Three plus Seven Makes Ten

Hey readers, ok so this is my first fanfic so please go easy on me. Ok so this takes place after the two week break that the gods gave the team after Theresa goes crazy. Oh and the team decided to go back to their families for the last week. Jay and Theresa have started dating and so have Archie and Atlanta. So enough of me talking enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do own two lightsabers and a dart gun and all the OC's but sadly I don't own COTT. And I did I would make a third season. Just saying. Ok shutting up now.

Prologue: Returning


"It's good to be back" I thought to myself as I walked off the plane. My week at home went well but I couldn't wait to get back to New Olympia and see my friends again. I had missed them a lot over the past week.

As I let the escalator take me down to claim my luggage, I spotted a certain strawberry blond who I had missed more than ever. Theresa turned around and spotted me. Her emerald eyes that I loved so much brightened as I reached the floor. She was wearing a new sun dress that I assume she bought it when she went with her dad there on one of his business trip. She ran towards me wrapped her slender porcelain arms around my neck in a hug. I hugged her backed thankful that she came alone. The rest of the team saw it as their job to tease us to no end. She pulled away to look on to my eyes with my favourite spread a crossed her face. "Hello stranger. Missed me?" she said with her arms still loosely around my neck. "Yep" I said giving her a quick kiss. She kissed back and said "Good" causing me to give a chuckle.

We started to walk towards luggage and her hand intertwined itself in mine. I looked down at her and noticed she was looking up at me. Blushing I turned away. It was nice to have her back. She was the one who centers me. She's the only one who can really get me to relax. I don't know what I would do without her.

"How was Greece?" I asked after we have picked up my bags and was heading towards her bright red sports car which she never let anyone drive. "It was AMAZING!" She answered smiling as we got in. "Well except for my dad who can never take his mind off work even when he's in Greece" she gave a huff of frustration. "But I managed to make friends with a girl whose dad was also there for the conference and her brother. Who if you must know was not single." She added when she saw my eyes fill with jealousy. She laughed. "Come on. We better get back before Neil trashes my room looking for the presents."


I didn't bother to turn on the radio. I liked just driving with Jay in silence. I missed him a lot while I was in Greece and hearing about all myths about all our ancestors didn't help that much. But at least I had Sara and Evan to keep me company while we were there. No thanks to my dad. But I was happy to finally be back with Jay and the others. My plane had gotten in the day before and Herry had picked me up. Only to get home to Neil asking what I had gotten from Greece but I stayed silent telling him that he would find out when everyone got back. Odie had gotten back this morning so all who were left were Archie and Atlanta and right know Herry was picking them but from the bus station. For the rest if the drive we talked about our trips and such. I was surprised that he never mentioned Cronus. I decided not to disturb that. It wasn't long till we pulled up to the familiar brownstone that for the past two years we called home.

Before we even walked through the front door, we knew that Herry had beaten us home. We could hear the voices of Archie and Atlanta arguing about how cramped and long the bus ride had been. I rolled my eyes and Jay gave a chuckle before saying "Home sweet home"


When we walked up the stairs to the brownstone, it had felt like any of us had left at all. Theresa opened the door and we stepped in the dorm to see out fiery red head wrestling with her purple haired boyfriend, Herry was in the kitchen making a sandwich, Odie was tinkering with some kind of contraption he invented ad like always Neil was sitting there looking at himself in the mirror oblivious to what was going on. Nothing had changed. Somewhere in the fight, Atlanta noticed us because she shook off Archie and ran towards us giving us the biggest hug that her small body could muster.

"Guys! Your back!" she said while Herry came in to give me one of famous bear hugs.

"Good to see you" I replied with what breath Herry hadn't squeezed out of me.

Neil looked up for admiring to join the conversation. "Oh good you're back! We get our presents!" Theresa laughed and ran up to her room to get our gifts. She came down a couple seconds later with a big museum gift shop bag in her hands.

"Ok everyone! Into the family room." She said as everyone stopped what they were doing and we all filled the room with Theresa sitting cross legged on the floor.

"Ok so I saw these in the gift shop of one the museums and thought of all of you. So here catch!" she said as she threw us each a medium sized rectangular box. After a couple of seconds a round of laughter and 'thank you' erupted from the group. Wondering what was so funny I looked through the clear plastic cover to see a little Jason and the Argos bobble head. I gave joined the laughter and leaned down to give her a peck on the cheek.

"It's perfect." I thanked her. Everyone felt the same way. Herry had gotten Hercules; Archie had Achilles, Atlanta, Atalanta, Odie, Odysseus, Neil, and Narcissus. Neil was the only one who seemed disappointed. We all knew he was expecting some kind of beauty product. Theresa looked up as if she remembered something. She reached back into the bag and took out a stack of large books.

"These are some books about mythology and stories about our ancestors and other Greek heroes. There here for all us to SHARE." she said as she glanced at me as if she knew what I was going to do. Atlanta glanced at the clock and said,

"Well it's getting late and it has been a long day, I'm going to hit the sac," she got up, stretched, yawned and started to ascend the stairs up to her room. We all agreed. I hadn't noticed that it was almost eleven. Time flies I thought to myself. After getting ready for bed, I went to wish Theresa s goodnight. Before I could even knock on her door I heard her say from inside her room,

"Come in Jay." I opened the door to see her reading the magic book that I gave her for her birthday.

"How did you know it was me?" I asked I walked over to her bed where she was sitting.

"Psychic, remember?" She said as she looked up from her book with a smile. I smiled back noticing she had a Theseus bobble head on her dressier as well with three other bobble heads still in their packaging.

"What's with the other bobble heads?" I asked with a questing look on my face. She glanced over to them and said, "I had a feeling we would need them. Plus I got a discount if I bought all ten of the figures. And you know me, never passes up on a deal." I smiled. "Well just wanted to say goodnight and, I really did miss you" I blushed slightly. She gave a little smile and leaned in to give me a kiss. Her lips were smooth and still had the faint taste of lip chap. She slowly pulled away savouring our kiss and looked in to my eyes. Her gaze was soft and her emerald eyes were full of love. She looks even more beautiful with the moonlight causing her to look like she was glowing. She broke the silence, "I really missed you too. Now you must be tired from you flight. Better get some sleep." I stood up not wanting to leave but went any ways. "Your right, goodnight." she answered me with a sleepy 'goodnight' and I closed her door and went into my room besides her. We shared the third floor with Herry, a bathroom and empty spare rooms. Atlanta, Archie and Neil had a bathroom of their own on the second floor and Odie had the basement all to himself.

I laid down on my bed and put my hands behind my head. My eyelids drooped leading me into a peaceful sleep.

How long will this peace last before Cronus comes back? And will the heroes be able to take him down for good on their own? Find out in the next chapter. Ok I know it was really long but I will try not make the next chapter so long. And I will update soon but once school starts again I'm not so sure. R&R!