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Rose collapsed on to the bed next to The Doctor. It had been a long long day; she had been catching up on her paperwork at Torchwood after a week off with the family, to come to a messy house and three children running around, four if you counted The Doctor. Now the kids were in bed, Jenny the eldest who was now eight and the twins, Jack and Isabel were five. And they were a handful, of course The Doctor insisted of having more, but after what happened last time, and they lost their baby, Rose had been terrified to having another one.

"Tiring day?" The Doctor asked as he placed his book down, and kissed Rose's shoulder.

Rose nodded, her eyes closed, "Yeah, long and tiring," She smiled, "Sorted all the paperwork though, thank God!" Rose grinned and kissed him lightly, "Busy day?"

"Not really," The Doctor shook his head slightly, "A few lectures and catching up with some marking." He smiled, he loved how things were between him and Rose, there was no tension in the air after the whole Ben incident, and he'd gotten over it, though it did help when Ben left to open his own bar in Greece. He loved their relationship now, things had calmed down a lot and they were settling in and being a proper family with their three chaotic children. They'd fixed their problems and the troubles they'd faced and were happy, he knew deep down it still affected both of them, especially Rose when they lost their baby son, he could see that every time he mentioned the word 'baby', her heart and eyes sunk slightly, but being Rose she quickly put on an act and smiled.

"Wow that sounds fun," Rose giggled and kissed him on the cheek, getting up to get changed, in to her pyjamas, The Doctor finding it difficult not to stare. He couldn't help it, as he always said now, he was only human. Once Rose had changed in to her pyjamas, she crawled underneath the covers and snuggled closely to The Doctor and rested her head against his chest, laying in silence for a moment or two, savouring the quiet household and the sleeping children. Pure bliss. "Remember," Rose mumbled as she felt her whole body relax after a stressful day, "We're going to Mum's for dinner tomorrow."

"I know," The Doctor nodded, though he had to admit, he would have forgotten if Jackie hadn't rang earlier to remind him, "Your Mum called earlier, and I don't want you do get angry but-"

"Why would I be angry?" Rose questioned as she sat up, staring at him awaiting an answer. Rose scared him when she was like this; she had the look about her.

"Well she was ringing me to tell us there's going to be a...third party," The Doctor put it lightly.

"Excuse me?" Rose asked, "A third party? What do you mean a third party? What kind of third party?"

"Your Mum invited her new boyfriend along." The Doctor stuttered, trying to spit it out quickly, but stumbled on his words as he watched Rose's reaction and bit his lipped, nervous as she didnt say anything for a moment, it was the first time Jackie had a boyfriend, well the first time she had admitted to it and told them about, but of course they knew there were others, but they never lasted so they were never 'officially' told.

"Her...Her boyfriend?" Rose whispered, she had to admit she hated the idea of Jackie having a boyfriend, she knew her Mum would move on, but she hated the idea, she always did, despite how old she was. The Doctor simply nodded at her, frightened of saying the wrong thing. "Did she say anything about him?"

"His name is Tom?" The Doctor said to her, "That's about it to be honest."

"Tom? That it? Just Tom?" Rose questioned and muttered something about it being a stupid name, she could tell she was acting immature, but she couldn't help it when it came to her Mother, she was always left to pick up the pieces when they dumped her.

"Rose, I know it's difficult for you, but you don't need to play the protective daughter anymore..."

"I'm not..." Rose defended herself innocently, but The Doctor looked at her, frowning, "I'm not, if I was, which I'm not, I think it would be reasonable, I mean I've watched her fall for loads of men and they've just lowered her down even more, and I'm the one left to fix her, and it's too much, seeing her get hurt all the time and-" She rambled on until The Doctor finger was pressed against her lip, shushing her.

"You don't need to do that anymore, you're Mums grown up more since then, besides she's got Tony now, I don't think she'd just bring a random bloke in to his life unless it was serious-"

"You think it's serious between them?" Rose questioned, "Did it sound serious?"

"No, no," The Doctor shook his head trying to stop himself from saying all the wrong things, and just came out as a stutter, "I just mean, give him a chance?" He guessed and watched as Rose sighed and lay back down against him.

"Fine," She sighed as though had given up, "I'll give him a chance, but if he blows it, I'm not giving him another chance." She said and nuzzled against his chest and The Doctor simply smiled down at her, trying not to giggle. He always knew she was protective over her Mother, he could see why, growing up with just her and her Mum, she bound to feel protective of her. They were close, granted they grown apart over the years they'd been here, but they were still close.

"Sounds reasonable," The Doctor smiled and he held her next to him.

"Night Doctor." A quiet mumble from Rose as she dozed to sleep in his arms.

"Night Rose." The Doctor smiled and kissed her forehead, falling asleep soon after.

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