Flight of the Ivan III


based on Lost in Space the tv series owned by 20th century fox

Author's note: The idea is that the Romanov's ,Bolsheviks ,etc lived in 1998 and were the same age as they were in 1918 also the revolution takes place in 1998 instead of 1918 so the story could work.

We see a sprawling control room with people rushing about. Many people are at various consoles monitoring instruments.

"This is Ipatiev Control holding at T-35 seconds. Launch pad rising to launch position. ",the announcer says

We see a large house relay a larger version of the original house that stood on the same site. A camera in a cellar feeds video back to control. The back wall is visible with a door on the right side. The arched roof parts and the floor parts as well. A humped shape rises out of the area where the floor was. It is the Ivan III a sister shape of the ill fated Jupiter 2 lost in 1997. The ship has the flag and Imperial crest of Imperial Russia next to the hatch.

The Ship is sitting on a launch tower made of three red legs which curve at the top to support the saucer itself. On screens in the control room the Ivan III is seen with it's main windows facing the one window of the room it came from under a night sky filled with stars.

"All systems are go. We will resume the count at 2:00 am local time. ",The announcer says.

A reporter sits in an enclosed booth overlooking the control room. He begins to speak.

"This is desperation. Because the Bolsheviks continue to attack Imperial Russia we have no choice but to exile the royal family into deep space. Due to the secrecy of this mission no live television or radio transmissions are to be made. This report will be transmitted after the Ivan III is in space heading towards it's destination Alpha Centauri the same place the Jupiter 2 was supposed to go. This has new safeguards and equipment in place to ensure that it does not meet the same fate as the eariler mission. ",the reporter states "The Romanov's were woken up at 12:30 this morning and boarded the ship while it was still underground. "the reporter continues

A video of the family boarding the ship begins. We see the Romanov's in imperial court dress enter the upper deck.

"Well I guess this is goodbye. I hope you make safely there your imperial highness-es. ",a technician said.

The technician bows to the family.

They all stop before the freezing tubes. Grand Duchesses Maria and Anastasia look over the control and the main astrogator.

"Why are you checking that out. ",a technician asked Anastasia.

"Because I am the pilot and so is my sister Maria. If you wake up and find me driving you know your in trouble. ",Anastasia said.

"Then let's hope we don't need Nastenkia to fly us then. ",Tatiana said.

They enter the freezing tubes and close their eyes as they are frozen for the 5 year trip.

Technicians make final checks and leave the ship. Two guards make a last search for any saboteurs. They open the doors to the bedrooms and extend the chairs meant to be used by the crew during takeoffs and landings.

"All clear here. No sign of trouble. ",a guard said into the radio.

They left the ship and the hatches closed behind them.

The video ends and the reporter begins speak again.

"This ship is slightly larger then the previous version to accommodate seven people. There is one more crew member aboard. A B-9,Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot that will take the first steps on the new world. ",the reporter said.

"Security is tight due to the threat posed by the Bolsheviks who would go to any length to stop it and kill the crew. ",the reporter finished.

A black truck races through the streets of Yekaterinburg with the hammer and sickle on it sides. It is driven by Yurovsky a man the Bolsheviks call "The Romanov Eraser" for having stopped two previous missions containing distant relatives of the family.

"How dare they put a launch site behind our backs. ",Yurovsky groans.

"Their sneaky imperial pricks. ",Vladamir said.

"There is the gate I am gonna ram it. ",Yurovsky said as he hit the gas.

The truck slammed into the gate but it did not break open. Guards draw their weapons. Bolsheviks jumped out of the back and a fire fight started.

"Bolsheviks at the main gate. ",a guard said into the phone.

"They found us! It's too late. ",a controller in the control room screamed.

"Get back to your posts. We all swore we would give our lives to the Romanov family so they could live. ",the flight director said.

"T-minus 25 seconds and counting. "the announcer said.

The fight at the main gate was fierce. The two guards were killed along with three Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks entered the base and drove towards the launch tower.

"Vladamir stop that ship. Get up the gantry and destroy it. The rest of us will take care of mission control. ",Yurovsky ordered.

"Were too late they are in the terminal count. ",Vladamir said.

Vladamir and his group got out of the truck and headed for the elevator. The truck sped towards the control center.

The Bolsheviks forced their way into the control room and began shooting the controllers. Meanwhile the other group reaches the top of the launch tower and starts trying to force open the hatch.

"Where are the explosives? ",Vladamir asked.

"Down in the truck. ",Boris said.

"Idiot! It's too late look at the count. ",Vladamir said

The countdown nears it's end. The hum of the main engines grows louder and the lights spin faster. 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 the Ivan III rises from it's launchpad and climbs into the sky.

The Bolsheviks on the tower are incinerated by the ships engines. They scream "AAAAGAAAAAG".

The heat sets off the explosives in the truck. Yurovsky turned in time to see the launch tower collapse in a ball of smoke.

The injured flight director makes a desperate call on the radio.

"Calling Alpha Control! Calling Alpha Control! Request you resume control of Ivan III immediately. We have been comprised, repeat comprised by Bolshevik forces. ",the flight director says into the radio.

Yurovsky shoots the flight director and then the radio cutting off communications. Yurovsky and his men approach the reporter still watching the launch. The reporter hits a button transmitting his report to Alpha Control.

"You will tell the world the ship and it's crew were destroyed. ",Yurovsky told the reporter as the Bolsheviks surrounded him.

The reporter picks up a phone ,dials a number, and then holds a large button down

"Yes in a minute I have something to do first. ",the reporter says.

"Hello St. Peters burg. The Ivan III is hopelessly lost in space. ",the reporter says.

The Bolsheviks listen intently unaware that the message is a coded signal indicating success.

"Get out of here. Tell the world what we have done. ",Yurovsky said.

The reporter packs up his things and walks through the control room full of dead bodies.

"Why didn't you kill him? ",a Bolshevik asks.

"The press has it's advantages and disadvantages. ",Yurovsky explained.

Yurovsky heads into the control room and looks at the burning spot where the launch tower and spaceship once stood. He picks up a phone and makes a call.

"Hello Moscow. Request you launch interceptors. The Ivan III got away. ",Yurovsky said.

"Lenin will have our heads for this. ",groaned Yurovsky.

The Ivan III climbs into space and begins spinning around the earth to build up speed for the flight out of the solar system. The Romanov's sleep peacefully in their freezing tubes unaware of their narrow escape.

Three interceptor missiles are fired from a Bolshevik base. The general alarm on the Ivan III rings out ,but is not heard by anyone. The computers take evasive action. As the first missile closes in the ship tilts forward and then backward allowing the missile to pass underneath it. The missile and another missile crash into each other and explode. The third missile continued following the ship. Ivan III enters an asteroid field. Asteroids hit the front of the ship as the computers try to steer clear. In the process the last missile hits an asteroid and explodes. The Ivan III clears the asteroids and continues on it's way to Alpha Centauri.

At the Alpha Control Center in Florida flight controllers race to catch up on telemetry from Ivan III

"This is Alpha Control at +120 minutes into the flight of Ivan III. We have resumed control of the flight at the request of the Ipatiev Control team due to the site being taken by Bolshevik forces. All indications are green at this time. Ivan III continues on course for Alpha Centauri. ",the announcer says.

A woman in a fur coat and blue gown enters the room. She is frightened by news reports. The director of Alpha Control greets her.

"Welcome your highness to Alpha Control. ",the director said as he bows to her.

"The said the Ivan III was destroyed and everyone in it is dead. ",Empress Marie said.

"That's no true. Look at the screen your highness. She's right there and on course. The new countermeasures programed into her computers have worked well. What you heard were Bolshevik lies your highness. ",the director said.

"I will never see them again. Five years may be too long for me. ",Empress Marie said.

"There's a chance. We have another flight about to take off for the same destination. It's a little bug but there is room on board for one more. The Neptune 5 is a one story ship and will arrive one and a half months after the Ivan III. ",The director explains.

The Neptune 5 was small one story rocket different in design to the Ivan III and Jupiter 2. Empress Marie entered one of the freezing tubes with the crew and the ship launched into the heavens.

to be continued.