrenaline junky, what can I say. This place is home now, I have a good life here, friends, lots of cool technology and my arsenal is totally kick ass."

Nick laughed Jo always had a love of shooting things.

Jo rolled her shoulders preparing for this next part. "I have worked really hard to find my place here and I will not have you and your big ego messing things up for me Nick. This is my town and if you stay you had better show me a little more respect."

Jo glared at her brother daring him to defy her threat

Nick laughed and held his hands up in mock surrender. "You win Josie your town your rules. But I don't think it's big enough for the both of us anyway. And I think I value my sanity a little more then you do." Nick cocked his head left and smirked at her. "I'll be calling the General tonight and begging him to send me back to active duty and out of this death trap town."

"Aww you poor little baby, can't handle a cush babysitting job." She teased back.

"Um, ice funnels of death, really not my thing."

"Wait till one of them decides to steal your DNA to make themselves look like you."

"I really don't want to hear anymore or I think I might have to institutionalize you sis."

"Try it and I will deviate your septum." Jo smiled. "Are you serious about leaving."

Nick's face dropped a little "Yeah, like you said this is your town and I don't want to step on your toes. I really am proud of you Josefina." He moved over to hug her "Are we good?" he asked.

"yep, we're good. Hey I hear Area 51 has an opening. Mansfield could reassign you there."

"Nick laughed again then stopped. "Wait you're serious. Area 51 is real?"

"Oh it's real Nick and you have a lot to learn. Oh and stay far far away from their bowling team."