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A light beam of sunlight drifted through the window and lit up the crowded police office. The newly added desks were arranged in a disorderly manner around the working area. Piles of files laid scattered around all of the desks. On one of the desk, a young boy slept quietly with his head on top of three thick files. A snore broke the silence ever so often in the office as the young boy continued his slumber. Like an alarm, he jolted awake when his silver colored cell-phone started to play loudly a small excerpt from Mozart 16th symphony. Groggily the boy looked around him before he finally located his cell-phone. Running his hand through his messy black hair, he answered the phone.

"Ichiro speaking," he answered immediately. He stifled a yawn and flew up from his chair when he heard the frantic voice from the other side of the line.

"Aoi is finally awake," Ranka shrieked excitingly. As far as he knew, she never shrieked before. "He is mad! He is really mad!" She sounded like she was on the verge of panic, and it was not doing Ichiro any good. Not when his brain still need some time to fully function properly. Hitting his head lightly with his palm, he took a deep breath to clear his brain, while Ranka's frantic cries were booming out from his cell-phone.

"I'll be there," Ichiro said calmly, while he searched his messy desk for his car key. He finally found it lying beneath a file that had confidential written over it. "Wait for me." He hung up before Ranka could say anything else. Without looking, he took a sharp turn backward and grunted when he ran right straight into a desk. "They really need to rearrange these desks better," he grumbled as he climbed over the desk and hopped on-top of another one.

"Hey! Watch where you are standing," growled Lemures when he walked into the room with Spartoi following right after him. He quickly walked toward the desk where Ichiro had jumped on, while carefully maneuvering through all the desks that were lying on his path, while trying to juggle his cup of coffee in his hand. "Damn!" He cursed when his hip hit the corner of the one the desk that he was trying to get through. Spartoi yawned and took a drink from his own cup of coffee. He watched them as Ichiro jumped off from the desk and apologized to Lemures.

"Aoi is awake," Ichiro told them as he brushed pass Lemures. "Do you want to see him?"

"Of course," said Lemures. He set his cup of coffee on top of his desk and yanked his coat off from his chair. He grimaced when he noticed all the wrinkles his coat had accumulated. "He is not taking it well is he?"

"Of course," Spartoi and Lemures followed Ichiro as they speed out of the working area and into the hallway where the elevators were located. Spartoi pressed the down button before he turned his attention toward Ichiro. "Ranka sounds like she is in the verge of a breakdown." Ichiro walked into the elevator with Spartoi and Lemures trailing right behind him. He pressed the first floor button and waited for the doors to close before he turned to them. "How do you think you will react if you are in Aoi's condition?"

"Not good," Spartoi leaned tiredly on the wall of the elevator. Lemures grimly nodded his head.

"Exactly," said Ichiro. "It will be surprising if he can take the news calmly." But how could he? How could anyone react calmly when they woke up only to find one of his legs got amputated? Ichiro clenched his teeth in anger as he recalled how Ranka and him took the news when the doctor told them that they needed to cut off that leg or else it will put Aoi's life in even greater danger. Ranka had turned to him and cried on his shoulder. He hated to see Ranka cry, and what he hated more was the person who made her cry. He snapped out of his thought when he heard a small drumming coming from the back of the wall Lemures was standing.

"I forgot about him," thought Ichiro. Although Lemures show no emotion on his face, his eyes spoke of anguished thoughts. Not only does his brother still lie in a coma in intensive care, Lemures ended up learning that Aoi was the one who shielded his brother from the full impact when the elevator collapsed from the explosion. The elevator had fell down two full stories from where it was and crashed the elevator. The metal rail that was screwed to the wall of the elevator collapsed from the impact and pierced through Aoi's right leg. Lemunia was found lying on top of Aoi, unconscious from a blow on his head when part of the ceiling collapsed. He only woke up once when Lemures held on to him and then he fainted away when he told his brother that Aoi shielded him. When Lemures heard Aoi have to have his leg amputated, he was devastated.

The elevator finally gave off a familiar chime when it reached the ground floor. As the door slid open, Ichiro started to walk forward and immediately rammed right into another person who happened to be stepping into the elevator. Spartoi moved quickly enough to support Ichiro, preventing him from falling down to the floor, saving him from any further embarrassment. Lemures, on the other hand, stepped forward to offer a hand to Los, who happened to be lying on the floor from the impact.

"Thank you," said Los as he adjusted his glasses. He placed his tanned hand in Lemures out stretched hand and unceremoniously picked himself up. He smiled and waved away the apologies Ichiro was saying as he adjusted his dark black coat. His short white hair contrasted from the coat tremendously. "Where are you heading off so early?"

"We are heading to the hospital, Sir," Ichiro replied. "Aoi just woke up and Ranka…." Los nodded his head.

"Go see him and come back as soon as you can."

"Thank you, Sir." Los nodded his head and stepped into the elevator. He took out his badge from the side pocket of his coat and clipped on. As the elevator closed in front of Spartoi, Lemures, and Ichiro's eyes and lifted Los upward, Ichiro couldn't help but wonder how this scrawny guy could ever end up being the head of their department. But as scrawny as he might be, Los does have high recommendations and his intelligence was unmatchable.

"He haven't met Miyu or Larva yet," though Ichiro with a smile as they step out of the building and headed straight for Spartoi's rental car. The thought of Miyu, Larva, and Los brought another sadness in his hear. It has been a month since that incident. A month since Miyu has stopped working and hidden herself in contemplated sorrow. Larva had stayed with her and yet, he did nothing to bring her back to the work force. Right now, with so many of their members gone, the police force will need their help more than ever. Spartoi patted him softly on the shoulder.

"Get in the car," said Spartoi. Ichiro just only noticed that Lemures had gotten in the car and was waiting impatiently for Ichiro to get into the car. Muttering an apology, he quickly scrambled in as Spartoi closed the door behind him before he walked toward the driver side and started the car. "I know you are thinking about Miyu, but there is nothing that you can do about it." Ichiro was startled that Spartoi was able to understand what he was thinking. "Larva is patience enough to wait until Miyu is ready. I think…all of us just have to wait until she is ready too." He sighed as he pulled the car out of the parking lot and into the quiet streets. A few people were strolling on the sidewalk during this early morning.

"She has Larva to look after her," Lemures murmured while he leaned forward and prompted his left arm on the headrest of the driver seat. "And Pazusa is also there to watch after those two as well. Not to mention Yui and Nagi." He sighed when his cell-phone rang. "Hello?" A smile broke through his face as he nodded his head. "Thank you. I'll be there as soon as I can." He clicked off his phone and patted the driver's headrest. "Hurry, up Spartoi! We have to go to the hospital, now!"

"Lemunia has woke up also," Ichiro asked in wonderment. He didn't need Lemures's answer to know that he was right. "That is great," Ichiro muttered. That earned him a slap on the back of his head. He immediately turned toward his attacker. "Damn it! Why did you hit me?"

"Why the heck are you using that tone," Lemures angrily snapped. "You sound like you didn't want my brother to wake up at all."

"Children, stop this at once," Spartoi jokingly scolded them in a motherly tone. That earned him two deadly glares and it grew more intense when Spartoi paid no heed to them. "And Lemures…" He turned around and tapped Lemures on the forehead, before he faced the road again. "You know that Ichiro don't mean it that way. He must be thinking about Aoi's condition." When he saw Lemures grimaced and Ichiro's startled look, he knew he hit the mark right. Accelerating the car's speed, he turned to Ichiro and smile. "And I give you permission to hit back Lemures for hitting you at the beginning and for behaving like a good little boy."

Ichiro scowled. "If you aren't driving, I would have thrown you out of the car for talking to me like you are my mother or something like that."

"I know how to drive," Lemures volunteered.

"Touché…can't you guys take a joke when you see one?"

"At this moment, we don't find your personal joke that amusing, Spartoi," Lemures replied.

"This is what I get for being stuck with two boring people with no sense of humor." Ichiro silently placed a note in his head, reminding him to beat up Spartoi when they arrived to the hospital ground. From Lemures's expression, it seemed like he had the same thought flowing in his head too.


The cold wind rustled the dead leaves that were left there on the floor. With the freezing whether out in the cold morning ground, the caretaker was still tuck warmly in his bed, buying his time before he had to go out and perform his duty. But while he kept himself warm in his bed, a young girl was kneeling in front of a tombstone two miles away from where the caretaker lived. Ten feet away from her, stood a young man who was leaning on an angel statue that was carved into a figure of a woman with her two hands clasped in front of her chest. The young man pulled his long black coat closer to his body as his light blue hair whipped in the chilling wind. His eyes never left the young girl as she continued to kneel there. In front of her was a bouquet of wild flowers, in which she has chosen from the flower shop that early morning. A row of the same type of bouquet of flowers could be seen for six other graves that lied next to the one she was kneeling in front of. She had kneeled there for an hour but no words have escape from her mouth. She never complained about the cold nor did she move from her position. The young man couldn't help but feel concern for the young girl as she continued to stare at the photo on the tomb before her. She finally lifted her right hand and her fingers lightly touched the man's face.

The young man sighed. It was no wondered how much this incident had hurt her. The man who died was not only her supervisor, but he was like a father to her too. The young man could still recalled how happy Van had been when he heard that Miyu was safe when Larva called him that night they successfully arrested those three buffoons. Nor was Miyu able to escape a full blown lecture from Van, when Larva handed her his cell-phone. But before Van could even see her, he had died in the blast that took out the whole floor of their department. Aoi and Lemunia have escaped the full impact, because they happened to be coming up to the department when the explosion occurred. But…it has still left Aoi with a deficit that will affect him with the rest of his life.

The young girl stood up from the grave. Her long brown hair, which was bounded by a red ribbon, swayed as she stood up from the grave. She took five steps to the right and kneeled down again, but this time she was facing a new grave. Larva grimaced and thought of the unfortunate event. They managed to found out who sent the bomb and how it was triggered. A security guard, who was bribed by Gima, was told to take the bomb and give it to Aoi. Little did the security guard knew, when he arrived to the floor, just when Reiha was showing her report to Van, the bomb was triggered and exploded. Three other workers were on the floor when that happened and they all were killed instantly.

"Larva?" The young man turned his attention back to the young girl as she kneeled before Reiha's grave. This was the first time she had ever spoken to him since the incident. Yui wasn't able to get her to talk and Nagi was less successful at it.

"What is it Miyu?"

"I had a dream yesterday night." That was not what he expected to hear her said, but he hid his surprise. Her words were so softly spoken that if it weren't for the wind, Larva would have missed them. "Reiha appeared in my dream."

"And what did she say?" Larva asked her as he pulled himself away from the statue and headed toward her.

"She said that she couldn't believe she lost to me." Miyu looked up in time to catch surprise registered in Larva's eye before it disappeared. She smiled at him and that was enough to startle Larva. Recently Larva is easy to startle and that kind of puzzle her.

"Is that all she said?" He knew there was something significant in those words. Something he has yet to figure out. It has been a while since he last saw her smile this way. It is not just any normal smile…but it is a smile that indicated she knew something and was determine about something. A spark of fire reignite itself in her eyes. Could he have been too hopeful that he was seeing these things? These thoughts tumbled in his mind as he waited for her answer.

"Did she need to speak more?" Miyu giggled when she stood up. It was a familiar kind of giggle. The stood there staring at Reiha's grave. "Do you remember the time when we were in Los Angeles? Do you remember our promise?"

Larva slipped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to keep some warmth in between them. "I thought you had forgotten."

"I did, but Reiha reminded me of whom I should be. And this person, who was walking around like a zombie had not been the Miyu that you all know. She is not the person that Reiha will lose to."

"She has been waiting…and so have I." Larva hesitated. "All of us have been waiting."

She turned away from the tomb and started to head toward the cemented stairs. "Then what are we standing around here for, my dear Larva?" She turned to look at him when he didn't move. "Your wait has ended."

"So it seems," said Larva. He walked toward her and they both headed down the stairs rapidly.

"Speak." Nodding his head, Larva understood what she wanted. He started to tell her about the current standing. After Gima had openly attacked the police station, she had made a fatal mistake with her action. Blinded with rage, she neglected to think about her action or else she would have realized her action had put all of the media and police force attention on the Quarl. Now all of the police station were working together to try to bring this organization down.

With their department laid in ruins, the rest of the Tokyo main police departments had moved to another nearby station. Though the working condition was cramped with the overwhelming amount of people, they were placed under a new supervisor. Los had earned a degree in Harvard for criminology and forensic had made a name for himself before he moved to Japan. Although he was young for his position, his intelligence had managed to help the Tokyo branch successfully accomplished fifteen raids during this short month. Other police stations from different areas in Japan were also closing down on the Quarl straight on. The income of the Quarl took a dramatic damage as their shipments were confiscated by the policemen and their workers and members were coming into some police stations in files.

"But what about Cain?" Miyu asked as she looked at Larva when they reached to the bottom of the stairs. "Have they found his body yet?" Larva shook his head. Another reason that infuriated the police force occurred when they discovered Cain's car floating in the ocean a week after the explosion. His brake had been sabotage, which resulted in his accident. While Cain was driving down from Ami's village, his car lost control and hit the ramp when he was going down the winding mountain road. His car flipped over and went over the ramp, before it plunged into the ocean. Nagi happened to be talking to him via the phone when the accident happened and he immediately notified the police about Cain's accident. A search had been issued but his body still remained unfound.

Miyu just nodded her head. Her feelings lay hidden in that cold mask she wore. No tears or sadness could bring back Cain, nor can they bring back the friends or family the Quarl had taken away from her. Now, her main duty was to capture the people who had done this to her. And as for now, Gia and Cait Sith were still at large. However, with the recent hits that were done to the Quarl's economic standing, it won't be long when they start to make a move toward them. She also knew Larva and her will have to be the bait for this matter.


By the time that Spartoi, Lemures, and Ichiro have arrived to the hospital, Aoi had calmed down by a lot. Lemures went to check upon Lemunia and had left Ichiro standing right outside Aoi's room with Spartoi as they contemplated on what they should say to the upset person that lay beyond this hospital door. Before they could come up with any good idea, Ranka opened the door and was startled to find the two of them standing in front of the door. She frowned.

"What are you two standing out here for? Come in." Ichiro shared a puzzled look with Spartoi before they stepped into the dimly lit room. It was a private room, so no other occupants shared the room. But there laid Aoi, frail and haggard. Ichiro's eyes couldn't help but wander as it landed on the empty space where Aoi's right leg should have been. He hated to see how weak Aoi looked like. He hated to see how unhealthy he looked. What he hated more was the person who did this to Aoi and caused him to lose his leg.

Aoi groggily opened his eyes and took in his surrounding when he heard Ranka talking to some people. A smile broke from his face when he saw Ichiro and Spartoi. Least to say, that shocked the two of them. That was the last expression that they expected to see from Aoi. It did not help to see Ranka blushing slightly and walked out of the room, leaving the three of them alone. "Now what am I going to say," thought Ichiro. The helpless expression on Spartoi's face could indicate he wasn't going to be that much of a help either.

Breaking the silence, Aoi leaned forward. It didn't take long for Ichiro and Spartoi to rush to his side and helped him up to this pillow. "Thank you," Aoi said weakly.

"It is no problem," Spartoi muttered. A silence remained in the room. Finally, Spartoi cleared his throat. "How have you been doing Aoi?"

"Not that good," Aoi replied. Spartoi mentally kicked himself for asking such an idiotic question. "How is Lemunia? Ranka told me that he also woke up as well."

"Well….we didn't see him yet," said Ichiro. "But Lemures went to see him." A silence fell on them again. Unable to withstand this, Aoi sighed.

"I am fine you guys." A look of surprise was shown on Spartoi and Ichiro's faces. "And there is no need to be shock about this." He chuckled. Aoi really chuckled! "I knew I will be losing this leg, when I protected Lemunia. I knew the damage was too big when the rail stuck right through it and broke my bones."

"I'm sorry, Aoi," Lemures apologized as he stepped into the room. His face remained sorrowful. "If you haven't saved my brother, then…"

"What I did was what I wanted to do," said Aoi. "You don't have to feel remorseful for my action. I will end up regretting it if the rail had struck your brother's chest instead. What is a leg worth if I can save a life." He smiled and silently added. "That is something my father would have said." He sighed. "The only thing I am sad about is that I won't be able to protect Ranka when she needs me."

"That isn't true," Ichiro protested. "You might have lost a leg, but…ahh." Embarrassment befell him when Lemures scowled and Spartoi shook his head. Aoi, on the other hand, laughed.

"But I still have my skill," Aoi finished it for him. "True…and there is no sense in getting depress about it." He turned to Lemures. "I've asked them but they weren't able to answer me. How is Lemunia?"

"He is doing fine," said Lemures. "He finally woke up from his coma, and the doctor said his condition seemed to be stable." A mischievous smiled appeared on his face. "He seemed to be having a fun time watching Carlua fretting all over him. I think he is enjoying his stay more than he is supposed to."

"That is good to hear. He is finally getting Carlua's attention." Just then, Ranka walked into the room with a jug of water. She headed toward the table that stood near Aoi's bed and poured a glass of water.

"You guys should be going now," said Ranka. "He still needs his rest." Spartoi, Ichiro, and Lemures looked at each other before they headed toward the door.

"We'll see you at work tomorrow, Ranka," said Ichiro. It was not a request, but more like a command. "We will need your help, now that Aoi is fine." Ranka nodded her head. The three of them waved good-bye to Aoi. However, Spartoi stilled had one more comment he would like to make.

"Are you having a fun time having Ranka fretting all over you, Aoi," Spartoi asked innocently. Aoi almost spit out the mouthful of water he was drinking. Ranka glared at them when Aoi started to choke. They decided it would be wise to leave the room before Ranka literally throw them out.

Next Day

Although Larva had told her that the department was cramp, she didn't believe it would this ridiculously packed with desks and folders. Some of the desks are inaccessible unless you climbed over a few other desks to reach to it. Ichiro happened to be unfortunately stuck with one of those desks, stood up from his desk and happily waved to them. Ranka was also surprised and she demonstrated it when one of her eyebrow lifted as she scanned the room. The room was buzzing with telephone calls and flipping papers. A few greeted Larva, Miyu, and Ranka, but majority of them continued on with their work. An angry cried came from Lemures, when Ichiro stepped on his desk again and almost knocked his coffee right off its edge. Spartoi shook his head when Lemures whacked Ichiro's leg with the folder he was holding, and cursed slightly when he almost tripped over a person's feet.

"I feel very welcome," said Ranka. "While watching them tripping all over themselves to greet us."

"I presume our desks are within the maze that is set over here," said Larva.

"And how have you deduced that, my dear Larva," Miyu asked.

Larva gave her a query look before he sighed. "Little girl. You brain must have deteriorated even more during your absence. Do you not see our stuffs located on those two desks that are in the center of this complicated maze?"

"I think you have used the wrong terminology, old man," Miyu calmly replied. "My brain has not deteriorated. It is my observation skill that has yet to recover fully from the incident."

"I see you two are up to your old routine," said Ranka with a smile. She turned her attention back to Ichiro as he stalked up to them with a frustrated Lemures following right after him. Spartoi, after painfully extracting himself from the surrounding desks which served as his confinement, patted Larva on the shoulder.

"It is great to see you again," said Spartoi and smiled at Miyu. "I see you finally brought her back to us." A small little smile lifted up on Miyu's lip and unfortunate for Spartoi, who didn't knew Miyu as long as Larva had, that smile did not seem pleasant at all. Larva shook his head lightly and hope that Spartoi will at least knew from his past experience when they met Miyu the first time in the forest cave, that his comment was not appreciated by a certain girl. But somehow, his past experience seemed to flew out of the window, along with Larva's warning sign –indicating that he should stop before he actually step on a mine- and continued on to dig his own grave. "Are you ready to face the Quarl again, Miyu?" That sealed his fate, and from the way her smile grew, Larva was sure she would not let that pass.

"You are an intelligent man, Spartoi," Miyu said coolly. The way her tone sound, Spartoi didn't knew should he be taking that as a compliment or a judgment. "But I think I need to reconsider my evaluation of you." She turned to greet Ichiro and left a bewilder Spartoi left on his track. Ichiro and Ranka couldn't help but laughed, while Lemures was just as bewilder as the man who just got insulted. Larva patted Spartoi on the shoulder.

"You should know your last question was irrelevant because she will not be standing here if she is not ready," said Larva.

"Lesson number one," said Ichiro. "Watch your wording when you are around Miyu."

"I see you must be an expert," Lemures teased. "How many times have you made the same mistake?" Ichiro blushed.

"Larva made the same mistake too," the unfortunate boy pointed out. That caused a frown to appear on Larva's face.

"I am not that eager to be reminded of my own mistake," Larva pointed out.

"How are Nagi and Yui," asked Ranka.

"They should be on the plane right now," said Miyu. "Larva and I just took them to the airport."

"Now that you mention about Yui," said Ichiro. "I have something from her that I forgot…"

"And who are these people?" They all turned to look at the young man who called out to them. Los, who was clumsily carrying a pile of folders, looked at them with a smile. He quickly thanked Ichiro when he stepped forward to help him took his pile. Adjusting his rectangular silver glasses, he gave them a boyish smile. If it weren't for his badge, no one would have known this guy was actually the head of this drug investigation department. He quickly shook Miyu and Larva's hand while he continuously adjusted his glasses. "I've heard a lot about you two," he told them. "And you too." He shook Ranka's hand. "How is Aoi doing?" Ranka told him about Aoi's condition while Los listen intently.

"I am glad to hear that he is doing fine." He pointed to their desk. "I am sure Ichiro can show you where your desk is."

"We will show them," Spartoi volunteered him and Lemures.

"Thank you. Actually, I still haven't thank you two for lending us a hand." Los bowed but Spartoi shook his head.

"It is no problem," said Lemures. "I am just glad that the Tokyo police force is allowing us to join in with these operations."

"The LAPD have sent us a letter, asking us to allow you to assist us in the capturing of Cait Sith and the Quarl. I guess our country is not the only one who is trying to capture this drug organization." He turned to Larva and blushed slightly. "I forgot that you were the undercover cop who infiltrated their organization. The LAPD have sent a record of your profile to me, and I am extremely astonished with what you have accomplished."

"I heard there will be a raid tonight," said Larva. "When will it take place? And where will it take place?" Los was momentarily shock with Larva's question. That was not what he expected to hear from a man who he just praised. However, he quickly shook off his shock and pointed to Larva's desk.

"A file that contain tonight's raid is placed on your desk."

"Thank you," said Larva. Miyu made a slight bow to him before they both walked away.

"It was nice meeting you," Los said softly. He shrugged his shoulders and headed toward his office. Meanwhile, Larva, Miyu, and Ranka headed toward their desks, while a Spartoi looked at their retreating figure in astonishment.

"Did Larva just give Los a cold shoulder?"

"No kidding," Lemures answered. "If I was Los, Larva's neck would have been in between my hands."

"Did you know who you just talked to," Ichiro hissed at Larva when Larva glided through the series of desk that were in between his way. Somehow, he could make his maneuver seemed very graceful…it was like he was floating through them. Miyu and Ranka also moved the same way, while he clumsily tried to avoid those corners that were eager to hit him.

"I know." Larva picked up a file from his desk. He turned to look at Miyu. "Do you know him?"

"I can't recall," Miyu answered. "He does look familiar, but I can't recall."

"Of course you know him," Ichiro answered. He turned to his desk and opened to upper drawer. He took out an old newspaper and plopped it on top of Miyu's desk. "Last year, the Tokyo department gave a series of reward to ten of the cops in different area located in Japan. The award is given to the people who made the most contribution to the police force." He pointed at one of the picture shown in the front page of the Daily Yomiuri. Smiling at them was a younger version of Los. "I did a research on him after I discovered he was our new supervisor. He was born in Japan by a British woman and a Japanese man. Actually, not much is known about him when he was small because he lost his family in a car accident and was taken to an orphanage with no memory of his past life. A man saw the car wreck and rescued the young boy from his dying mother's grasp. From the identification located on the mother, the police was able to identify the boy as Kino Los. He was then taken in the Holy Family Home located in Osaka. As he grew older, his intelligence earned him a scholarship which allowed him the chance to go to America and study in Harvard. After earning his degree, he went back to Japan and immediately joined in the Japanese police force. The rest was history."

Miyu nodded her head and handed the newspaper back to Ichiro. "So that was where I saw him. But…that doesn't explain where Larva saw him. Larva didn't come to this department until this year."

"I didn't say that I know him," Larva corrected her. "He just looked familiar to me, but I can't recall where I saw him."

"Probably you saw him in America," Ranka suggested.

"Probably," Larva muttered. He opened the file that contained tonight's raid and scan through the info. When Miyu was about to open her file, Ichiro pulled her to his desk.

"Yui left these with me," he said while pointing at the bunch of newspaper clips that were scattered on top of his desk. The old newspapers were all reporting the arrest of the Quarl's leader and along the heading was Miyu's father name. "She said these might be useful to you." Miyu nodded her head and took the newspaper clipping from Ichiro. Larva, watched them closely from the corner of his eyes and immediately placed his file back on top of his desk when Miyu walked passed him and headed toward her desk. He picked up one of the newspaper clipping she had and looked at it. To his amazement, she also has a clipping from the Pasadena Star Newspaper.

"I got it from the library," Miyu told him when she saw him eying that particular clipping. "I took all the report about that case and made a copy of them."

"This picture," said Larva. He took the L.A Times clipping and pointed at a picture. In that picture, Miyu's father was taking the arrested woman into the police car. A young boy, around the age of twelve or so, was struggling against the hands of two policemen. He glared at the camera in defiance as he called out for his mother. "I saw it before." Larva pointed at the young boy. "This is Cait Sith."

"This boy?" Miyu studied the picture closely and frowned.

"You've seen him?"

Miyu shook her head. However, as she looked at that picture, it reminded her of a past encounter. A young boy, had punched her on the stomach when she was walking to school. She hadn't expected the attack and was almost knocked out before she got the glimpse of the boy. She was quite sure the boy was about to attack her even further, but a man came and stopped the boy. What she heard from that boy, before she slipped away into an unconscious state, was that her father had killed his mother. As for the man, Miyu didn't recognize the man's voice, because he had spoken so softly, until it was too late. If only she had stayed awake long enough, she would have been able to point out Gia to her father and prevented her parent's death. That boy she saw, she could be quite certain he was none other than Cait Sith. Although she couldn't remember quite clearly how the boy looked like, but they way he glared at her still remained in her mind. And that boy…is not the same boy that was staring back at her in that picture posted in the LA Times.


A bullet wheezed through the air and skimmed the upper portion of the wooden crate Miyu and Larva happened to be hiding behind. Wooden splinters scattered around them as two more bullets came flying toward their direction. To their right, approximately four crates away, Ichiro stood up from his hiding place and fired right back at the dark corner of the warehouse, where the four last remaining dealers have fled. A yelp could be heard before Ichiro ducked back to his hiding place, barely dodging the next hale of bullets that flew toward him. Ranka grimaced when one skinned her right arm, and she hid even deeper behind the crate she shared with Ichiro. An open space lay in front of them and the dealers also hid behind the crates that spread around the corner.

"Where is Los," Ranka hissed. Her arm was throbbing with pain.

"Huh? He is gone," Ichiro asked. And sure enough, their leader had disappeared. Miyu noticed the anxious expression on Ichiro's face and immediately realize Los had disappeared from his position. Her eyes scanned the area and she immediately located him, hiding behind the shadow.

"The dealers did not know he has entered into this small room," Miyu thought. And sure enough, Los had fully commanded the operation in his car when Miyu, Ichiro, Larva, and Ranka led the second raid into the warehouse. With Los's squad securing the lower portion of the warehouse and surround the warehouse, Larva, along with the rest of his Tokyo department team, ran into the warehouse with the squad particularly under Los's command. Held at gun point, the men working in the lower packaging department easily gave up. However, on the second floor, where the four leaders were holding their meeting, one of them caught wind of what was going on the first floor when some of the workers screamed and attempted to escape. They barricade the front door of the office they were holding the meeting when Larva tried to enter them. Los finally told them that they were trying to escape from the window, when he saw them coming out of the warehouse from his car.

The officers on the ground were ordered to hold their fires when the four dealers made their way clumsily down to the ground, while the police waited patiently to apprehend them. But to their surprises, one of the dealer took fire and shot one of the policemen on the chest, forcing the other policemen to scatter and took cover. By that time, Larva had broke through the door and Miyu and him managed to look out the window and saw an infuriating Los stepping out of his car. With his gun posed in front of him, he took aim at one of the dealer and shot the man clearly on his left leg. The man collapsed and because of this, it forced the rest of them to retreat into a room located at the bottom of the floor. A skinny albino man with long blond hair, while wearing a red pant, turned around and fired at Los, while a big fat man with receding hair have broke the window of a room located on the first floor. They retreated into the room, while firing another round of bullet toward Los, who hid behind his car. Some of them were fired at Larva and Miyu's direction when Larva's bullet caught the skinny man on his shoulder. The man unwillingly dropped his gun and his partner, a woman with a heart shape face, glared back at Larva with her ebony hair flowing behind her. She pushed the man into the room and fired at Miyu and Larva's direction. It would have hit Larva had Miyu neglected to push him behind the wall. Not wanting to waste any time, Ichiro and Ranka started to hurry toward the lower room even before Miyu and Larva could tell them where they have went. Ichiro was able to detect correctly where the dealers went by listening to the direction of the scattered window glass. He and Ranka waited for Larva and Miyu to reach toward them, before the broke through the door. As soon as Ichiro kicked open the door, three bullets whizzed through the door, and he was able to dodge them just in time. Unfortunately, two of the police member were too curious and have ventured toward their direction. The bullet caught them on the chest and Los, who finally ran into the room, ordered the rest of the man to clear the area and bring the two wounded policemen back to the car. Although all of them were wearing bulletproof vest, it was still best to not take any chances at all.

Los was infuriated with the unexpected changes, and was about to charge into there blindly if Ranka did not pulled him back. Miyu took out her pocket mirror and watched the reflection of the room behind them as she used it to scan the room. She silently mouthed the location of possible hiding place to them and with that in minds; Ichiro and Miyu were the first people who ran into the room. With the two of them boldly returning the fire back to the dealer, the Larva and Ranka entered into the room, while firing back at the dealer as they took their hiding place. To Ranka's surprise, Los also slipped into the room with them, hiding behind them. Now he hid in the shadow while he slowly closed in at their enemy.

With his eyes adjusting to the darkness, Los slowly treaded his way toward the four dealers. From what he could see, the only one who seemed to be standing is the woman with ebony hair. The other three lay scattered on the floor and the man with the bullet wound on his leg seemed to be in critical condition. If this continued any longer, the man might die from excessive lost of blood. As for the man who broke the window, he was dead when Ichiro's bullet caught him on the chest. Los raised his gun and aimed at the panicking woman; however, she must have sense the danger that approached her and turned to his direction. Luckily for Los, he dove into hiding behind a steel crate when she started to fire at him. Ranka took this opportunity and aimed at the woman's arm. The bullet pierced the woman's right shoulder and forced her to drop the gun. Taking this as a cue, Ichiro climbed over his hiding place with his gun aimed at the four dealers. Larva, Miyu, Ranka, and Los followed right after him. With so many guns aimed right at them, the woman finally surrendered.

"Call the ambulance," Los commanded as he placed his gun back into his holster and headed out to the main storage room. Ichiro and Ranka already took out their handcuffs and slipped them on the woman's wrist. Miyu and Larva offered to help but the two of them waved them away. In the next half hour, the ambulance arrived and the three wounded suspects were heading toward the hospital. Larva and Ranka already headed toward their cars. Ichiro was about to do the same when Miyu stopped him.

"Did my sister only give you those newspaper clippings," she asked him.

"Well…she did give me a stack of files that your father had copied about all of the cases he had done about the Quarl," Ichiro whispered. "The reports included lab testing and many confidential reports." He looked around him suspiciously. "I didn't bring it to the police station because of those files are confidential…and well, your father basically broke the law by photocopying them without permission."

"Your actions are not making us less conspicuous," Miyu said dryly when she noticed how often Ichiro was shifting his leg. This boy still needed some more training before he could actually hide any uncomfortable he feeling he might have. "If you do not want people to notice you, you should stop fidgeting." Recently, Ichiro seemed to be blushing quite easily. She couldn't help but wonder whether she was correct in asking him to do this for her. But as for now, only he had access to the files that her sister had left for her, and the members of the Quarl didn't knew that he had them. "Now," Miyu lowered her voice. "I would want you to do something for me." She whispered something into his ear, and he nodded his head in understanding.

Two Weeks Later

"Why do I have to be here," muttered Hayako as he sat in the back of the police car. Sitting beside her was a woman, known quite for her notorious deed. In fact, she was the reason for why the police force had suddenly shifted all their attention to the Quarl. Unconcerned about her current condition, the woman just continued to smile as the police car cruised toward the court to hear her sentence. Hayako could only stifle his yawn and tried to stay alert for this early morning. Luckily, the car ride was short or else he would have died from boredom. Waiting for them at the front steps of the court, was a girl with long brown hair which was held back by a red ribbon. Beside her stood a young man with a long black trench coat, and he called out to a young woman with shoulder length ebony hair to come forward when he saw the car. Although Hayako did not knew who they were, but from all of the newspaper clippings these three people been appearing, she could easily identify them as none other than Miyu, Larva, and Ranka.

Miyu silently pulled her jacket closer to her body and strolled down the stairs to greet Hayako when she stepped out of the car. Hayako eagerly shook their hands and immediately went to the other side to open the door for Gima. Gima elegantly stood out from the car and held her head high as Hayako closed the door behind her. Before Gima could even took three steps toward the court house, a loud gun shot rang out and as Hayako moved to safety, Gima fell down to the floor with a gun wound in her chest. Right when Larva heard the gun shot, he immediately threw his arm around Miyu and protectively pulled her behind the police car. Ranka remained crouching next to them as they tried to locate the shot. Chaos was insured when cars started to speed up and screech to a halt. People who were strolling on the street screamed and started to scatter in a disorder fashion.

Hiding her annoyance for Larva's sudden chivalric action, Miyu shifted under Larva's arm and tried to locate the exact location the shot could be fired from. There were tall buildings that surrounded the court, allowing a good clear area for target practice especially in this early morning, but in this case, the target was Gima. Miyu's eyes landed on a building that stood approximately diagonal from the police car. One the roof was a man, whose black coat flapped against the wind. While the other's eyes were trained on another building, that man seemed to be waiting for Miyu's attention. In fact, one he caught her head turning toward his direction, he started to wave his hand.

"Gia!" Her eyes widen when the man's name silently popped up in her mind. Although she couldn't see his face clearly, she would never forget that man's cocky attitude. He blew her a kiss and turned around and disappeared from the roof. To Larva's surprise, Miyu suddenly wrenched herself from his grasp and stood up from her hiding place. He managed to pull her down just in time when a bulled whizzed passed her head.

"Where is he," asked Larva. "Where is Gia?" How he knew it was Gia, Miyu didn't know. She just pointed at the building where Gia was and continued to stay behind the protection of the police car. Ranka was already radioing for help. Without a clear target, neither one of them were willing to fire to a building that might be fill with hostages including their shooters. A few minutes passed by and her frustration grew.

"The police will be here any minute," Ranka reported to them.

"Tell them to stay back," Larva commanded. "They might get hit. We will…" His words left unfinished when he felt Miyu tightening her grip on his arm. From the building to the left where Miyu spotted Gia, a man came walking out of the building casually. He took a glance toward the police car direction and waved to them. Larva took out his gun and was about to shoot at him, when Miyu pushed his head down to avoid a bullet that was aimed at his head. Gia's laughter could be heard when he stepped into his car, which was waiting for him right in front of the building, and drove off. By the time the rest of the cops have arrived, and have silently sneaked into the suspected building, Gia was already long gone when the police came down with the arrested shooters.


Larva silently stood near the door, guarding Room 103 while the interrogation took place. Five hours passed by since the coroner pronounced the death of Gima. Three hours have passed since the news reporter caught the wind of the shooting and started to swamp Los, wringing him for any details they can get their greedy hands on.

Miyu was extremely startled when he was able to know Gia's presence at the shooting. What else could cause a diligent detective, such as Miyu, to suddenly made that irrational decision and reveled herself to those shooter? She was a sitting duck for god sake! Larva shifted his feet to ease the numbing feeling that started to build up in his leg. And although she didn't seem really surprise, he did work long enough with her to notice those subtle expressions. But now…he stood outside the room where she was interrogating the shooters, and the frustrating thing was, he was suppose to be in there with her!

But when he was about to step into the room fifteen minutes ago, Miyu just tapped him on the arm with a folder and told him calmly that she would like to interview them alone. Normally, he would not have let her went off alone, but he trusted her as his partner and he knew that there must be a reason why Gia showed himself to them. The answer to his action might just be revealed to Miyu alone.


Since the time that she entered the room with the young teenage before her, he did not spoke a word. Nor did she pressured him to speak anything as she opened her file and played with the pen in her hand. The pen continuously flipped up and down at each tap that it made when it hit the table. With her eyes glued to the file, Miyu did not notice the insolent smirk on that handsome boyish face that observed her. To catch her attention, the boy whistled at her but she continued to ignore him. Irritation slowly replaced the boy's amusement and he slowly reached his hand over to touch her face. In a flash, Miyu withdraw her gun from her holster and placed it on the table. With the barrel turned toward him, the boy immediately withdrew his hand.

"You're one damn icy woman," the boy hissed. He quickly regretted his words when she released the safety on the gun. Damn it…she really was going to pull the trigger. He watched in silence when she slowly closed the file in her hand and smiled at him. Swallowing down his nervousness, the insolence smile returned back to his face. "I can sue you for waving that ugly gun at me."

"Not when you are dead," Miyu answered cheerfully. Panic rushed into the boy's mind when she raised the gun up to his head. She was insane! No damn normal cop with shoot a person they were interrogating! Not like this!

"I have a message for you," he blurted out in a hurry. The gun was still hovering in front of him.

She yawned. For god sake, the damn woman yawned. "I don't know you," she replied nonchalantly.

"Not me," he squeaked. "It's from Gia! He said that you will want to hear it."

A frown appeared on the girl's face and that made her look even more uncompromising. "I am not interested in what he has to say."

This was not going according to what Gia had told him. Not even close to what he predicted! Great Lord, was he going to die here? Well…he might as well get his mission done. The young boy reached into his pant's pocket and took out a paper. He slid it across the table. "He said to call him if you are ever lonely. If not, he will call you." When he was done, he was sure the girl was going to pull the trigger. However, to his utter shock, the girl just pocketed the paper and smiled at him. She stood up and placed the gun back to the holster. Without another word to him, she strolled toward the door and opened it. He saw her exchanged a few word with a guy with blue hair before she walked away. The guy looked displease as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

After losing his cool in front of the girl, the young teenage decided he must retained back his image or else all of his gang would start to make fun of him, if he ever got back out again. He stuck up his chin and stared at Larva in defiance. A frowned appeared on that pretty young man's face and he silently plopped the folder down. However, before he sat down in front of the young boy, he took out his gun a placed it on the table. With the barrel facing him once again, the young boy couldn't help but think have the police force gotten so desperate that they end up hiring some insanely trigger-happy people.


"That man didn't take any shit for his answer," the young boy thought when he sat alone in his cell. Larva looked very willing to send some bullets into his body when he tried to lie to that ill-temper cop. As the young boy tossed around his cell on his cold hard bed, he watched in silence as the security guard passed his cell and headed on to the next cell. The young boy smirked and reached into his pant's pocket. He took out a small bag of white powder and grinned. It was a reward from Gia. Gia had given him this reward and patted him on the shoulder, before he left. The incompetent police, who searched him, neglected to search his pocket. Ready for the high this drug will give him; the boy placed the powder substance on his finger and snorted it through his nose.

By the time morning came along, the security guard rang the alarm in a hurry when he found the boy's cold body lying on the floor.


"An overdose," Ranka told Aoi, while she peeled the skin off an orange. "Somehow, the person who was arresting the boy did not perform a full search on him, which allowed the boy to get access to the drug."

"It was murder," Aoi deduced. He smiled when Ranka plopped the orange into his hand. Somehow, after Spartoi's small comment about how much she was fretting after him, Ranka had withdrew her concern for him. Given the chance, he would very much like it if he could kill Spartoi without breaking the law.

Ranka nodded her head to his unspoken question. "Yes. An investigation performed on the mixture has shown that the mixture contained cocaine and heroine and both of them were in the purest form. Although it is normally injected into the blood stream, the boy snorted it. The toxicity of the two drugs mixed together was able to kill any kind of men. But to make certain, the killer also mixed in some cyanide into the drug." She sighed and stood up from her chair. "So I guess you can say that it was murder." She walked up to the door and paused. "There is something else that I forgot to tell you."

"What is it, Ranka," asked Aoi.

"It is about Miyu," she said hesitantly. "She is now being put under investigation for the murder of Sato Yao." Aoi's eyes widen in surprise.

"For the murder of that boy?!" Aoi asked repeated in disbelief. "What happen?"

"It seems like Yao left a dying message. He wrote Miyu's name on the floor before he died." Ranka sighed. "Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, because you will need all the rest you can get." She closed the door behind her. What she didn't notice was the dismay that flashed on Aoi's face.

"Rest…" Aoi didn't know whether he should be amused or frustrated when he heard that word. It was true that the doctor told him to rest. And it was true that his urge for stuffing back that word into the doctor's throat increased each boring day he stayed in this hospital room. But he could definitely tell Ranka that he rest would not come that easily to him, not when Ichiro had dropped by his room and gave him such an important mission. He sighed and reached down the lower drawer of the cabinet right next to his bed. Taking out a file and a portable laptop, he plopped it down on the movable table in front of him and continued with his investigation. If the things that Ichiro told him were true, then the whole department might be in jeopardy.


Parking his motorcycle in the parking lot of the little café located near their old headquarter, Larva got off his vehicle and started to stroll toward the restaurant door. When he opened the door, a part-time worker spotted him and gave him a small smile. She pointed at a familiar table near the window. Nodding his head, Larva headed straight to the table, where it was occupied by a young girl with a red ribbon in her hair. She was talking in the phone, but she quickly hanged up when she saw his reflection on the window. The waitress followed right after him as he took his seat in front of the young girl. Without even waiting for the waitress to put the menu down, he ordered himself a cup of coffee. When the waitress retreated away, the young girl finally took a sip from her glass of tomato juice and looked up at him.

"What do you think, Larva?"

Her question could encompass many things, but Larva knew what she was asking for. It was not doubt that the Quarl was the one who gave the boy the package of drug. However, because Miyu's name was written on the floor of the cell, everyone started to suspect her. It didn't help that she was left alone with the boy for at least half an hour on that day. Nor did it help that the security camera, located in Room 103, had malfunction. On one note, this was something Larva couldn't help but be suspicious about.

"The Quarl is trying to isolate you," Larva told her. Miyu nodded her head. She knew the most incriminating evidence against her was the small little paper that Yao gave to her on their little quiet session. How Los knew that paper existed in her pocket was a question she would like to ask him herself. But given the fact that she had Gia's number and the fact that Yao did wrote her name on the cell. As if he had read his mind, Larva shook his head. "He must be trying to warn you about Gia or…" He cut off his sentence when the waitress brought his cup of coffee to him. She bowed and left them alone. "Or he is trying to frame you for his death. Either way, we will never know unless we catch the killer. By the way, now that we are talking about this, can you tell me why you didn't tell me that Gia gave his telephone to you?"

Miyu shrugged her shoulder. "I didn't think it was important."

"Then can you at least tell me what did you and Gia just talked about?" A slight glimmer from her eyes indicated he guessed correctly. A smile appeared on her lip, and he knew she will not let him know without a fight. "You do remember the promise that we made with each other?"

"I do," Miyu replied calmly. "And I think you should remember it too." She took a sip of her tomato juice and placed it back on the table. "The Quarl has already made their move."

"I know," said Larva. "And I am worry about your safety. Can you tell me what did Gia said to you?"

"Look around you, Larva. Can you hear the unspoken word? Can you…"

"Miyu." His impatience and anger could be heard from his voice. Annoyingly, she just smiled at him.

"I won't tell you, Larva." She finally answered him. "As for now, they have nothing on me. Although I have turned in my badge, they still don't have substantial evidence to say that I am the one who killed Yao." She drained the rest of her drink in one gulp. "Now if you will excuse me." Larva watched her retreating figure in silent frustration.

He decided it would be best if he trailed her.


"Alright…that does it!" Lemures slammed his folder on the desk and glared at Ichiro. "Why the hell are you staring at me for?!" To his great irritation, Ichiro just stared back at him blankly.

"Huh?" Spartoi could swear Lemures would have strangled Ichiro for giving that innocent reply if the law did not forbid him from doing so.

"Calm down, Lemures," Spartoi said softly. "What is the matter with you today? PMS?" He couldn't help but wonder why Lemures seem to want to kill him instead of Ichiro. Had he said something wrong?

"I'm sorry," Ichiro apologized when Lemures words finally sank into his mind. "I didn't realize I was staring. I was thinking about something, so I didn't really pay attention to where I was looking."

"Well…stare at another direction," Lemures growled.

"Whoa…you're so grouchy for today. What happen? PMS?"

"Damn it! I don't have PMS!"

"Alright, Lemures," Spartoi laughed nervously. "We know that you don't have it, but do you have to announce it to the whole office?" That was when Lemures realized that everyone was staring at him. Some of the women in the office even have the nerve to laugh at his sudden outburst. He felt like dropping Ichiro and Spartoi down the ocean with a rock –weighting a ton- tied to their feet.

"I know that you are frustrated because your brother is in the hospital," said Ichiro.

"And what about Aoi," Spartoi piped in.

"And Miyu's recent incident didn't help your nerve either."

"And don't forget about Larva."

"With so many things happening to you, it is no wonder that you are grouchy and moody," Ichiro finished. Spartoi nodded his head in affirmation. Lemures didn't even know whether it was the actual incident that increased his irritation or the fact that these two just named them off so casually. Damn it! He wanted to shoot the both of them.

"I think we have enough fun for today," said Spartoi, making a hasty retreat before Lemures really did shoot them. "Now let's get back to work." He turned back to his work like nothing happened and started to whistle a lively tune. Ichiro also beat a hasty retreat when he saw Lemures staring at Spartoi with icy cold look that could have killed Spartoi if he could. It didn't help ease Ichiro's mind when he saw Lemures flexing his fingers like he would very much like to have it on one particular neck. Taking the file on his desk, Ichiro headed toward Los's office and knocked on the door. A small muffled voice told him to come in.

"What is the matter, Ichiro," Los asked tiredly. The recent raids and current issues have been taking a toll on his stamina. He grimaced when Ichiro placed another folder on his desk. "Do I need to sign this?" Ichiro nodded his head and clumsily took out a pen. Before he could hand it to Los, the pen slipped from his finger and rolled right under Los's desk.

"I can get it," Ichiro volunteered. Before Los could protest, Ichiro was already under the desk, searching for his pen. Los sighed and took a pen from his desk. Before Ichiro found his pen, he finished signing his signature. He closed the file and winced when Ichiro hit his head on his table when he was getting up from the floor.

"Are you alright," asked Los and Ichiro nodded his head. Handling the folder to Ichiro, Los shook his head when the young boy closed the door behind him. It was a wonder how such a clumsy person could be in this police force.

Rubbing his head from the recent impact, he scowled at the throbbing pain in his head. Well…he smiled. At least he got what he needed, and it was safely tuck in his left pant pocket.


Caretta Shiodome is a shopping mall that consisted of fifty-eight shops and thirty-three restaurants. Quite frankly, in Larva's mind, this monolith featured nothing really spectacular. But the attractions that existed in this mall currently contained no importance in Larva's mind. What occupied Larva's full attention all rested on the witty little girl he was trailing right behind. When Miyu turned in her badge a few hours ago, Ichiro happened to be talking to him. In fact, he wouldn't even call their conversation an actual conversation. From the time Miyu stepped into Los's office till the time she stepped out, the only word that escaped from Ichiro's mouth consisted of "umm" and "hold on." What he was trying to say clearly escaped from Larva's ability to comprehend. The only logical sentence that came out of his mouth was when he grabbed Larva's arm and prevented him from going after Miyu. It was then when Ichiro told him to look after Miyu. Although Larva would have done the same even if that young detective didn't told him to do so, there was something in Ichiro's voice that told him a hidden double meaning to his words.


"So he is still following me." Irked by his determination, Miyu couldn't help but noticed that Larva paid no heed in trying to hide his intention. In fact, when Miyu glanced back to see whether he continued to follow her or not, he waved back right to her. She took a deep breath to hide her frustration as she stepped into the 47-story mall.

While waiting for the elevator to arrive, Miyu recounted her conversation with Gia.

"If you want to see me, meet me at the restaurant on the top floor of Caretta Shiodome. I will have a table waiting for you."

That was all he said to her before he hanged up. No announcement and no introduction. That was all he said, and she could recognize his voice anywhere and anytime. Miyu scanned the area around her. There weren't that many people walking around her since school was still in session and many people were still stuck at work. A smile appeared on her face as she slipped her hand into her pant pocket and pulled out her cell phone. Ten feet away from where she stood, a phone rang and the answered the phone with a calm hello.

"Old man," said Miyu. "Do you want to join me in the elevator ride?"

"I was thinking the exact same thing, little girl." Larva walked up right next to her and hung up his cell phone. In silence they stood together, waiting for the elevator to arrive to their level. A small chime indicated the arrival of their awaited transportation. With no one boarding the elevator except for them, Miyu just tapped the button for the floor that she needed when Larva stepped into the elevator right after her. The elevator ascended in a rapid speed.

"Do you intend to follow me for the rest of the day," asked Miyu without looking at him. Her eyes continued to stare straight ahead, watching the numbers for each floor lighting up as the elevator passed them by.

Staring straight ahead, Larva also watched the numbers with her. A small chuckle escaped from him. "Do you remember what you said to Spartoi when you came back to us right after the bombing incident? You just made the same mistake that you criticized him on."

"You are getting quite clever these days, Larva."

"Perhaps I am. Whether a person is clever or not, it all depends on the judgment of the perceiver."

"Larva…" She paused for a moment before she continued on. "This is my business…not yours."

Frowning, Larva finally broke his glaze from the blinking numbers. "You must love contradiction. Have you forgotten what you told me in the restaurant? You told me to remember our promise."

A small laughter escaped from her. "Keep that in mind, Larva," she told him cheerfully. "Keep that in mind." Although he knew her for quite a while, the reason for her current behavior clearly escape Larva's comprehension.

Finally, they reached to the upper floor. Due to the quick acceleration upward, Larva could feel a slight discomfort in his ear when it popped while they were going upward. Stepping out of the elevator, he let Miyu led the way as she walked pass the outer decoration and headed toward the waitress. The waitress greeted them politely, and Miyu quickly glanced at Larva before she turned back to the waitress again.

"I have a table reserved under my name."

"May I please have your name?"

"It should be under Yamano Miyu."

"Please wait for a moment." The waitress took out the list of tonight's reservation and scrolled down the list. She did not have to look far because her name was listed amongst the first four names. She nodded her head and bowed to them. "Your table will be ready in the next half-an-hour, Miss. Yamano."

"Half an hour?" Miyu asked in surprise.

"It is elementary, my dear Miyu." Miyu raised her eyes to Larva and frowned when he gave her an insolent smile. Somehow his smile irritated her, because it resembled so much like her smile. He pointed his finger to the front door. Hanging on the front door was a closed sign. "The restaurant doesn't open until half an hour later." She didn't know whether it was the growing smile on Larva's face or the fact that she didn't realized the sign, but her irritation about this situation increased every single second that passed by.

"Thank you for pointing out the obvious information, my dear Larva," Miyu said dryly. She took out her cell phone when it rang. Larva watched her intently while she answered her phone. A smile appeared on her face and to his surprise, she hung up very quickly. Without a word to him, she spun around and headed toward the hallway next to the elevator.

"Where are you going," asked Larva.

"To the restroom," Miyu answered. She opened the door to the restroom and before she stepped in, she turned to him. "If you want to come in, please feel free. However, I would like to remind you that the other ladies might not be that understanding, when they see a guy in a women's restroom."

"I'll be waiting outside," Larva replied back flatly. Annoyance settled upon him when Miyu chuckled softly. For fifteen minutes, he stood there in silence. At each passing minute, his worries increased. "What is she doing?" He muttered in frustration. Without wasting anymore time, he placed his hand on the handle of the restroom and yanked the door open. A woman, with big round brown eyes, opened her little mouth and screamed when she saw Larva barging into the ladies restroom. In a split second, Larva took out his badge and flashed it in front of her. "Shut up," he snapped when the woman continued to scream. If she won't quiet down, I will have an angry mob crowding around here. "I am a policeman." But still, the woman continued to scream like a banshee. Ignoring the screaming woman, he tried to look around her. All of the stalls were open and only the hysterical woman seemed to be in the room. Before Larva knew it, the woman took her purse and started to strike him with it. He quickly dodged to his right and avoided the woman's attack. Before she had the opportunity to swing her purse at him again, he caught hold of her wrist and dragged her out of the restroom. By the time he got back to the hallway, the manager of the restaurant and the waitress were rushing toward him. Neither one of their faces seemed welcoming as they walked up to him.

"What the hell is going…" That was all the manager was able to get out of his mouth before Larva flashed his badge to the man.

"I am a…"

"He is a well-known molester," the woman rasped as she yanked her wrist away from his grip.

"I am a detective from the Tokyo branch department," he said calmly, trying to hide his anger. "I was waiting for my partner, a girl with long brown hair that was held back with a red ribbon. She didn't come back out after fifteen minutes, and I got a little bit worried about her." He turned to the woman and frowned. "Who told you that I was a molester?"

"The girl detective," she snapped back at him. "She showed me her badge and told me that there was a sexual molester waiting outside the woman's restroom. She said she had been waiting in this restroom for three weeks so she could catch the molester." She blushed when he eyes landed on his badge the first time. "When you barged into the restroom, I just assumed it was you."

"Where is the girl," Larva demanded, but he didn't wait for the answer. With all of their attention focused on this little commotion, no one noticed the little girl who slipped out of the restroom quietly and headed toward the end of the hallway toward the location of the back stairway. When Larva turned around to face the woman's restroom again, he saw the door to the back stairway closing shut. He snatched his badge from the manager's hand and ran toward the back stairway. When he yanked the door open, the stairway was empty. "Damn that Miyu," he cursed as he stood near the stair, while trying to decide which way he should pursue her. He couldn't help but wonder whether she decided to go to the roof or downward. But before he could decide, he heard a small noise coming from behind him.

"Larva." He recognized it was Miyu's voice. But as he turned around to face her, he felt a small pushed on his back. Before he knew it, he toppled forward and his body started to roll down the stairs.


"What the heck happen, Larva," asked Ichiro as he walked back and forth in the hospital room. Sitting on the chair, next to Larva's bed, was Ranka. She frowned at Ichiro's behavior and pointed at a chair. He ignored him.

"I don't know," Larva answered. He grunted slightly when the pain from left broken leg reminded him of the incident.

"What do you mean that you don't know," snapped Ichiro. "How did you fall down the stair? And where is Miyu? Isn't she with you?"

"She gave me the slip," Larva simply replied. The damn painkiller did not help at all. He could still feel the sharp pain on his leg.

"Ichiro, calm down," said Ranka. "If Miyu want to give him the slip, there was nothing he could do about it. As we all know, Miyu is far cleverer than Larva."

"Thanks for your compliment," Larva said dryly. "Can you both just leave me alone? Your constant questioning is giving me a headache."


"No buts, Ichiro," said Ranka. She stood up from her chair and started to push the protesting Ichiro out of his room. "Rest well, Larva." That was all she said to him before she closed the door behind him.

"Rest well," Larva muttered. Resting was not the top priority in his list. Right now, he was more worried about Miyu. After she had pushed him down the stair, he could still remember how she calmly walked down the stairs and made her escape. Footsteps could be heard when the manager, along with the waitress came rushing toward the back stairway when they heard his yelp. Quite frankly, he didn't even recall that he yelped when he fell. Luckily, he only obtained a broken leg, but still one question bothered him. Why did she push him down the stair?


With the waitress and manager rushing in and out of the stairway, they did not notice a man who was hiding near the accident scene. No…he shook his head. He would not call it accident because it was a deliberate murder.

He chuckles as he waved the photo in front of him. Captured, quite clearly on the photo was the picture of the young girl in action when she pushed her partner down the stair. He had carefully taken the picture and slowly sneaked back up to the roof. When the ambulance came, to take that fallen man away, he laid quietly on top of the roof, enjoying the sun. Once everything calmed down, all he did was just strolled back down the stair and took the 46th floor exit and used the elevator from there.

"I was hoping that Larva would reveal Miyu's misdeed," he mused as he got into his car. "But unfortunately, he is such a devoted partner that he doesn't even blame her for pushing him down the stair." Well…he was the one who ordered her to do so. But he could bet, that Miyu wouldn't even guess the purpose of his action. With the roll of film in his hand, he opened his cell phone and called a number.

"Misaki speaking for the Daily Yomiuri," a sweet girl answered. "Can I help you?"

"I am wondering are you interested in a photo that I have," he offered.

Next Morning

Lemunia yawned and slowly lifted himself from the hospital bed. The small dull pain from his head still reminded him of the concussion that he received a few weeks ago. The damage to his right hemisphere, near the frontal lobe, was only minimum. All of his motor skill and cognitive skills seemed to be intact. However, for the first few weeks he had underwent some therapy to get his motor skill functioning to its normal state.

Looking around him, Lemunia noticed it was only eight in the morning. Carlua won't be visiting him until two hours later, now that he seemed to be doing fine. He sighed and silently wished that Carlua could be here right now as he reached for the Daily Yomiuri. However, his wish quickly fluttered away when he saw the front page. His jawed dropped wide open when he stared at the picture and the heading.


"Oh boy," Aoi muttered when he read the first page. "Larva is going to go ballistic about this. What do you think?" He handed the newspaper to a boy, who sat next to him. The boy smiled.

"The old man needs some excitement in his life," the boy answered back with amusement.

"Not this kind of excitement. And beside, can't you be a little bit more sympathetic to him," Aoi scolded. "He is in the dark in regarding to his matter." He paused and reconsidered his words when the boy gave him a questioning look. "Well, not exactly in the dark."

The boy just smiled at him and stood up from his chair. His eye glanced toward the hallway and landed on a young man as he hobbled toward their room on his clutches. In his mouth was a copy of the Daily Yomiuri's front page. "May I use your restroom?" Aoi chuckled.

"What if I say no?"

"I will still use it." Aoi shook his head and quickly turned his attention to the door when the young boy slammed the restroom door shut behind him.

"Just in time too," thought Aoi when Larva pushed the door open with his clutches. "Hey!" He called out to Larva. "Are you enjoying your walk?"

"Shut up," Larva muttered as he staggered toward Aoi. The newspaper scattered down the floor when he opened his mouth. If Larva's grouchy behavior did not surprised Aoi, he sure did surprised Aoi when he cursed in frustration.

"The pain killer is not working is it?" He knew he hit the bulls-eye when Larva scowled and glared at him. It was not very often he ever seen Larva so…how can he put it correctly. Ah…yes, fluster and emotional. In fact, he never saw him like this before…even during the time that Miyu was missing. But well….this time, the circumstance wasn't better than that time. It might be even worst that it was.

"I see you read the news already," Larva grunted as he sat on the empty seat located right next to Aoi's seat. He nodded toward the news paper that laid spread out on his bed.

"Yeah, I…." To his surprise, he door banged right open and Lemunia came running in. By the way he was running, Aoi couldn't help but suspect his so called motor skill problem was some cooked up concoction to trick Carlua to take care of him. "Maybe not," he thought when Lemunia fell down on the floor in an awkward position.

"Have you read the news," Lemunia asked him. His breath was irregular due to the running he had done when he ran from his room all the way to Aoi's room. "It said that Miyu pushed Larva down the stair on purpose and that she was trying to murder him! It can't be…ahhhh!!!" He screamed when he finally noticed Larva's presence, and his eyes widen in shock when it landed on Larva's left leg, which was still in a cast. "Larva! Why are you here? And that cast?" He glanced at the newspaper. "Don't tell me it is true!"

"Quiet down," Aoi told him calmly. "If you won't stop yelling from the top of your lung, the nurse will be running in…" He sighed when a nurse opened the door to his room. She looked unpleased. "Speak of the devil."

"Excuse me," the nurse demanded when she heard what Aoi said. "This is a hospital." She gave them each a deadly glare. "You need to quiet down so all of the other patients can rest."

"I am sorry," Larva said politely. He stood up from his chair and gave her an awkward bow. "We will keep the noise down." Either she was shock about his sudden politeness or either she was surprised about his good look, she blushed and nodded her head. She still gave them a glare, before she left the room. Larva sat back down on the chair and tapped the newspaper on Aoi's lap. "I know the Quarl are the one who took this picture. And I can guess the exact person who ordered Miyu do this to me. Now…" He paused and leaned forward. "I want to know what you and Ichiro are up to."

Luckily, Aoi has good restraint or else his eyes would have drifted toward the restroom. "Come walk with me, Larva. But first…let me go to the restroom." That was all he said when he went to get his clutches. Larva waited patiently when Aoi stood up from his bed with his clutches and went into the restroom. A few minute later, Larva could hear a flush and a minute later, Aoi stepped out of the restroom with his clutches tucked clumsily under him. Lemunia seemed confused as ever as he watched the two of them slowly wobbled out of the room. When the three of them were gone, the young boy stepped out of the restroom and headed straight for the bottom drawer of the cabinet. Sure enough, as Aoi told him, a laptop laid in there.

The young boy expertly connected the cable and located the file Aoi told him to find. Taking a pen and a pad from the cabinet top, he wrote down the address on the screen and closed it. He carefully placed the laptop back in its original place. As for the pad and the pen, he pocketed them and stepped out of the door. The ending was coming soon.


"How long is this going to go on," thought Los as he leaned back on his chair. For the whole morning, news reporters were swarming in and out of the police department, demanding for information about Miyu and Larva. Worst of all, Larva seemed to have disappeared from the hospital. Aoi and Lemunia both swore they have not seen him since after they took a walk outside.

"Can I come in," asked Ichiro. He opened the door without waiting for Los answer. "I got a file that you need to sign, Sir."

Los sighed and snatched the file from Ichiro's hand. He quickly took a pen and signed his signature. "Have they found Larva yet?"

"No they haven't. He is probably trying to avoid the media." Ichiro smiled.

"This is no laughing matter!" Los snapped at Ichiro and tossed the pen on the table. "Take the file and get out of my office. Make sure today's operation is successful, do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," Ichiro answered and hurried out of the room. He sighed and shook his head. As he headed back to his desk, he reached for his cell phone and dialed a number. "Hey, Tenchi."

"Yes," answered the boy.

"You got the address from Aoi yet?"


"Good….because we are heading there tonight. Make sure you get out of there before we arrive."

"I can't do that, Ichiro."

"I must have heard it wrong," thought Ichiro and he addressed the next question to the receiver. "What did you say, Tenchi?" When he heard what Tenchi said, he thought she must be mad. Before he could say something else to dissuade her, he heard a voice calling out for Tenchi.

"I have to go, Ichiro." Tenchi smiled, before she hanged up the phone. With her back facing the person who just called her, she slipped the cell-phone into the jacket pocket before she turned around to face her addresser. The smile remained on her face as she greeted her partner and the young girl who stood behind him.


Five hours earlier, Carlua was quite surprise to read the newspaper when she woke up this morning. With Pazusa gone right after the night they captured the three brothers, she was left alone to watch over the house until Larva returned. But recently, as Lady Luck had abandoned them, Larva and Lemunia seemed to enjoy their visit to the hospital. So much that they decided to stay there for these coming days or week. As Carlua ran out of the house and basically jumped in front of a taxi to stop them, she knew it was not Larva, nor Lemunia's fault for having those accidents occurring on them. She scrambled into the taxi and quickly ordered the taxi driver to go to the hospital before the taxi driver could give her a lecture about the danger pertaining to her action. The taxi driver, which was a middle age man with stomach as big as a basketball, huffed and started the car. He mumbled something under his breath and annoyance quickly flashed on his face when Carlua paid no heed to his displeasure. In fact, the object of her attention remained clench within her hand. Once in a while, during the whole trip, she would take a glance at the newspaper and frown. She had once believed that Miyu would betray Larva and was working for the Quarl. Her belief almost cost her life and Larva's life to prove her error. Miyu almost lost her life as well. As she looked at the newspaper clipping in her hand, she knew there must be some mistake or misunderstanding.

When she arrived to the hospital, it was already eleven o'clock. She quickly paid the taxi driver and gave him a huge tip, which finally brought a huge smile on the driver's face. She did not wait to hear the flowery good-byes the driver was calling out to her when she closed the taxi door behind her and semi-ran toward the entrance to the hospital. Nor did she pay attention to the morning air or the nice open grass area that surrounded the hospital. She did not notice the young boy, who stood near one of the benches placed near the main walkway. The boy waved to her and ran after her when she breezed passed him. Right before she could reach to the door, the young boy took hold of her arm and swung her around. Her scream remain lost in her throat as she swung to face him. Stumbling slightly due to the lost of balance, she quickly glared at the boy who greeted her. Her eyes widen in surprise when she notice the familiar smile on that girly face. Before she could utter her attacker's name, her intruder linked her arm into his arm and started to walk away from the entrance, pulling her along with him.

"How have you been doing, Carlua," the boy greeted her pleasantly. They strolled slowly into the grassy area in a leisure walk. In his outward appearance, he seemed calm but his eyes continuously scanned their surrounding. He tapped Carlua on the hand and smiled at her. "Relax or you will seem even more suspicious."

"What are you doing here, Mi…"

"Tenchi," the boy interrupted her. He nodded his head to one of the nurses that supervised the front lawn.

"Tenchi," Carlua stressed the name, finishing her question.

"I am here to deliver something." For the first time, Carlua noticed the shopping bag in Tenchi's hand. He handed it to her. "This is for my partner." She was about to open the bag to look at the content, but Tenchi tapping her lightly on her hand. Carlua quickly closed the bag and glanced around her surrounding. The lawn was quite empty with only a few patients enjoying the morning sun. Tenchi suddenly stopped in his track and pointed at the corner of the lawn. Three young men, with two in a wheelchair and one of them on the grassy lawn, sat there in deep discussion. Their presence remained quite hidden from the public eyes as they retreat closer to the looming trees that almost surrounded them. She immediately recognized them.

"I need you to be my accomplice," Tenchi told her when he slipped his arm away from her and pushed her slightly ahead of him. "He will know what to do." Without another word or bidding, Tenchi left her standing there, staring right at the back of his retreating figure. Clueless and bewilder about what was going on, Carlua finally remembered the newspaper clipping that remained clenched in her hand. She opened her mouth to call out for Tenchi, but quickly shut it when she realized how much attention she would be drawing toward the both of them.

"What does she mean by asking me to be her accomplice," Carlua thought while she headed toward the three men. The bag remained carefully tucked in her arm. "And what does she want with Larva?" She headed closer to the group while she pondered about these question. The closer she headed toward them, the clearer she could see the anger etched on one of the man's face. In fact, he was quite livid about something. She almost dropped the bag and ran away when his fiery gaze landed on her. The boy, whose back was faced toward her, heard her footsteps rustling along the grass, stood up abruptly and faced her. His anxiousness on his face quickly disappeared and relaxed when he saw who it was.

"Carlua," the boy addressed her as he walked awkwardly toward her. His motor skill still needed some improvement before he could return back to normal. He reached for her bag but she pulled it away from his reach.

"Lemunia," she scolded slightly. "You should not be out here in the cold." She dropped the bag, on Larva's lap. She did not noticed the slight grimace that appeared on Larva's face when a sharp pang shot through his leg due to the unexpected load that landed on his lap. Before Larva could snap at her, she turned to him and pointed at the bag. "Your partner told me to give this to you." For some odd reason, which she didn't know, Aoi choked. "She also told me that she wants me to

"She told you to give it to him," Aoi asked her in disbelief. Carlua just nodded her head and silently watched Larva when he took out a piece of paper which was in the bag. Larva glanced at it and handed it to her. To her surprise, the paper only contained the addressed of this hospital and the word "back." What surprised her more were the gray wool scarf that Larva pulled out and some leg warmers. He also pulled out a grey woolen sweater, a ski cap, a brown blanket, and a pair of wool mitten from the bag.

"What does she mean," asked Carlua. "Why is she giving you these clothing?"

Lemunia picked up the jacket and frowned. "This is exactly something a grandfather will use."

Larva smiled. "Old man." Without any further explanation, he started to stuff the clothing back into the bag and scanned the area around him.

"I thought she was nuts, but I didn't think you were," Aoi frowned. "You can't possibly go to her in this condition. This will put you both in danger."

"Go to her? In danger?" Carlua echoed his words. None of this made sense to her and Larva didn't seem to pay any heed to Aoi's warning. He just pointed his finger at her as he spun his wheelchair around.

"Tell me how many people saw you and Mi…I mean, Tenchi walking over here?"

She pointed at the few people that were still left in the lawn. The nurse who was supervising them was currently busy picking up a fallen kid. "They were the only one. Why?"

"In that case, we will circle around to the back of the hospital, going opposite from the direction you came from. The lawn covers the whole hospital, so we won't be seen by the same people when you are coming." He glanced at the wall that surrounded the lawn like a fortress. He wondered will this actually work or not. "Aoi, is anyone looking toward our direction?"

"As for now, no," Aoi replied. "As for now, I don't see any familiar faces that resemble any of the Quarl members that are listed in my file. However…" He pointed at the building. "I can't say for sure that no one is spying at us from the building."

"Then we will just have to risk it." In a hurry, Larva started to move his wheelchair to the back of the hospital before they could stop him. Aoi sighed and quickly followed after him with Carlua and Lemunia following right behind him. By the time they reached to the back of the hospital, Aoi was panting from the exercise. The area was empty for this morning because the nurse, who was responsible for supervising this area, was off on her duty. The inhabitants of the hospital were told to stay clear from this area until a nurse was available. However, the rule was not strictly regulated because of the high sleek wall that surrounded the hospital lawn, preventing the coming and going of visitor and patients. Only one boy seemed to occupy the back lawn when they rounded the corner and headed toward the back of the hospital.

"Tenchi," Larva called out. The boy did not answered and Larva called out to him one more time as they closed in. The boy closed the cell-phone he was talking into and turned around to greet him.

"Hello, old man," said Tenchi as he took Larva by the hand. "How is your leg doing?"

"I would very much like to let you feel the pain I am going through," Larva replied as he held Tenchi's hand. "So…should I be calling you Tenchi from now, my dear little girl? Or should I be calling you Miyu, by now?"

"Has the painkiller affected your brain, my dear Larva? If not, do you think that the name, 'Miyu' could be uttered so openly without causing a commotion?"

"Do not forget, my dear Tenchi. Who is the one who caused me to be in this situation? I am not exactly enjoying the painkillers."

"Can the both of you stop your flirting by now," Aoi mused as he watched them. "We don't have that much time."

"In that case," said Miyu. "I would like to have Carlua fulfill her part of the bargain."

"My part of the bargain? What is that?"

"To be my accomplice, of course." Larva nodded his head and started to pull out the contents from the bag.

"Your accomplice," Carlua repeated in puzzlement. "What do I have to do?" Before she knew it, Miyu started to push her toward the direction they just arrived from.

"I want you to go back to the front of the lawn and observe the nurse. Do not let her come over here until Lemunia gives you the next order. Go." Puzzled about the current predicament, Carlua could only follow Miyu's direction and immediately ran the distance it took for her to arrive to the front lawn. Although the hospital was not exactly the largest hospital in Japan, it was still fairly huge. By the time she arrived to the front of the lawn, she was panting slightly. Instead of running straight out into the open front lawn, she slowed her step when she rounded the corner and stay hidden behind the corner of the hospital. The nurse, who was helping the little boy a while back, was not frantically scanning the area around her. If it weren't for the couple, who stood there asking the nurse for information about their elderly father's condition, she would have actively searched for the missing object she was so impatient to look for.

While Carlua watched the nurse, Lemunia and Aoi helped Larva into the clothing from the bag. When Lemunia tried to help Larva put on the leg warmer, Larva shook his head and pointed at the blanket. Meanwhile, Miyu took off her jacket to reveal a plain pink tank-top under it. Hidden underneath the jacket and rolled up to her waist was a flowery skirt. She quickly unpinned the skirt and pulled it downward to hide her jean. She took out an ivory silk scarf from the pocket of her jacket and draped it over her head before she loosely tied it around her neck. She also took out a shade from her jacket and put it on. After she was finished with her disguise, Miyu walked up to Larva and helped him into his jacket and Lemunia helped finished putting on Larva's ski hat.

"Aoi," Miyu called out his name softly with a cute smile on her face. "Can you do me a favor?" Terror seized Aoi's heart. He could recall, quite clearly, one instance in which she used this tone before. He was thankful he was not the recieving end at that time because the young boy, who befell on this girl's bewitched charm and followed her order when he saw her smile. The young boy almost lost his life because of it! And now…he felt he would rather face Ranka's wrath than to ever heard her speaking to him in that tone.

"What did you want," he asked calmly, trying to hide his fear.

"Can you faint for me, Aoi?" The question puzzled him because he wondered what she meant by asking him that question. "Just answer yes or no," said Miyu.

He wondered which one would be the safer answer. To his surprise, he did a silent prayer before he answered her. "Yes." He waited for her response. Aoi thought he was scared before, but nothing compared to the terror he felt when Miyu smiled in content when she heard his answer. Gracefully, she glided behind him and before he could turn his wheelchair around, she slipped her two arms around his shoulder, bending downward to him. A frown immediately appeared on Larva's face when Miyu whispered softly in Aoi's ear. Aoi could felt her warm breath tickling his ear when she whispered softly in his ear.

"Don't say anything when you wake up." Before he could fully comprehend what her sentence meant, she stood up abruptly and brought her hand down hard on his head. Just when blackness was about to consume him, he could saw the bewilder look on Lemunia's face before he slumped forward on his wheelchair, unconscious. Miyu quickly moved in front of Aoi and pulled him off the wheelchair and laid him gently on the floor.

"What are you…" Lemunia gasped in astonishment but Larva quickly grabbed him and turned him around.

"Go back to the front and bring the nurse here," Larva ordered him. "Tell the nurse that your friend had collapsed out of no reason and bring her here through the route that we arrived from." By that time, Miyu was already behind him and was pushing him toward the direction opposite from where they came from. "Make sure to prevent Aoi from mentioning that he had saw Miyu or me when he wake up." Lemunia nodded his head in confusion and started to run to the front lawn. As he hurried along, Miyu stuffed her jacket into the bag and placed it on Larva's lap. She started to push Larva toward the opposite direction in a semi-run. Rounding the corner from the front, Larva and she waited patiently as they watched Lemunia and Carlua approaching the nurse with a frantic expression. The nurse nodded her head vigorously and headed to the back of the hospital with them in a hurry. With them gone, Miyu calmly pushed Larva out to the front lawn and they strolled leisurely out to the front lawn, passed the front walkway and out of the hospital ground.


Twirling her long black hair that was held back by the nurse cap, Lin watched the teenage girl who strolled across the front lawn with a teenage boy in her arm. She recognized who that girl was. In fact, she was one of the targets that Lin was ordered to observe. Her next target happened to be sitting in the front lawn, surrounded by two guys as they discussed something. She wanted so much to approach them and listen to what they were talking about, but she was only ordered to observe them and to make sure that the man did not escape.

"Carlua, was it?" She wondered as the teenage girl bid goodbye to her escort and headed toward the three men that occupied her attention. She watched them with puzzlement until a small child literally fell on her feet. The child grinned up at her and hugged her leg tightly, while she tried to lightly pull him away. By the time she managed to pry the child's arms away from her leg, her targets disappeared from her sight. "Where could they be," thought Lin as she started to head toward the place where her targets were last seen. However, before she could reach there, a couple came walking up to her and pointed at their dear old father. Flustered and annoyed, Lin tried to answer their questions to the best of her ability, and she tried to refer them to another nurse that know their father's condition the best, however they insisted in asking her about their father's condition. As time passed by, the more worried and anxious she became. The Quarl would not look over her mistake lightly. She could not afford to lose her targets. Just when she was about to snap at the couple, one of her target started to run up to her, with a teenage boy following right after her.

"Hurry," panted Lemunia. "My friend collapsed on the backyard of the hospital." Lin wasted no time and dismissed the couple with an offhanded wave. She was finally going to find back her main target. The Quarl will forgive her for losing them for a moment, right? They won't punish her if she found him, right? As she rounded the corner to the backyard, her stomach plunged downward and fear seized her heart. Lying on the floor was Aoi, and her main target was nowhere in sight.

Night Time

Fastening his loaded gun securely in his holster, Ichiro strapped it tightly on his belt. His light brown jacket lay clumsily on his desk, and he snatched it upward when he hurried out of the department office with Los in the head of the group.

"Remember," Los ordered them when they reached to the ground floor and standing out in the parking lot. "Follow my order of operation and we will have Cait Sith and Gia by the end of tonight. I will no allow any failure. Do you understand?" Ichiro just yawned while the rest of his team-mates screamed out an affirmative answer. "Move out!" Before he knew it, Ichiro found himself stuck in between Lemures and Spartoi's arm as they dragged him toward Ranka's car.

"Don't let her drive," Ichiro gasped when he noticed Ranka was sitting in the driver's seat.

"What is the matter with you," growled Lemures. He dumped Ichiro into the backseat with Spartoi. "We don't have time for you to goof around."

"That is correct," Spartoi agreed. "After we capture Gia and Cait Sith, we can start searching for Larva. And after that, we need to clear up the misunderstanding caused by Miyu."

"I know," Ichiro replied desperately, while snapping his seat beat immediately into place. "But you don't know how Ranka drives!" Lemures and Spartoi were only able to give him a questioning look when Ranka started the engine and stomped on the gas pedal. Their police car shot out of the police station like a speeding bullet and served dangerously when she made a sharp left turn into the road.

"Hang on," Ranka warned them before she pressed even harder on the gas pedal. By this time, Spartoi and Lemures were holding onto the door for their dear lives. Lemures could almost feel his life fluttering by when Ranka took her eyes off the road for a second to search for the button for the siren.

"You can slow down, Ranka," Lemures told her softly when she ran over a red light, almost crashing into a car. Spartoi looked quite pale in the back seat when the car rocked left and right at each lane change Ranka performed. Ichiro lost count of how many cars honked in their direction when he reached up to ten. The other police cars trailed their car for a quite a distance and became farther away when Ranka speed up even more.

"It is alright," Ranka reassured him. "I have full control over the vehicle."

"I don't think my heart can take anymore of this," Spartoi muttered under his breath. Surprisingly, he felt he would rather face the end of a loaded gun barrel with nothing to defend himself from, than to ride in the backseat of a car that Ranka happened to be driving. He wondered how Lemures was faring.

A voice appeared from the speaker com when Ranka swerved toward an empty road and proceeded upward on a mountain road. Los's voice filtered through the intercom when Lemures switched it on. "Who the heck is doing the damn driving? Do you know how much accident you could have caused!" He didn't sound too happy with Ranka's reckless driving at all.

"I am sorry, sir," Ranka apologized. "But I want to go to Gia's living quarter as soon as possible. I do not want to give him any chance to escape."

He growled. "Then close your siren! We do not need to give him extra warning about our coming." With that said, he ended their conversation instantly and Ranka immediately closed the siren. She did not mind closing the siren at all, for it served its purpose already in the busy road. The mountain road remained quite empty, except for the few cars that were climbing the mountain with them as they arrived back to their home. Few houses were located on this mountain, so the road quickly became empty the further they went upward. Ranka could see their destination appearing before them as they rounded a curvature and headed straight for the small little house that sat on the edge of the mountain. Ichiro quickly picked up his phone and dialed a number. No one answered the phone but he knew his intention had notified his receiver of their coming. He just hoped everything would go according to their plan.


"According to Cait Sith's plan," thought Gia as he looked at the leader of the Quarl who sat next to him in the passenger seat. "This house will be safe for the moment. We were to hide here for two days before we could start moving the operation again."

"You've done a good job," Cait Sith complimented Gia after they pulled up to the driveway and got out of their car. "Now that Miyu is gone, we can start focusing on Larva."

"As you said, master," Gia complied. His mouth twitched in a sneer when Cait Sith turned away from him. The young fool did not even know he was a puppet and he was the puppeteer who manipulated him. After this job was done, all he have to do was to kill him off and the real Cait Sith could continued to rule over the organization in the shadow. They would have no use for this boy anymore, and he would like nothing more than to be the one who put the bullet into his head. Gia suppressed his displeasure and smiled nicely to the young boy who opened the door for him. Once he was inside the house, he opened the light to the living room and waited patiently for the young boy to close the door behind him before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun. Surprise, anger, and betrayal flashed through the boy's face when he realized the gun was pointed at his direction.

"What are you doing, Gia," Cait Sith demanded, while he stared at the end of the barrel. "Are you trying to betray me?"

"Yes," Gia answered simply. "Actually, I never was your follower. I only follow my real master and my master is name Cait Sith."

"What are you talking about, Gia!" The boy looked flustered and annoyed. "I am Cait Sith! What do you mean about your real master? Have you gone mad? To his surprise, Gia laughed out loud.

"I wasn't supposed to say so much to you, but then again, you will be a rotten corpse so it is no use telling you this." He released the safety on his gun. "But just to let you know, your mother is not the Quarl leader but was just a minor member of the Quarl. Your parents sacrifice their lives so that we can hide the identity of my real master. You…" He grinned when he saw the puzzlement on the boy's face. "You are just a puppet. Here is a parting gift for you, so that you can find your real parent when you go to the underworld. Good night, Kino."

A gun shot blasted through the silent night and Gia staggered backward when a bullet pierced through his right arm. His gun dropped to the floor in a clang. He looked around him and his eyes widen in shock when Miyu stepped out behind the large curtain drapes with a gun in her hand. They boy saw her and took a dive to grab the gun off from the floor. When he pointed the gun at Miyu, she didn't flinch and shift her gun from Gia's direction. Instead, she just stared at him calmly when he was about to pull the trigger. Another gun shot rang in that living room when the boy dropped the gun on the floor, while clutching his injured arm. Larva moved away from the kitchen counter he was hiding from and slowly propelled his wheelchair forward and into the living room. His gun remained pointed at the teenage boy.

"Why are you here," Gia asked in a gasp. The throbbing pain on his arm seek to consume his whole thought.

"And who are you directing this question to," Miyu asked in a playful smile. She did not move from her position, nor did Larva. Anger clouded Gia's face when he realized how she was playing with him. "Oh yes…" Miyu reached into her pocket and pulled out a tape recorder. Gia's eyes widen in surprise. "Your recent conversation proves to be quite interesting. Kino, was it?" Her last question was directed to the boy, who thought he was named Cait Sith. She noticed that Larva had nodded his head in agreement.

"I happen to know a person who goes by that last name," said Larva. "And it fits perfectly with your suspicion, Miyu."

"Your suspicion," Gia asked in wonderment.

"Yes, my suspicion," Miyu answered him. A buzzed could be heard coming from the pocket of her jacket. She ignored her vibrating phone and smiled. "The police will be coming in any moment now."

"The police?" Gia was shocked to hear this. Didn't his master say it would be safe over here? But if so, she wouldn't have found this place in the beginning. But how did she found this place? He asked her that question.

"I have a friend who happened to locate your living quarter. Also…I am not the one who notified your position to the police."

"It was your boss," Larva told him. A smile appeared on Gia's face.

"It is a nice lie that you are putting up," he said calmly and recomposed himself. "If this is your method for making me reveal the name of my master then…"

"Freeze," shouted Ichiro when he kicked the door open. Ranka, Lemures, Spartoi, and Los burst into the room right after him. Least to say, they were shock to see the setting in the room. Miyu quickly lowered her gun and dropped it down on the floor. She did not want to give them an opportunity to shoot her. Ichiro, Ranka, and Lemures quickly surrounded Gia and Spartoi's gun remained trained on Kino. Meanwhile, Larva's anger flew up when he saw Los pointing his gun at Miyu in a menace manner.

"It is a nice surprise for you to drop by Miyu," said Los. "We had suspected that you are part of the Quarl's organization when you pushed detective West down the stair and for killing the suspect Yao."

"I do not deny the accusation," Miyu said cheerfully. "I also abducted Larva from the hospital and knocked down Aoi while I am at it." To Los's surprise, she stuck her hand out toward him. "You can arrest me now." Los seemed to be in a battle with himself when he took out the handcuff and snapped on her wrist. He pushed her to one of the detective. "Take her away." Ichiro quickly handcuffed Gia and Ranka handcuffed Kino.

"Is this Cait Sith," Ichiro asked Larva in a whisper. Larva gave him a puzzling look and nodded his head when Ichiro pointed at Kino.

"What do you think," Larva answered him.


Ten minutes before Miyu's arrest, Carlua walked into the homicidal department with a file in her hand. An officer walked up to her and asked her for the reason for her presence. "I am looking for Sergeant Satou. I have an important document to give to him." The officer nodded his head and pointed her at the direction to Satou's office. She walked pass the busy office and knocked on the door.

"Come in," said Satou. He looked up from his desk full of paperwork and leaned back on the chair when Carlua walked in. "What do you want, Miss…"

"My name is not important, but I do have some important information to give to you." She handed him the file. "Only you have the authority to do this." Satou gave her a suspicious look before he opened the file. A frown appeared on his face and it continued to increase at each page he turned over. He finally slammed the file down on the desk and looked at her.

"I expect an explanation," he said. Carlua nodded her head and slowly explained to him about the current situation.

"Larva and the others can explain it more clearly to you. I don't know all of the answer myself." She took out the cell-phone and gave a call to Aoi. "Maybe he could explain it to you."

Satou took the phone from Carlua's hand and talked to Aoi. His face became alarmed, when Aoi told Carlua about Miyu's arrest. "I think it is time that I pay a prisoner a visit." He grabbed his coat and headed toward the door. Carlua followed right after him.


Los grinned as he leaned back on his chair. Miyu was finally behind bar and so was Gia. The boy had adamantly claimed that he was not Cait Sith, but according to Larva's evidence and Lemures agreement, that boy was indeed the leader of the organization. With all those things done, it was finally time for the Quarl to close down. Los tapped his desk and stood up.

With the primary leader of the Quarl behind bars, the Quarl's members have basically scattered. The Quarl will soon be a history. "It is not like it matter," Los mused. "When one falls down, another one will rise to take its place." As long as the person who led the organization still existed, then there won't be any problem at all. Lost looked up from his desk when Ichiro knocked on his door. "Come in," he called out to Ichiro and Ichiro walked into the room.

"Sir," Ichiro reported. "Gia has refused to say anything, even till now."

"Is that so," said Los. He nodded his head. "It is alright. We have all the evidence we need to charge him. You can tell the rest of the crew to go home for tonight." Ichiro nodded his head and stepped out of the office room.

A smile appeared on Los's face. It did not surprise him that Gia had decided to keep his silence. "His loyalty to my mother really runs deep," he mused. Deep enough that he would be willing to sacrifice himself to hide his identity. Los stepped out of his office and into the department's office. To his surprise, Ichiro still remained standing closed to his door when he left his office a while ago. Only Ranka, Spartoi, Lemures, along with Ichiro, remained in the office. Somehow, the four of them were spread out in the office, blocking each of the door entrance or exit. Something was obviously wrong, especially when Ichiro took out his gun and pointed it at Los.

"What are you doing, detective Ichiro," Los demanded.

"I knew the leader of the Quarl is a smart person." Surprise registered Los's face when he recognized that person's voice. His guess was affirmed when Miyu stepped into the office, while pushing Larva in front of her. Sergeant Satou was the last person to step in.

"Why are you here," growled Los. He started to pull out his gun but quickly stopped when Ichiro and the others pointed their gun at his direction.

"I released her," said Sergeant Satou. "She is innocent for the crimes that she was accused for."

"What are you talking about, Sergeant Satou? She openly admitted that she is the one who gave Yao the drug. She also admitted that she tried to kill Detective Larva by pushing him down the stair!"

"If I don't do that, then you would have use that opportunity to shoot me, won't you, Los," asked Miyu. "Oh yes, which one do you prefer? Should I call you Los or should I call you Cait Sith?"

Los glared at her in anger but he quickly suppressed his anger and smile at her. He leaned back on a desk and took off his glasses. He calmly spoke to them. "And you meant to tell me that you believe in this nonsense, Sergeant Satou? If so…under what evidence do you have to support your accusation, Detective Miyu?"

"Quite frankly, I wouldn't have any evidence to support my accusation, if it weren't for the confidential file my father copied during the time he was investigating the Quarl ten years ago." Satou placed the file on the desk and stood protectively next to it. "The files contained a detail report about the capturing of the leader of the Quarl and her crimes. It also contained her status and her DNA report." She smiled. "This is the only copy that exists in this world, because the original one that is supposed to be securely safe in the police office is destroyed by your follower, Gia. Ten years ago, when Gia invaded my house and killed my parents, his other objective was to destroy the file my father has copied. However, he wasn't able to find it because the file was in my uncle's possession at that time. If Yui hadn't accidentally slipped the file into her backpack when she went to visit my father, the file would have been destroyed a long time ago."

"The reason why Gia wanted to destroy that file was because of the DNA record that is in the file," Ichiro explained. "If the file was destroyed, even if we did suspect that you are Cait Sith, there won't be any evidence to prove it."

"Aoi checked all of the medical records that contain your mother's information," said Ranka. "All of them were destroyed ten years ago. Everything was done to wipe out any information we can use to prove that you are her son. That way, Gia can successfully give you a new identity, by killing off a couple that have a son that is equivalent to you age and switch your identity with him. You took the identity of Kino Los and the real Kino Los, who did really lose his memory, was taken under Gia's care and was made to believe he is called Cait Sith."

"Continue," Los said calmly.

"Ten years ago, you attacked me," said Miyu. "Gia prevented you from killing me, but you did manage to knock me unconscious. But before I became unconscious, I saw your face and keep it deep in my memory. Ten years later, I saw the same face again. But it was not on the face of the boy who we capture tonight with Gia. It was your face that I recognized when we performed the raid a few weeks ago."

"At that time, Yui had sent me a box full of information that Miyu and her father had collected about the Quarl," Ichiro continued. "Since Miyu and Larva were absent right after the bombing incident, the information was sent to me and remained in my possession. Miyu knew that she was being watched, and she knew someone in the department was working for the Quarl. When she started to suspect you, she ordered me to run a DNA test using your data and compare it with your mother's data. Miyu knew that if she was the one who tried to get the DNA sample from you, it will rouse up your suspicion, so I was sent to do the job." He adjusted his gun. "Your hair sample has proven that you are indeed her son."

Silence filled the room as they waited for Los to respond. The smirk on Los face didn't disappeared. In fact, he started to laugh and clapped his hand in amusement. "I applaud to you all for finding my real identity," he bowed to them. "But even if you can prove that I am Cait Sith, what will that do? I am not the one who killed the couple. You have no right to arrest me, unless…"

"Unless we find evidence to prove that you actually have a connection with the Quarl, am I correct," asked Larva and he tapped the file that lay on top of his lap. "Although phone services never did really let other people know about their clients phone services, but Aoi was able to extract your file from your phone company by telling them you are a prime criminal in the Tokyo police department. You are too over confident about your identification, Cait Sith. We are able to identify some of your phone calls were made to Gia." He flipped through the file. "Evidences coming from the US also revealed you are associated with Gia. A few of your classmates have recognized and able to identify Gia as one of your acquaintance." A twitched on Los's upper lip appeared.

"A fellow officer recognized that you were the one who searched Yao before we made the official arrest," said Miyu when she took one of the reports in Larva's file. "At that time, he didn't think that information was important because of your records and because of Yao's dying message. However, according to this report, you know that the camera in room 103 is broken and you signed a document, issuing a replacement for the camera."

"So…in another hand, you know that the camera in room 103 is broken," murmured Spartoi. "And by sending Miyu to that room, she wouldn't have any alibi to prove that she never did give the package of drug to Yao, because the camera is broken. That is…if Larva wasn't in the room."

"It was luck that Larva didn't remain in the room," said Lemures. "Or else Miyu wouldn't be the only one that was suspended."

"I see. You are accusing me for murdering Yao," Los mused.

"You should know -amongst all of us- we have no evidences that clearly support Yao's death in connection with you," said Miyu.


Miyu raised up her hand to silence Ranka. "The Cait Sith I know is a very cunning man. He will not leave any evidence behind to tie him with the Quarl. He knows his card far more better than we can."

"I applaud you Detective Miyu," Los laughed. "Since you know the current predicament, your only option is to let me escape…no, I should not use the word escape. The more accurate wording would be 'walk' or 'stroll' out of this room as a free man."

"But there is no denying that you know Gia," snapped Ichiro. His gun followed Los when he started to head toward the main exit.

"So what if I know him," asked Los and he pointed at Miyu. "I believe you also received calls from him. Does that mean she is also associated with the Quarl?" He shook his head. "You still need some more training boy." He walked up to Miyu and touched her chin. "As for you…I am sorry to say, but you still aren't able to clear up your name. How pitiful it is for you to go to room 103 when you know my true identity, even if I was the one who ordered you to." A smile appeared on Miyu's face when she grabbed his hand and handcuffed him. Satou quickly moved behind Los and pushed both of Los's arms behind him. "What is the meaning of this," Los demanded.

Miyu reached for his belt and pulled out his gun from his holster. "As I suspected, you do have a gun in your belt. If Ranka or the others would have approached you to apprehend you, the percentage of them being at risk of being your hostage would have been high." She gave him a mocking bow. "Thank you so much for coming toward over here, voluntarily."

"Are you going to lock me up for something you have no evidence…"

"We do have evidence," Miyu said flatly. The surprise expression on Los's face was priceless. "If I tell you that we have evidence against you, I do not believe you will lose your guard and walk right straight to us."

"And unfortunate for you," said Larva. "The interrogation did not take place in room 103. Instead Miyu and I took Yao to room 105, the room that was next door to room 103. I was standing outside room 103 just so you can think the interrogation was taking place in that room." He took out a video that was given to him the afternoon of Yao's death. "And this is the actual video that shows the whole interrogation." He fingered the video that he had hidden since that incident. This video was passed between Miyu and him when she took the video from his pocket before he was sent to the hospital. She later returned it back to him before she was captured. All these exchanges were made just so they could prevent the video from falling into the wrong hand.

"Damn it, Larva! If you have the damn video, why didn't you reveal it in the beginning," snapped Lemures. "You got us worried for nothing!"

"Because I do not want to waste all of their hard work," Miyu replied back in a cheerful voice. "They worked so hard to form this trap for me, so it is best that I pretend to fall for it, isn't that right Los?" He did not utter a word.

"You are now under arrest for suspicion with the connection of the Quarl. You have the right to remain silence and the right to call a lawyer," Satou told him. He slowly dragged Los out of the room and into the elevator.

"Do you really have anything against him," asked Ranka.

"No…I don't," said Miyu. She tapped her fingers on the table. With her name cleared from Yao's death and with Larva's testimony about his accident, Satou had sent a report to his superior, asking them to give her back her position.

"Damn," cursed Ichiro, when he slammed his fist on the table. "Is there anything we can do about him? He is going to get out of all those crime scotch free."

"What about Gia," suggest Spartoi.

"That won't do," said Larva. He propelled his wheelchair forward. "Gia won't say anything against his master."

"But Gia is the only one who knows his identity in the Quarl," said Lemures. "Without his help, then we don't have anything against Cait Sith."

"So all we can do right now is to lock him for 48 hours and then he is free," murmured Ranka. She frowned and headed to the door. "Then what are we waiting for. We need to find Satou and get a search warrant for Cait Sith and Gia's house. We can't afford to waste anymore time."

"Oh yeah," Ichiro agreed with enthusiasm. He ran after Ranka with the others following right behind her. "But come to think of it, what should we be looking for?"

"Anything that is related to Quarl," Spartoi told him in a teasing tone. Ichiro scowled and swatted Spartoi's hand away when Spartoi patted him on the head like he was a little child.

"Or anything that is related to Miyu or me," said Larva.


An hour later, Ranka and Ichiro stepped out of her car when they finally pulled up to Los's apartment. After experiencing Ranka's driving in the previous excursion, Lemures and Spartoi decided it would be safer for them if they just drive a vehicle separately. Meanwhile, Miyu playfully dumped him on the back seat of Ranka's car and forbid him to ride the motorcycle with his injured leg. By the end of the ride, he wanted to kill her when she gave him a smile and asked him whether he enjoyed his ride or not.

Taking the key out of her pocket, Ranka opened the door and stepped in. The single living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom were in tidy order. The open kitchen connected to the living room, remained lighted on this isolated house. A Panasonic 32-inch television located at the back wall of the living room became the centerpiece of the living room. A small table located in front of the television was piled with magazine and newspaper. Ranka and Larva started their search there, while Lemures and Spartoi went to the kitchen. Ichiro took over the bathroom, and Miyu went to the bed room.

Miyu flipped open the light switch and looked at the futon that lay on the middle of the room. His computer remained humming when she stepped in. "He must have left in a hurry." She walked up to his futon and turned to the left wall. A stack of books filled the book shelves. Idly, she started to flip through each one of them and placing them on the floor when she was done with them.

Meanwhile, Ranka was searching near the television. She looked at Larva, who happened to be looking over a pile of books. "Out of curiosity," Ranka spoke out. "Did you know Miyu was supposed to push you down the stairs?"

Larva grimaced. "I didn't know or else I would have asked her to think of a more gentle way of incriminating herself."

"Well," Ichiro murmured without knowing as he stepped out of the bathroom. "I did try to warn you."

Larva sharply turned to him and stared at Ichiro. "You tried to warn me." His tone seemed unpleasant, and Ichiro found himself jumping up in a start.

"Did I say something," Ichiro asked in confusion.

"You said you tried to warn me," Larva reminded him. Even Spartoi and Lemures stopped their search and glared at him, waiting for an answer.

"Ahh…." Ichiro laughed nervously. With so many unpleasant eyes looking at him, especially Larva's, he swallowed nervously and wondered was the air condition working properly. He quickly went to the air conditioner and started to fiddle with it. "Well…I didn't really know whether Miyu was going to do anything or not. With Yao's incident, Miyu and I know that the Quarl are trying to find a way to incriminate her and throw her into prison. And well…Miyu didn't really want to get another person involve and since you are her partner, it is also your responsibility to look after her, so if something bad were to happen…"

"It would best to happen to me instead of some innocent bystander, is that what you are trying to say?"

"Uh…something is wrong with the air conditioner," said Ichiro.

"I never realize you like to change the topic when you are stuck," Ranka giggled.

"No. Seriously, there is something wrong with the air conditioner." He pulled against it, but the screws remained bolted to the wall. Ichiro peered into the air conditioner. "I need a flash light. Do anyone…" He jumped slightly when Ranka slapped one into his hand immediately after he requested for one. He flipped the switch open and flashed the light into the air condition. To his surprise, someone had took out the inner core of the air condition and created a hollow core. Stacks of accounting books, piled high in the vacant space, crammed the whole area. In a matter of minute, Spartoi removed the outer rim of the air conditioner. With Lemures supporting the back of the air conditioner, Ranka and Ichiro extracted the books out in a hurry. They spread out the book and immediately started to go over them.

"Miyu," called out Larva. He placed the book on the floor and turned to Miyu when she stepped out of the bed room. "What do you think," he asked her when she walked up to him and stared at the pile of books.

"These books seemed to contain a clear data of the money that was transferred from this account…" Ranka pointed at an account number on the top of the right hand corner. "To this account." She finished by pointing at the account number at the left hand corner. "The amount of money transferred between these two accounts are enormous. This might be an accurate record of the money Los was earning during his association with the Quarl. If we can prove these two accounts belongs to Gia and Los, then we have a valid reason to lock him up."

"I see," Miyu said flatly. "If this search is done on the summer, the hiding place would be even more obvious, don't you think?" With that said she headed back into Los's bedroom and continued with her search.

"What do you think she mean," asked Ichiro.

"This is the winter," Larva explained. "Normal people will not touch the air conditioner. But if the search was conducted during the summer, they will definitely use the air conditioner and discover the books in it."

"So what are you trying to say," asked Spartoi.

"He is trying to say, Los will not put all those account books in such an obvious place," answered Lemures. "Los cannot anticipate when his real identity will be found out."

"So…are you trying to say these books are fake?"

"There is a possibility," said Ranka. "But we will take these with us, just in case they are real."

While they gathered the books together, Miyu slowly sat on Los's computer and started go through each of his files. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. After half an hour later, she finally closed the program and leaned back on the chair. As she leaned back on her chair, she scanned her surrounding. Her feet accidentally kicked the side of the computer table and almost knocked down a stack of empty CD-R. She picked up the stack of CD-R and nicely arranged them. While she was arranging the stack, her eye fell on one of the blank CD-R located next to a music cd. She picked it up and pressed the eject button of the CD-R player. "There is no reason for him to make a copy of a music record that he has, unless he is making a copy for his friend. No use speculating." A smile appeared on her face when the computer's humming increased as it read off the content from the so-called blank disk.

A few minutes later, Larva and the others were called into the room and all of them crowded around the computer. A seemingly harmful stack of blank CD-R in fact included a detail account of the Quarl's transaction for this year and records of the Quarl's business account carefully planned out. Using the official search warrant they received from Satou, Miyu confiscated the CD-R on the table and Ichiro bagged the rest of the accounting books.

Two Days Later

"I can see you are not enjoying your stay," said Miyu when she opened to door to Larva's room. Ever since the night he made the escapade, Satou immediately ordered Larva to return to the hospital until his leg fully recover. Least to say, Larva did not enjoyed the sympathetic expression Miyu gave him when he was forcefully escorted back to the hospital by Ranka and Lemures. After two days of isolation, with no one to visit him except for the nurses and doctors, his urge to break out of the hospital increased every single day.

"What made you drop by, my dear Miyu." He did not turn from the window. Below his window, Ranka, Ichiro, and Aoi were taking a stroll. Each of them seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Miyu smiled and immediately went to the flower vase. She placed the bouquet of roses into the vase and went to the restroom to gather some water. After the vase was filled with water, she re-entered the room and placed the vase full of flower next to the window. "I see the pain killer is not taking its effect. You are so grumpy." She pouted playfully.

"Your teasing is not well appreciated by me right now," he answered her back coolly.

"Then I think you will be delighted to hear the evidences in the accounting book are indeed false. But with the evidence obtained from the CD-R, we have substantial evidence to prove that Los…or should I say, Cait Sith, is indeed associate with the Quarl."

"Whether I should take delight in hearing that news or not is not your concern."

"My dear Larva," said Miyu. "I am offended. What has happen to you?"

Larva finally looked at her and smiled. A very mocking smile if Miyu had to say so herself. "I guess you do not understand me that well, my dear. I am a very jealous man. I do recall you said that I am your partner. However, in this operation, you left me partially in the dark and asked Ichiro to assist you instead."

"Larva. I didn't keep you in the dark." She sighed when he raised one of his eyebrows. "Maybe I did keep you in the dark, but only for a short moment." His eyebrow did not go down. "Are you going to force me to admit my wrong? I did tell you that I suspected Los's identity. I did give you the video. I did bring you along when I went and confronted Gia."

"And you did trick me into believing that you will confront Gia along, but all the time your main objective was to lure me and push me down the stair."

"I did warn you and try to remind you that we are partners. I also reminded you about our promise and told you not to forget it. It just so happen your brain did not function properly at that time and you missed the clues I so adamantly deliver to you. Maybe, next time, I should make the clues more clearer so you will not miss them."

Larva laughed and shook his head. He could never win against her. "If you made the clues more clearer, then I think Gia would most definitely understand your intention."

"So…you do know that he was sitting near us in the restaurant, do you?"

"No, I didn't. But your question answered my suspicion." He stood up and she quickly reached over and steady him in her arms. "Next time, if you do decide to push me down the stairs or inflict anymore injury to me, can you please do it to my arms instead. Without my legs, it is very inconvenience."

"I have no control over the position of your fall," said Miyu. "If you will use your clutches, your inconvenience will be smaller." She pointed at the pair of clutches that laid next to the sofa Larva was sitting on. Larva smiled and wrapped his arms around her shoulders to steady himself. Maybe, in this other war, he could be tie with her. Maybe.

"I have been thinking, since I was unfortunately given time to rest due to my injury, about something I would like to ask you."

"And why are you suddenly so hesitant, my dear Larva."

"The case is really over." Whatever Miyu expected to hear from Larva, it was not that. She frowned and shook her head.

"Larva…please do not force me to lower my value of you by asking me that simplistic question. I would expect…"

"Do you remember what you said to me after our first case?" He watched her when he saw the startled expression on her face. The constant jumping between topic must be confusing her and from the frown that appeared on her face, she was losing patience with his rambling. "You once told me that love is a futile belief. An illusion." He stared at her, and she seemed to finally understood where he was going. He knew, if he continued on with this conversation, it might end up hurting their partnership. However, he had thought of this for a long time. Since the time she disappeared to the time he held her now, he knew he was willing to take the risk. Maybe her belief will continued to win over his idea…but he hoped the outcome will come out as a mutual tie. "I said I agreed with your thought."

"Do you still agree with it," asked Miyu. He arms remain encircled around his waist, steadying him.

"I still do," he answered her. "But I am losing to that belief, because I have become one of its victims. You asked me why was I hesitant a while ago. I am hesitant because any man would feel hesitant when he tells a girl he is falling into that illusion."

"You are a hypocrite," Miyu criticized him flatly.

"Yes, I am." He continued to stare at Miyu, waiting patiently for her answer. She turned her head away from him and away from his gaze. Her eyes befell on Ichiro, Ranka, and Aoi, who happened to be staring right at them. Ichiro's face seemed to be in shock. The expression on Aoi's face demonstrated he clearly shared Ichiro's feeling. Only Ranka looked up at them with an unreadable expression.

"We have spectators," Miyu told Larva when she turned back to him. He didn't not say anything. "Larva, I am an officer of the Tokyo police department. My duty is to uphold the law." He remained silent. "However, there are times when I needed to bend the law so I can get the evidences I need to incriminate the criminal." A smile started to appear on Larva's face when he understood what she was implying.

"I believe you have broken a few laws before, Miyu. When it is necessary, you do not tend to place the law in the highest value."

"And I presume you haven't," Miyu asked in playful pout. Larva laughed.

"Then lets have a toast to two hypocrites."

"A toast," Miyu asked in wonderment. Larva just smiled at her when he bent downward and kissed her.

Down below, in the front garden, Ranka was glaring at Ichiro when he spit out a mouthful of water when he saw the intimate exchange that happened a few floors above him.


Twenty minutes later, when Ranka finally tortured Ichiro long enough, Miyu and Larva finally joined them at the front lawn of the hospital. The nurses at the hospital increased slightly since Larva's unexpected disappearance. Two nurses now roam around the front lawn, keeping a close eye on all of their patients. Lemunia, Carlua, Lemures, and Spartoi also joined them when Spartoi and Lemures finished their visitation to Lemunia and found Larva's room empty. Sitting around in a circle, Lemunia couldn't help but felt like they were in a camp. And for some odd reason, he kept on seeing Ichiro glancing toward Miyu.

"I forgot to thank you, Carlua," said Larva. "If you didn't give Satou the file, we might not be able to release Miyu."

"It was no problem," said Carlua. "The evidence already existed. I was just helping Aoi deliver it to Satou."

"But why Satou," asked Lemunia. "Can't you just give it to another Sergeant?"

"Because Reiha was under his team," Ichiro answered. "And he seems to be the one who will believe us the most because he has always worked with Van. And beside, I think the person you should thank is Aoi. He helped us look up all those information."

"Come to think of it," asked Lemures. "What are you going to do after you get out of the hospital."

"Satou went and visit me yesterday," Aoi told him. "He said that if I am interested in continuing to be a policeman, I can still remain in the drug department. But instead, I will be stuck with all of the paperwork."

"I see," Lemures murmured.

"Hey cheer up," Spartoi comforted him. "Aoi doesn't mind. He is not blaming you. And beside, I have something over here that I think most of you will be interesting in seeing." He took out a letter from his pocket and passed it on to Larva. Puzzled, Larva opened the letter and pulled out a photo and a one page written letter. He stared at the photo for a while before he passed it on to Miyu. As for the letter, he kept it with him.

Miyu's eyes widen a little bit, but she did not uttered any word when she passed it to Ranka. Least to say, their reactions were not what Spartoi expected. When Ranka calmly passed it on to Aoi, he lost all hope when Aoi just passed it on to Ichiro. For the second time, Ranka glared at Ichiro again when he spit out the mouthful of water he was about to swallow.

"My god," Ichiro gasped. "Don't this guy ever die!" His exclamation brought Lemunia and Carlua up to their feet and they crowded around the picture. Lemures had already saw the picture before when Spartoi nosily opened Larva's letter, claiming it might be important, and showed him the picture. Smiling at them, in a nice Armani suit, was a familiar face with a light scar running down his right cheek. Larva flipped open the letter and passed it on to Lemures. Sighing, Lemures read it off.

"Hey guys." Lemures looked at them before he continued. "How have you guys been doing? Me? Let's just say I never expected to be your god-brother, Larva. And I guess that means I don't have to be afraid of you. In fact, I wanted so much to kill you, damn it!" Miyu raised one of her eye brows in surprise. "For god sake, why do I have to be stuck with this boring job! I know that Pazusa was kind enough to give me a new identity, but this is ridiculous! Come on! Why do I have to be the one that is stuck here facing those greedy leaches, while the rest of you have all the fun?"

"I don't think he will enjoy being in my position at this moment," Larva murmured.

"Do you know this job requires a lot of self-constraint," Lemures continued. "With the three gorillas, I wanted nothing more than to knock them out. But with these bloody leaches, I want nothing more than to…" Lemures paused. "At this point he crossed out kill and left it unfinished," Lemures pointed out to them. "Continuing...Sigh….and for a moment there, I thought god is being nice to me by letting me being adopted by a wealthy person. Now I have to run that whole stupid company with all the yapping dogs snipping after my heel. I mean, seriously, they are all out to get the company and put their greedy hand on as much money they can get their hands on. I can't help but feel sorry for Pazusa, because he constantly have to face these guys. And well….now I am stuck at this role. Damn it, if I want to work in an office, I would have stayed at school and get a degree. This is worst than torture. Oh yeah…when are you coming back, Larva? Do you want to exchange your job with me, because I don't know how much of this can I handle." Lemures closed the letter. "And he went on and on about it."

"Hmph…father did him a favor and yet he is ungrateful." Carlua crossed her arms around her and tossed up her head in annoyance.

However, Miyu giggled. "I wouldn't say that is a favor. I know Cain for a long time, and he finds nothing worst than to be stuck in a room where there is even a small pile of paper work. That is why he choose to be a spy instead of an actual detective."

"So…his death was actually fake," asked Ichiro.

"If not, then do you think we took his spirit back and took that picture," asked Spartoi. "Of course it is fake."

"I am not surprise," said Aoi. "After the bombing incident, I think the local official are watching over the ones that happened to cross Gima's path and Cain was one of them. So, I am not surprise that they faked Cain's death and gave him a new identity. I just feel sorry for the girl he was dating at that time."

Silence filled the front lawn, until Larva coughed slightly. "Should I write back to him and tell him that we are enjoying ourselves?"

"He will definitely kill you," Miyu replied.

"I know."

Five weeks later

"So…what is the final score?"

Ichiro looked at Miyu and she shook her head. "I lost count." She turned to Larva and nudged him slightly. "Do you know?"

"The last time I remembered, I was leading." Larva leaned back on his chair and quickly scooted back inward when his chair hit the corner of another desk.

"We surely need to move to another office," said Ranka when she sat on Miyu's desk. She scanned the maze that still remained unclear since the first time they moved in there. "And we need another leader too."

"Satou seemed to be doing fine," said Aoi. It was his first day back to the office and he was not enjoying it. With this maze, he had quite a difficult time trying to maneuver toward his desk, which was located right in the middle of the maze. Ichiro finally gave up his desk, when Ranka glared at him. However, Larva still have to carried Aoi over three desk top before they managed to reach to Ichiro's desk.

"He is stressed out," said Ichiro. "I can see the dark circles under his eyes."

"Who is stressed out," demanded Satou. His commanding voice came out more like a groan when his leg hit the leg of a desk. He dropped a file on Larva's desk and stood there for a moment when Ichiro started to stutter his apologies.

When Satou left them, Miyu giggled slightly and took the file from Larva's desk. "Since we lost count, Larva, don't you think it is time that we start counting again?" She grabbed her coat and started to head out to the exit.

"I think that would be a good idea," said Larva. He waved good-bye to Ichiro and headed straight after Miyu. Before he caught up with her, his eyes landed on the two empty desks that once belong to Lemures and Spartoi. With them back at LA and with Lemunia and Carlua returning with them, the office sure have gotten more quiet. Ichiro even felt like visiting them once when he had time.

By the time he caught up with Miyu, she was waiting for him and holding the elevator door open for him. Once they are in there, he leaned back on the rail and looked at her. She smiled at him.

"Are you going to tell me whenever there is a case," asked Miyu. Larva stared at her for a moment before he answered her back.

"Nope, only this time," he answered her and touched her on the cheek. "Think of it as a gift from a life-time partner."

She giggled and took his hand. "Thank you."

The End