Chapter 8: Ewiva gli Sposi

Sunday, July 2nd 1951

This was it, my wedding day. We got married a week from the proposal. I didn't have any family to help me with planning but Frankie, Vito's sister, helped me with everything. She did my hair and my makeup and planned the reception. I had also picked her to be my maid of honor. I wore my mother's wedding dress and my hair was up in a bun with white flowers stuck in it. My dress was all lace. It had a silk slip and long lace sleeves the flared out ruffled.

"Oh Rosa you look beautiful. Vito's going to be so impressed." She cleaned up some of her make up bags "Alright well I have to go into the church now and make sure everything is set up for you. Will you be okay by yourself?"

"Yeah I'll be fine. Thank you for everything Frankie it means a lot."

"Anytime Rosa" she hugged me "and thank you for this wonderful bride's maid dress." It was a long pale pink dress with a cloth rose belt that tied in the middle of your stomach. "And make sure Vito doesn't try to sneak in her, its bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress." She twirled out of the room.

I walked to the mirror to look at myself. I looked gorgeous. I had never worn dresses this much since I met Vito. He treated me like an actually woman. Unlike everyone else who saw me as some greasy mobster. I looked out the window at the sky. It was a bright sunny day with a few white puffy clouds in the sky. I felt a single tear roll down my cheek as I thought about my family looking down at me. "I wish you were ma. I wish you dad and Dean could see me get married." I wiped my tears trying not to ruin my makeup. "I just wish you could show me you approve and that you're listening." I fell to my knees, trying to catch my tears, when suddenly the window blew open. The window pane made a clicking sound as it hit the wall. The sun shown down on me as three snow white doves landed on the branch outside the window. I stood up to get a better view. There were two big ones and one small one. The smaller one was in the middle of the two and it flew to the window sill. I reached out to touch it as it dropped a piece olive leaf in my hand. Then the three of them flew off into the shining sun. I smiled as I yelled to them from the window "By mom, dad, and Dean…. I love you."

I heard the piano start to play. The ceremony was starting. As I made my departure down the aisle I saw the people I loved in the seats. Eric, Frankie's husband was there, every mob guy from the Vinci family, Eddie even though he wasn't supposed to come because of the whole Falcone thing and Leo in the front row. I looked at the front of the church where the most important people stood. Frankie was there on the left looking wonderful in her dress. Joe was on the far right, in a tux, which I thought I would never see him in. And right there next to a space just for me was my true love, Vito. His hair was slicked back as always. He was in a black tuxedo with a black bow tie. He had a white carnation pinned to his pocket. The church was just as well decorated. It had blue daises everywhere, my mother's favorite color, and matching blue sashes tied on the columns and banners. There was a huge bowed ribbon on the outside of the church so people knew there was a wedding going on.

I finally made it to the altar. Frankie held my bouquet and I took Vito's hands in mine.

The priest started the ceremony "We are gathered here today…"

Vito smiled at me and whispered "you look breath taking, no, stunning, no heavenly…"

I stopped him "Thank you, you don't look so bad yourself."

When the time came I looked at Vito and proudly said "I do…" and he did the same.

"Wonderful now who has the rings?" then Frankie's little boy came trotting down the aisle with his father holding the rings. He looked so cute in his little tux. Vito and I placed the rings on each other's finger and smiled at each other. "You may now kiss the bride."

"Finally…" Vito said as he bent down and gave me a kiss that made me go dizzy.

We ran out of the church holding each other's hands. When we got outside a whole crowd of people had seen the bow and were gathered outside the church. People threw rice for good luck and someone released two doves into the sky. The slick black limo was waiting for us as Vito and I made our exit. I waved to Frankie and Joe as the cans on the end of the car made a clinging sound as they hit the street. We were having our reception in central park and I couldn't have been more excited. Vito and I were holding each other on the ride there, I looked up at him.

He looked down at me and said "Hi… Mrs. Scaletta."

I kissed him again "Hi Mr. Scaletta."

When we made it to the park everyone started to fall in. Each table had a white table cloth with candy-covered almonds wrapped in mesh bags. There were also pink roses and balloons at the center of each table. The plates were white with gold detailing and everyone had a champagne glass. When everyone was settled Vito and I sat at our long table with Joe and Frankie at the head of everyone. We stood up and shattered the traditional wine glass as Frankie counted the pieces. It was smashed so bad Frankie declared we would be together forever. We did all the normal wedding things we ate our dinner, had our first dance, and ate the delicious deserts. Frankie made Wanda's or twisted fried dough for everyone to eat. And Vito and I fed each other pieces of our wedding cake. We then made the speeches thanking everyone for coming. Everyone clapped and cheered "Ewiva gli sposi" in translation "hurray for the newlyweds." Everything was going perfect.

Every guest got up and the music played Che La Luna. We danced in a big circle, laughing and cheering, when suddenly gun shots rang through the park. Everyone ducked and screamed. Vito, Joe, Frankie, and I flipped over the long table we sat at and pulled out our guns. I had mine strapped to my thigh. Frankie stayed close quivering in a ball. Vinci's men did the same with the tables as they protected Leo and Frank. It was retaliation from us killing Falcone.

Vito called to Eric who was trying to protect his son "Eric over here!" He ran ducking behind the table with us. "Take my car keys and get Frankie and the baby out of here now!" He nodded and took his wife's hand. We watched them drive off before starting to shoot again. Guest scattered as police sirens started to ring through the city streets.

Joe turned to us "We have to get out of here!"

"Vito…!" Leo was calling to us. We turned to look at him "Meet me and my men at the out banks with Joe and Rosa, try to lose them." We agreed and watched Leo and Frank escape into a car and down the road.

Joe yelled to us "Okay listen to the old guy; will meet over by the banks, good luck!" He ducked out shooting down a couple more guys and got away.

"Are you ready to run?" Vito held me close.

"Yeah let's go!" We escaped through the park hiding behind trees and under tunnels and walkways. They were chasing us in their car.

I was running in my heels and fell. "Oh shit- Vito!' I stretched out my hand for him to grab me. I twisted my ankle.

"Come on can you run?"

"No" I winced "I think I twisted it. Just go Vito I'll try to hide and you can come back for me."

"No, I'm not leaving my wife behind." He took off my shoes and scooped me into his arms.

We finally lost them by hiding deep in an ally way. We were almost to the banks and we stayed in the shadows as much as we could. I limped along next to Vito; I didn't want him to get too tired after carrying me. When we finally made it to the banks Leo was standing outside of the car on of his bodyguards holding an umbrella over him; it had started to rain. My wonderful day turned into panic within minutes.

"Vito, you made it good. Come with me."

"Sure, come on Rosa." He took my hand and led me to the car.

"Whoa not so fast there" Leo snapped his figures and mobsters grabbled my waist pulling me away from Vito.

"Hey get the fuck off of her." Vito started to rip some of the guard's hands off of me. They started fighting when they wouldn't let go. I thrashed and kicked but I couldn't get loose. "What's going on Leo tell them to get off?"

"Why would I tell them to get off when I just ordered them to grab her?"

"Where are they taking her and where's Joe?" Then Vito's eyes locked on something. I followed his gaze and saw Joe knocked out with a bloody nose in the back seat of the limo behind them. "You crazy old bastard" He started at Leo with his fist in the air but more guys grabbed him. He kicked free and started to punch some guys out. He ran to me grabbing my hand. Mobsters grabbed him again pulling us away from each other.

"Let go of me!" I kicked and screamed. No one was around to help. That's why he told us to meet at the banks. There would be no witnesses.

My hand slipped from his as they shoved me in the back seat next to Joe's passed out body. I banged on the window screaming for Vito. I saw him collapse to the ground when they released him.

"Sorry kid, but they weren't a part of our deal."

Without looking at Leo Vito spoke "Why…? Why would you let me get married and be so damn happy and then rip it away from me?"

"I'm sorry Vito, but this is how it happened. They went against the family and now they pay."

"You sick fuck!" Vito ran at Leo with his knife, but one of the guards knocked him out with the end of his pistol. I watched him fall to Leo's feet as I cried for help. He was stuffed into the limo in front of me and they drove off. Joe and I went the opposite way as I banged on the back window watching his car round the corner.

I cried to the sky as I was soon alone, away from him.

But I knew we would be together again, soon. What we have is too strong to be apart because…

That's Amore