I'm back! And this time I have a new story! This time it's a manga crossover of Kamichama Karin and Gakuen Alice. Enjoy! Also, this story will probably have references to the manga and they are still in elementary and Mikan is in special class.

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(Karin's POV)

I woke up to Kazune yelling at me to wake up. I looked at my alarm clock; it said 7:45, and we had to be at school by 8. Me, Himeka and Kazune were all rushing much to my surprise. So after we were all ready, we rushed to school without eating breakfast. About halfway there, some guys came out of a parked car and said

"Come on kids, you're comin' with us." We struggled but in the end, we all ended up forced into the car. As soon as we had sat down, the car engine started and we decided that it was better to not say anything; rather just sit in silence. Us three had no clue of where we were going or why. We didn't know until the second we rolled up to our destination. Turns out that the car we had been driving in forcefully was heading towards an elite private school where only the people qualified were even allowed to be near it. Some super-fancy guy was waiting at the outside of the gate for the driver of the car and surprisingly, us.

"I'll take it from here," He says to us with a smile, giving me the impression that he was nice. (A/N: Does anyone know who Super-Fancy guy is?) Then, without warning, he pulls Kazune and me away from Himeka "I have no interest in her." He says which was obviously directed at Himeka. He dragged me and Kazune through the now open gate leaving Himeka and those other guys there.

"Karin, Kazune!" Himeka yells to us.

"Himeka!" Kazune and I yell together. And with that, we could no longer see Himeka.

(Mikan's POV)

We were just having a typical math class with Jinno when Narumi-Sensei comes to the door of the classroom. Jinno goes into the hallway to talk to him while the whole class talks about how hard the math is. He comes back into the classroom and says "It turns out we have two new students coming to Class B. This is Hanazono Karin and Kujyou Kazune." Then two kids, a boy and a girl walk into class. I was so excited for finally having new students (other than Luna). The girl was really nervous and I found she clung to the boy a lot. The boy looked like he had better things to do and chances are, he did have better things to do. "What are their Alices?" Some kid yelled from somewhere.

"Hanazono has the will-power Alice and Kujyou has the Earth Alice." So the girl is Karin and the boy is Kazune, I thought to myself. But Kazune was really cute. I looked around the classroom and saw quite a few girls looking at him the way they look at Natsume. Looks like he has himself a fan club! "How about you two go sit next to Sakura?" Jinno says to them. Yay! The new kids are gonna sit with me, Natsume and Ruka! So they walk to our seats and sit down while Jinno continues with the math lesson. Natsume started eyeing them suspiciously so of course I had to hit him for it. I guess he didn't like them sitting with us. He didn't like me sitting with him at first but he got used to it knowing the teachers weren't gonna move me. I also think Ruka made him stop not letting me sit here. He was probably hoping they were only sitting here temporarily because five people at a seat where only three people were supposed to sit wasn't gonna go well. But he was gonna have to deal with it until the end of class, maybe the rest of the day. Plus, Natsume was pretty much the one who chose who sat here so he was probably just putting up with them because A) it was Jinno's class and B) because I looked happy. He looked away from them and went back to his manga. I faced the front and tried to understand the math, because I knew that if I needed help, Natsume wasn't gonna help me and I'm not sitting beside Ruka so he couldn't help me. Just then the bell rang and it was time for lunch.

"Yo, Polka-Dots," Natsume says to me. Karin looked at him confused. "Do you like the new kids?" He asked me.

"I guess, just don't refuse to let them sit here. But if they have to sit with us next class, you could just tell the teacher instead of making a scene like you did with me." I replied.

"Fine, I won't 'make a scene' like I did with you as you put it. But I'm gonna tell you now; if that guy tries to hit on you, they aren't sitting with us." (A/N: Yes, in my story Mikan and Natsume are already dating.) He says to me.

"We have a deal." I tell him in reply and with that me, Natsume and Ruka walk out of the classroom so we can eat lunch.

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