Open Up

It's been awhile since I've written any form of fanfiction, but this story has been stuck in my head for weeks. I had to get it written and what better place than Any who, I hope you all enjoy and reviews are appreciated but not required.

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Most people would be bundled up in their homes when snow was coming down in buckets, so the figure stumbling around outside stuck out like a sore thumb to Winry Rockbell. Just watching the person moving about in the cold made her want to shiver. She unconsciously rubbed her bare arms, but stopped when her grandmother spoke up.

"You should stop staring at that person and let them in." said the older Rockbell from her chair

"Are you sure that's a good idea grandma? For all we know that could be a killer outside."

Pinako clicked her tongue in disapproval and waved a small hand towards the door.

"Oh hush Winry, I don't want someone keeling over in my front yard just because you think there is a killer outside. Now go out there."

Sighing, Winry stepped into her boots and after taking her coat off the hook, shrugged it on and ventured outside. The icy wind nipped at her nose and she quickly made her way through the snow towards her soon to be house guest. As she got closer, she noticed the stranger's figure was fairly small and petite. This must be a girl, she thought but quickly dismissed the thought, I take it back. Edward is small for a boy.

"Hey there," she called out, "what are you doing out here in the middle of a snow storm?"

The stranger looked over at Winry before attempting to run over; it looked more like an awkward stride rather than running, towards her and nearly took a tumble into the snow when he or she stopped in front of her. Winry was greeted by a smiling feminine face. No, girlish was a better word. The girl's facial features were soft and not as defined as her own so she figured the girl's age was in the early teens range.

"You have n-no idea how g-g-glad I am to s-see you," she said in between shivers, "I've been trying t-to find an inn for a-awhile now, you w-w-would happen to know where o-one is w-w-would you?"

"Good grief, you are going in the opposite direction of the inn. But you're welcome to stay at my house until the storm passes."

"Oh w-wow, I really a-appreciate the offer and g-gladly accept."

"I wasn't planning on taking no for an answer," said Winry after a quick chuckle, "now let's get inside because I am freezing my butt off."

Winry picked up her new acquaintance's suit case and both girls shuffled towards the Rockbell household, thankful for the warmth that went straight to their bones when they were inside.

"What were you doing outside this late at night in the middle of a storm, are you trying to freeze to death?" chided Pinako when her granddaughter and company entered the living room.

The girl grinned towards the tiny woman and shrugged. She squirmed out of her jacket and placed it in Winry's hand after the blond offered to hang it up.

"I meant to g-get off at Central, but I fell a-asleep and missed my stop."

Pinako's hand twitched and she resisted from rubbing her temples after hearing the girl's reasoning for being outside. Instead she nodded and asked a new question.

"What's your name, I should at least know that much if you're going to be staying in this house?"

"Cecelia Wheelright."

Winry's eyes nearly bulged out of her head and she grabbed the smaller girl's hands and held them in her own.

"You're a Wheelright? Like from the Wheelright Hardware company?" she asked

"The very same."

Winry squealed and released Cecelia's hands. She had to stop herself from jumping around the room and making a fool of herself in front of her guest.

"You all produce some of the best tools I've ever seen; you have a wrench in every size and don't even get me started on all of the different screw drivers. Only the top notch automail engineers in the world use Wheelright tools and I'm so close to being able to afford your new Silverline series."

Cecelia smiled and simply nodded in response to the blond girl's rant. She only carried the surname, she wasn't caught up in the family business, but she was flattered by the recognition regardless.

"Thank you, I'll be sure to tell my father that you appreciate his work umm…," she trailed off not knowing her hostesses' names.

Pinako scooted off of her plushy armchair and walked past the two young women towards her bedroom.

"Be sure to show Cecelia to a room and Winry," she shot her granddaughter a stern look, "don't talk her ear off about automail."

With that said, the older woman trailed out of the room and Winry waited until she heard Pinako's bedroom door shut before picking up Cecelia's bag.

"It's getting pretty late so I'll take you up to the guest room and you can get settled."

"No, I can carry it. You all are already letting me stay the night, I can carry my own bag umm, and did she say your name was Winry?"

"Oh jeez sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Winry Rockbell and my grandmother's name is Pinako."

"Well it is a pleasure to meet you."

Cecelia lifted up her suitcase and followed Winry up the stairs and down a hallway filled with pictures lining the walls.

"Alright, the guest room is the first door on the right, my room is the last door on the right and my grandmother's is right across from yours. If you need anything feel free to knock on one of our doors, but your best bet is to come get me, she can be a huge grouch if she doesn't get enough sleep."

They both shared a light laugh before bidding each other goodnight and turning into their respective rooms. Cecelia made sure the door didn't slam as she shut it. Her temporary room was basic. Four white walls, a window, desk, bed and a dresser. She set her bag at the foot of the bed and collapsed onto the fluffy twin bed.

"Ohh this feels good." She moaned.

She shimmied under the thick quilt and swaddled herself in it, her body still chilled from wandering outside for a long period of time. A brief yawn slipped past her lips and her eye lids shut. I'll get to Central tomorrow…yeah…tomorrow.

That's chapter one for you. Sorry that it's such a filler, but that's just how it has to be. More about Cecelia such as her past and what she looks like will be posted in the next chapter which will be up in the next few days. Thanks for reading.