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My friend forward me this really cute e-mail that list the reasons girls like guys, you know the kind that say if you don't forward this to a million other people you get bad luck. I barely have 50 people on face book, so to save myself the trouble I'm of finding 999,950 more friends, I'm just going to write a little short fic for each reason (I might skip some because I'm lazy or have no idea what to write for it) and hopefully the E-mail Gods will accept my lazy cheating ways and not give me bad luck.

Reason 2: The way their head always find the right spot on your shoulder

(Oldrivalshipping with slight Specialshipping)

"Thank you Blue, for lending me a dress." Yellow poked her head out the door. "I'm actually really nervous; this is my first date with Red."

"Don't worry; everything will be alright if you wear my lucky necklace." Blue put the simple heart necklace around Yellow's neck. Simple, but elegant, Blue thought. Yellow wore her long blonde hair in a ponytail as she always did with some of her bangs falling out and brushing her face. She wore simple yellow summer dresses that reach her knees. Blue had bought the dress a month ago, hoping for just an occasion as this. Too bad she had to a whole month to use it.

This date better be worth all that waiting, Blue thought to herself.

"And no hat." Blue snatch the wide brim hat off Yellow's head.


Blue cut her off with a stern look and Yellow bowed her head in defeat. She smiled and pats Yellow in the back. "Don't worry. I'll be with you every step of the way."

An alarm went off in Yellow's head, "Blue, what exactly do you mean by that?"

"Umm…ahh…I'll be… with you spiritually. Yeah that's what I meant." Blue laughed nervously. Luckily, Yellow was naïve enough to believe her. "So where are you two lovebirds going?"

"Red's taking me to the fair that comes once a year."

"The one by the lake?" Yellow nodded.

Perfect, Blue thought.

At that moment the doorbell rang. Blue ran over and open the door to find a smiling Red. He wore his usual red hat and sweater. His dark hair spiked up and looked untidily brushed. Pike, Red's electric mouse pokemon hopped off his shoulder and tackle ChuChu. Yellow giggled and Red smiled.

"You look cute, Yellow." Red said, causing Yellow to blush furiously.

"T-thank you Red."

Knowing Blue as long he had, he made Blue promise not to spy on his date with Yellow and he didn't leave until he she did. Blue waited for them to round the corner before rushing to the phone. "Hey, Green, remember that favour you owe me? Well I'm cashing in."

"Tell me why I have to come again." Green scowl as Blue dragged him around the nest corner.

"For love!" She waved her arms, "This is the perfect time to analyze their relationship."

What had he gotten himself into? Green groan. "Pesky woman."

Ditty poked his head over Blue's shoulder. He transformed into a hat and landed on her head. She pulled Green to the fair. He vaguely remember going to the fair as a kid, but in those days he had been willing. He didn't want to know what Red would do to him if he found out that he was spying on his date with Yellow.

Whose wrath was worse, Blue or Red? He sighed, Blue won. He let Blue drag him away but he certainly wasn't willing. For Arceus sake, he could be training right now!

He looked at Blue's happy face and knew even if she didn't blackmail him, he would've still come. Well, he didn't have anything better to do today, anyway.

He sighed, "So, what's your plan on finding them? They have a good ten minute head start on us and they can be anywhere by now."

She sent him a glare. What, did he think her an idiot? This is Blue, the meddling queen of al Kanto. "I put a tracker in Yellow's necklace, well it's mine but she's wearing it."

Blue pulled out her pokegear and grabbed Green's hand. "This way!"

"Why do you need me anyway?" Green asked. She dragged him along to many other stack outs but there was always a reason. He sat next to her on the tree branch and handed her the ice cream cone she told him to get. Reason 1: Errand boy. Blue looked through a pair of binocular, put on large headphones, and pointed a hearing device he didn't know the name of, at Red. Blue made him carry each one of them up the tree. Reason 2: Human pack mule.

"Plan B." She said simply. "Red made me promise not to spy on him and Yellow."

"Then why are you here?" Green demanded. "This is an invasion of privacy and is a waste of my time!"

"I know but it's fun."

"Fun?" He almost yelled if Blue hadn't covered his mouth with her hand. "What if he finds us?"

"Then I will tell him that you dragged me here." Fake tears filled her eyes. "Oh, Red, I tried to stop him, I told him it was wrong but he held me here against my will."

Green twitched; Red would never believe such a lie. Did she seriously believe he would?

"Wait, they're on the move." Blue jerked on his arm, making him fall on his face. She didn't let him recover before pulling on his arm again. "Hurry this way."

The woman was out to get him! Green groaned. Why not Silver, he would be more willing. But the idea of Silver spending time with Blue irritated him to no bound. They followed Red and Yellow to the rides center. They hid behind a trash can as Red helped a slightly nervous Yellow onto a rollercoaster.

"They can't go on a rollercoaster, that's totally un-romantic. Green fix this, NOW!"

He groaned. Reason 3: Anything-but-willing minion. Green knew this can only get worst. "What did you have in mind?"

"I want you to destroy that ride!" Blue said flatly. "Use your Scizor, Machamp, Charizard, I don't care."

"What? Have you officially lost it?" He looked at Blue's determined face; she only wanted to make her two best friends happy. He knew, her intentions were good, but her methods were questionable. "Okay, but I'll do it my way."

Blue smiled, she could've kissed him right there, if he wasn't glaring at her like that. She actually liked his glares, she giggled, they looked so funny. She waited impatiently for Green to be back, she was curious on how he'll stop the ride. She imagined Red saving Yellow from falling and they'll fly away on Aero. I deserve an award for having such wonderful plans, she thought.

She jumped to her feet when she saw Green walk toward her. She rushed over to him to ask him what he did. As if he could read her mind, he took out a little key.

"It's the key to start the ride." Green explained.

No, Blue cried inwardly, now Red and Yellow can't fly off into the sunset. Well, at least the date won't be ruined by Yellow passing out on the ride.

They fallowed Red and Yellow for the rest to the evening. Green wanted the stupid date to be over so he could return to his normal routine. One that didn't include hiding behind every trash can, sabotage rides, wearing funny costume to trick Red and Yellow into the Tunnel of Love, or using his pokemon for such demeaning chores. He trained his Golduck to fight, not spy on two love birds on the lake! The worst part was having Blue tell him what to do, while she never lifted a finger. In a way, she had kept her promise with Red, but Green on the other hand…Well, Green just hope Blue wouldn't slip about today.

Relief washed over him when he saw Red and Yellow head for the exit. Yes, he was free, and all his favours repaid. Then why was he a little disappointed. Because your time with Blue is up, a voice in his head nagged. He didn't like the idea of her going back to Silver.

"I had fun Yellow," Red leaned down and kissed her forehead. "How about I take you to the circus next Friday, Pika and ChuChu will love to see the juggling Machamp."

She blushed, "I'll love to."

Blue turned to Green, "Why don't you treat me nice like that?" Green twitched, was that a serious question or a joke.

Green and Blue watched them leave from their seat on the bench. Blue decided this was one of her most successful missions. Green smiled down at her when he heard her yawn. Tired, she rested her head on his shoulder and fell straight to sleep. He picked her up carefully and carried her home on his back. He didn't want to wake her; she looked so cute, so innocent, while she was sleeping. He thought that Yellow was the one that suffer from chronic sleeping. He let himself in using the extra key under her door mat and laid her on the couch. He nodded to Ditty who turned into a pillow and Green threw his jacket over her.

"Good night, Pesky Girl." He made sure he looked the door behind him and for extra measure left his Porygon2 to watch over her.

The next day, a soft knocking woke Blue up. Blue stretched and wonder how she got on the couch. She saw Green's jacket and smiled, his scent still clung to the fabric. He really was sweet, when he wanted to be.

The knocking cut into her haze, she ran to open the door. "I'm coming! Oh, hey Yellow"

"Hi Blue, I just came to return the dress and your necklace. Red and I fell into the lake when Gyara went out of control so it got wet, but I washed it for you."

"Don't worry about it. I'm taking it your date went well."

"It was wonderful." Yellow's eyes turned misty.

"And I have the perfect outfit for your date with him next Friday." Blue ran to her closet.

"Really?" Yellow beamed, Blue is such a good friend. Then she began to realize something. "Wait, how did you know I had another date with Red, I didn't tell you yet."

Knowing she was caught, Blue had to think fast. Too bad her brain was still half asleep and daze. "Ummm…ahhh…women's intuition."

Hope you like it.

Oh yeah, Reason 1: They always smell good even if it's just shampoo.