Fang watched the curtains of her room flutter listlessly against the draft of cool air. Sunlight peeked around the soft edges, daring to creep in and illuminate the darkened room, threatening to expose both inhabitants. She inhaled deeply, the scent of musk filling her senses and she licked her lips, satisfied and sated.

Fang turned to the side, seeing a smooth curved back on the other end of the queen sized bed, the satin covers languidly draped across slim hips. Pink hair matted into the pillow beside her, and she felt a tame desire to simply run her fingers through the silk and revel in the softness she knew she'd feel. A few hours before she was certainly running her fingers through the pink locks, carnal and sensually, raking her fingernails through the hair as heated passion took her over and over again. But, that wasn't the particular urge she had right now, she simply wanted to enjoy the softness of the woman beside her, even though it was something they never did.

Lightning slowly stirred next to her, as if sensing her heavy thoughts. She rolled over with a soft sigh, her blue eyes peeking over at Fang, studying her. "Good morning," she hoarsely whispered as she shuffled against the pillow, her bare chest exposed to the cool air.

Fang's eyes trailed a path down the slope of Lightning's neck, lingering on her breasts as she watched the effects of the chill in the air take its toll, or perhaps it was something else, Fang wouldn't put it past the insatiable soldier. "Rest well?" she asked, a slight smile on her features.

Lightning gave her a prim nod in response. She slowly rose from the bed, sitting up as she stretched her sore muscles, all too aware of Fang behind her, watching her like a hawk. She grinned slightly, knowing Fang couldn't see her face, and she stood up, making a show of stretching her back, completely unabashed in her nudity.

"Quite the exhibitionist, you are," she heard Fang utter behind her as she gingerly bent down to pick up her discarded undergarments.

"You love it."

"That I do," Fang drawled, her eyes traveling down Lightning's back, admiring the muscle and tone that was presented before her.

Lightning heard the bed creak and covers rustle. A moment later, soft footsteps padded over to her and soft hands snaked around her belly, as Fang nuzzled into her neck. "Where do you think you're goin?" Fang whispered into her ear, gently taking an earlobe between her teeth with a soft tug.

"Work." Lightning leaned against her, enjoying the sensation of the Oerban's naked skin against her back. She sighed, pulling away from Fang and she continued to amble around the room. She paused, briefly wondering where her turtleneck was. Blue eyes turned to Fang, questioningly.

"By the window." Fang lay back in bed, her arms stretched out over her head as she continued to simply admire Lightning's body. "Working on a Sunday?"

"Duty calls. You know how it is." Lightning made her way towards the window, marveling at the various places their clothes were haphazardly strewn across the room, a testament to their passionate and lusty endeavors the night before.

Fang sighed. "Stay for breakfast." She continued to watch Lightning as she slowly dressed. Each layer of clothing that was donned seemed to hide away the unrestrained and fiery side of the pink haired woman that Fang knew so intimately well. She knew the moment the boots were laced, Lightning would revert back to her calm and composed self, and the hot fire in her eyes that would look down at Fang as she withered underneath her in rapture, would soon be replaced with miles and miles of icy distance.

"I'm going to be late. Thank you though." Lightning put the last touches on her outfit. Adept fingers quickly straightened the clasp on her red cape. She looked up, seeing the brunette outstretched on the queen size bed, like a lazy panther, nude in all her glory, beckoning her.

"Sure ya don't wanna call in sick?" Fang's green eyes twinkled in amusement, seeing the longing on Lightning's face as the soldier unconsciously licked her lips, her legs shuffling restlessly.

Lightning shook her head, clearing her mind, and her mood shifted as she went back to business. "Come over tonight, Serah's having a dinner party. Vanille is always over, and Serah's wondering why you're never there."

Fang raised an eyebrow, doing the best to keep the bite out of her tone. She couldn't help it; she was getting tired of their little dance. "Did ya tell her we're too busy fucking like rabbits?"

Lightning stiffened, the crude language making her cringe. "No. She's not aware of…" Lightning straightened her shoulders, her back still to the brunette, "…of our arrangement." She gritted her teeth as she heard Fang snort. She decided to ignore the brunette's attitude; there was no reason to spoil a wonderful night with petty arguments. "She wanted me to invite you," Lightning stated, her tone letting Fang know that she wasn't taking the bait. Lightning briskly walked over to the door, turning the handle, "It's at seven."

"And you just expect that I'll go?" Fang asked, annoyed that the soldier had to add that Serah was the one that wanted her to go. Fang didn't think that was necessary and found the soldier's long winded approach to everything tiresome and tedious.

Lightning whirled around, deciding that Fang was too good at getting under her skin. "Look, if you don't want to go-"

"I'd love to go. Tell 'er I said thanks." Fang smoothly interjected as she pulled the satin sheets over her lithe body, seeking warmth from the chill in the hotel room, letting Lightning know she was done with the conversation. Lightning briskly nodded and stepped out of the room, the click of the doorknob deafening to Fang's ears as the soldier left.

The Oerban fluffed her pillow, content to catch a few more hours of sleep before she checked out of their room. She wasn't sure what she and Lightning were doing but she imagined that it probably wasn't very healthy. She didn't care, she always did throw herself head first into everything, and her 'arrangement' with Lightning was no exception.

They had danced around each other for months, both women teetering on the edge, the weight of their encounters slowly bending their backs. They weren't in love, they were in lust, and Fang quickly found out that being the sole focus of Lightning's repressed sexual desires was something she thoroughly enjoyed. That same intense focus that Lightning brought into the battlefield did not wane in the bedroom. Fang stretched her legs, smiling in satisfaction as she realized how sore she was. Indeed, maybe it wasn't very healthy but it certainly felt good. She closed her eyes, thinking back to their first encounter, when everything changed.

Right after Serah and Snow's wedding they had all gone downtown to Lebreau's bar since she graciously opened the bar for the night, drinks on the house. Fang fondly remembered as she incessantly bugged Lightning to drink with her. She enjoyed drinking in times of levity, but her ulterior motive behind the nagging was to simply watch Lightning unravel in front of her. She ached to see the soldier shed her clutching confines and just let loose. There was always a slight attraction to Lightning, since the moment she first met her, something about Lightning's quiet strength that beckoned her, like a moth to fire. Over the past months since she woke from stasis, she found that her attraction continued to grow as she spent more time with Lightning.

"C'mon! It's a party, live a little!" Fang grinned at Lightning, spinning her barstool around and leaning her elbows against the counter, watching masses of bodies on the dance floor. She bobbed her head lightly, enjoying the dance music as she observed their friends mingling with the other patrons.

"I'm on it." Lightning lifted her glass up, lightly toasting the air with a friendly smirk, finding Fang's enthusiasm infectious and charming.

Fang's nose wrinkled as she observed the pink umbrella in Lightning's glass. "Ya need somethin' more ballsy." She promptly signaled Lebreau, "Two shots, strongest ya got."

Lebreau laughed, leaning under the bar and emerging with a bottle of dark whiskey. She placed it on the bar with a loud clang. "There." She gave Lightning a pointed look. "Your sister is officially married, you need to celebrate properly." Lebreau winked at Fang and pulled out three shot glasses. "I'll do the first one with you."

Lightning sighed heavily when Serah caught her eyes, looking beautiful in her wedding dress as she danced with Snow. Serah glanced over at the bar, seeing the whiskey bottle, and quickly surmised what was going on. The younger Farron gave her a firm pout, titling her head back as if she were holding a drink.

"See, even Serah's tellin' ya to get wasted."

Lightning rolled her eyes at Fang and motioned Serah off as she grudgingly nodded. She waited until the shot glasses were filled.

They picked up their glasses and with a loud toast, the three women guzzled down their shots of whiskey. Lightning coughed as the hard liquor glazed down her throat, burning her chest and stomach, her skin flushing in response as the whiskey hummed in her veins. She heard Fang chuckle lightly beside her, and the soldier took the offered beer, chasing away the sour taste. She looked down a moment later, seeing their two shot glasses, filled to the brim.

Lightning tilted her head at Fang, "Are you trying to get me drunk?" The soldier raised an elegant eyebrow, a little surprised that she had blurted that out in such a suggestive tone. Maybe she was a bit tipsy after all and she decided to blame her lack of inhibition on the alcohol.

Fang took the question in stride, figuring that there was no point in lying, of course, that didn't mean she was about to disclose all her intentions. "Yup. That a problem?"

Lightning blinked slowly and her cool blue eyes flitted around Fang's face, studying her lips, her cheeks. The dim light of the bar bathed across Fang's smooth, tanned skin, highlighting her stunning features and giving her a regal quality. Although, Lightning conceded, the look in Fang's jade eyes was anything but regal, it was naughty and mischievous, and the slight upturned smirk of those luscious lips was downright sensual and decadent. Lightning found she liked it. The pink haired woman didn't respond, instead she picked up her filled shot glass, her gaze never wavering as she tilted her head back and swallowed it in one large gulp.

Lightning smiled as Fang watched her, surprised. "Are you going to catch up or what?" Lightning challenged.

Fang let out a loud laugh, finding the soldier's attitude endearing, noticing the slight flush in Lightning's cheeks as the alcohol warmed her body. "Don't get cocky, you don't wanna bite off more than you can chew."

"I think I can handle you just fine, Fang," Lightning dryly retorted, her eyes twinkling in amusement.

Fang shifted on the bed, turning over and she clenched her legs tightly, their first time together playing in her mind like a vivid movie she wasn't able to turn away from.

Lightning pinned Fang against the wall, their tongues dueling for dominance, the sweet smell of alcohol drifting between them. The soldier dragged a lazy hand up Fang's stomach, idly stroking the soft skin as she marveled in its softness. Her other hand left Fang's neck, her fingers slowly inching down the front end of Fang's sari, letting it fall and hang at her hips. She heard the brunette sigh into her mouth as she grasped a breast over her tank top, kneading the yielding flesh.

Fang pulled her head back, her green eyes hazy in desire as she clenched under Lightning's heated gaze. She kissed her on the lips softly, trailing her mouth across the soldier's jaw and nipping lightly at the skin behind her ear, her knees weak as Lightning continued to fondle her. The brunette let out a very soft groan as Lightning continued to knead her chest, and she felt one slender hand twist around her back, settling on her firm rear with a possessive squeeze. Fang pushed herself forward, forcing Lightning back and began leading them towards the bed, her hands dropping to the shorter woman's slim and firm thighs, lifting up her miniskirt…

Fang's eyes snapped open as she heard her wireless phone ring. She reached over to the nightstand, reading the name on the caller ID.

"Hey," she mumbled, slightly breathless from her recollection.

"Finished getting your rocks off?" Vanille asked from the other end.

"You betcha." Fang smirked at Vanille's question. Vanille was the only one that knew what was going on between her and Lightning, and even Lightning didn't know that Vanille knew. One particular morning after, Fang had looked over at her silenced phone, seeing several missed calls from Vanille. When she promptly returned said phone calls, after Lightning had departed, she received a loud and furious mouthful from the petite redhead, yelling at how close she was to calling the Guard because Fang hadn't bothered to return home that night. The long and heated conversation that ensued led to Fang telling the redhead exactly what she was doing all night.

"We have a dinner thing tonight at Serah's." Vanille's upbeat voice brought a smile to Fang's lips.

"I know, Light told me," Fang replied, getting up and looking for her clothes. She was never going to get back to sleep, her body was too wound up.

"You're going, you know," she heard the subtle threat in Vanille's tone.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be home inna half hour, kay?"

"Great! I'm sure all that hot sex has you starving- "

"You're a lil' perv, you know that? I'm hangin' up." Fang heard the giggle on the other end and she simply rolled her eyes at the redhead's relentless teasing.

She slipped into her sari, her mind drifting once again. After that first morning with Lightning, things were noticeably different between them. That slow, budding friendship plateaued instantly the moment they found themselves in bed the next morning, naked, the room heady with the scent of sex. At least she knew Lightning was attracted to her, immensely actually, and Fang was just as attracted back. Physical expressions of desire were commonplace between them; however, long emotional conversations were definitely something they'd never done. The soldier withdrew from her, unsure of how to express her feelings, if there were any, Fang didn't know, and Fang expressed herself the only way she could around Lightning, physically. She really had no idea what they were doing anymore.

"And here we are," Fang mused. A torrid cycle of great sex, lots of secrets, and a strained friendship. She ran a hand through her dark hair and bent down to fasten the clasp on her sandals. Did she even want a relationship with Lightning? She wasn't sure if she did or didn't.

Fang stood up, double checking to make sure nothing was forgotten in the room. She glanced at the clock, noticing it was almost noon. Maybe she could talk Vanille into a movie and a walk around the mall. She briskly opened the door, pocketing the keycard and she took one last, long look at the queen size bed, finding it hard to believe how awkward things had become with Lightning.

The soldier was playful and passionate in the bedroom, very dominant and Fang loved the tussle that followed when they couldn't settle on who was going to be on top. As soon as the sun peeked over the horizon, Lightning pulled away from her, firmly shackling all her desires under the scrutiny of daylight, and Fang, in her own way, did the same. She shackled her feelings, finding her emotions towards the soldier oppressive, like vines clutching her heart and chest, choking her.

Fang sighed heavily, shaking herself out of the reverie and closed the door, leaving her heart locked inside the cold, lifeless room.

Title comes from Nightwish - Ghost Love Score. I had this idea pop into my head while listening to it and I had to get it out, lol.

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