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Reason 15: the way they kiss you when they do something nice for you


Red glared at the two electric mouse pokemon that stared at him with blank expression. The only difference between the two was that one, Chuchu, had a flower in its hair and eyelashes. Pika wrinkled his nose at the twitch Red was developing.

"Come on, can't you two do it for me?" They cooked their head confused. Red wanted to scream his anger; it was Yellow's birthday and nothing he tried to get worked out as he planned. Now his latest plan was going up in flames as well. He wanted to give her a pokemon egg but so far there was no results and Gold wasn't having any luck either.

"What's wrong you two? Do I make you nervous? Would it help if I left you two alone?"

Pika answer was a Thunderbolt attack.

"Sorry buddy but it's really important to me…she's important to me."

Chuchu squealed at the sight of her trainer. Yellow giggle and caught Chuchu in her arms. Red smiled and couldn't help notice the flush in her cheeks.

"What have you and Pika been up to?" When Yellow was about to read Chuchu's mind, Red grabbed Chuchu away from Yellow.

"Nothing, surely not trying to make a pokemon egg." Red laughed nervously.

"Okay," Yellow beamed, not noticing Red's jumpiness. "Well I was just going into the forest to see if any of the pokemon wanted any help, do you want to come?"

Red wanted to but knew he had to find her the perfect birthday present. "I'm kinda busy today; can I take a rain check?"

"Sure." Yellow said a little disappointed. "Good luck with whatever you need to do."

When Red saw her go into the forest he took out his pokegear and called Ruby. It took a second for Ruby to pick up.

"Hey, it's Ruby."

"Hey Ruby can I ask you a big favour, its Yellow's birthday and I got nothing. You know what girls like don't you? Well I was wondering if you can make an outfit for her and…"

"Please leave a message because I'm not in right now; I'm off helping Sapphire train in…"

"I told you not to tell anyone!" He heard Sapphire's voice in the background."

"Sorry, well I won't be back in another week or so." The beeped signalled the end of the recording.

Red twitched. He didn't have a week; he had about five hours before that party started. He had to think of something new and quick.

Yellow helped the little Horsea into the lake. "There you go little guy. Be careful next time okay and don't battle pokemon that's bigger than you are okay."

The Horsea nodded and dived under the water.

"Aw, aw, aw." Yellow turned to see Red run to the water edge and soaked a napkin. He winced when he wrapped his bleeding finger with it.

"Are you okay Red." Yellow ran to his side and took his hand into hers. "How did you cut yourself like this?"

Red didn't want to tell Yellow that he was looking for a rock to carve into a little sculpture but picked up a Geodude instead. After being chased around the forest for a while Emerald showed up and calmed the Geodude. He finally found a rock that he could use to make his masterpiece only he had no idea how to carve stone, wood, or anything else. He had asked Emerald if he knew how but unfortunately he said he didn't. Nether the less he tried and ended up cutting himself more than the rock.

"I was battling." Red lied.

"You should be more careful." She frowned and wrapped his hand gently. "I thought you were busy."

"Umm… I was just going to help Blue with something when this giant Infernape jumped out and attacked me!" okay it wasn't the best lie but it was all he could think of at the time.

"But Red, Infernapes aren't native to Viridian Forest and wouldn't you be burned rather than cut?"

"Must have belonged to a trainer and gotten lost. Anyway it had a giant sword, that how I got cut. Look at the time I have to go." He ran off before Yellow can ask anything more.

Yellow felt hurt, he was lying to her and he hadn't once said happy birthday to her today.

Red was sure blue would help him. He walked into her house where the party was supposed to be held. Green was on the ground on all fours and Blue was standing on top of him trying to hang a banner.

"Can you get off now?" He asked irritated. "You're heavier than you look."

"Are you calling me fat?" She stomped her foot. "Just a little more… there."

She stepped down and examines her work while Green was trying to realign his spine. She turned to see Red staring at Green with pity.

"Oh hey Red, did you need something?"

"Yeah, I was hoping you would help me get something for Yellow's Birthday. I don't want it to be just anything, it has to be special."

"Of course I'll help." Blue beamed. "I was hiking up when I found this treasure map to the greatest gift a girl could ever ask for."

"Thanks Blue." Red grabbed the map without asking any questions but Green knew better.

"You sent her on a wild goose chase didn't you?"

"Not entirely."

The map took Red around the mountain three times and twice through a path in the mountain. He was about to give up when he spotted a little box on the ground in front of him.

Yellow was surrounded by friends, colourful decoration but it didn't feel right to be happy. She couldn't even fake a smile and all because Red wasn't here with her.

"Here you go Yellow." Gold handed her a pokemon egg of vibrant colours."

"Thank you Gold." She gave him a half smile and once again looks at the door, hoping Red would come through it.

"I made you an outfit modify for your love of nature and bubbling personality." Ruby waved the yellow sundress in front of her.

"Are you saying there's something wrong with what I'm wearing right now?" Yellow looked down at her worn out dress and black leggings she wore under it.

"No but it wouldn't be too much of a hardship if you tried to dress up for that certain someone." Yellow blushed and wondered what Red would think of the dress.

"I made you this little carving." Emerald handed her a carving of Chuchu and Pika.

"Thank you Emerald."

"Hey Blue," Ruby whispered to her. "Why did you want us to sabotage Red?"

"No reason." She evaded his question easily.

That moment Red barged in. Yellow jumped to her feet and rushed to him. He was covered with dirt and had several scrapes.

"Red are you okay? How did you get hurt?"

"I'm sorry Yellow." He took her hand. "I tried to get you the perfect present but everything I tried failed. Then I fallowed this phoney treasure map to find the 'greatest gift a girl could ask for' but it turned out to be an empty box so all I have to give you is this."

He bent down and kissed her in front of everyone. Yellow was blushing when he finally let go of her.

"Thank you Red." She went on her tip toes to kiss his cheek.

"What for? I didn't get you anything for your birthday."

"But you tried and went to such lengths. No one had ever tried that much to make me happy."

"Then may I have this dance." He pulled her on the dance floor before she could answer him.

Green picked up a piece of paper that fell out of Red's pocket. He recognized Blue's handwriting. He smirked at the message she written for Red.

Just kiss her you idiot we all know you want to.