Flight of the Ivan III part 3


based on Lost in Space the tv series owned by 20th century fox

The Jupiter 2 flew through the blackness of space. Will Robinson ,Doctor Smith and the robot were on the bridge. Both Will and Dr Smith were sitting at the main consoles. They had been lost in space for a year. Will looked in shock at a strange sight. Another saucer like the Jupiter 2 was being chased by another ship. Dr Smith had a surprised look on his face.

"That ship looks like ours ,but it can't be. " Will said.

"That is an Ivan class ship. " The robot replied.

"It can't be. The Bolsheviks destroyed both of them on the launch pads. ' Will said.

"My sensors do not lie that ship is an ivan class ship. " The robot said.

"This is Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of the Ivan III. We are under attack by Bolsheviks help! " Anastasia said on the radio.

"Bolsheviks out here? " Dr Smith said with a worried look on his face.

"Dad please come up here! " Will yelled down the lift with a look of exitcment.

Mauren , Judy, and Penny came up the lift while Don and John climbed up the ladder.

"The Grand Duchess Anastasia is calling for help. " Will said to the others.

"Look that ship is firing on the other one. Why have to help them John? " Mauren said.

John walked over to the screen and picked up the microphone.

"This is John Robinson of the Jupiter 2 your highness we are coming to help just hang in there. " John said.

"Hurry they are gaining on us. " Anastasia cried.

"Everyone hang on. " John said.

"What are we going to do John ram that Bolshevik ship? " Don asked.

"We are going to divert those missiles away. " John said.

"You will get us all killed. " Dr Smith said.

The Jupter 2 headed towards the Bolshevik ship. As Yurovsky fired another round of missles the Jupiter 2 flew between them and the Ivan III.

"You are interferring with Bolshevik affairs unknown ship. I am Yakov Yurovsky the commandent of this ship and I order you to leave. " Yurovsky said.

"Yurovsky. Trust me John you don't want to cross his path. " Dr. Smith said.

Yurovsky watched angrily as the Jupiter 2 diverted his missiles away. The missles hit the Jupiter 2 causing it to shake violently and throw everyone to the side.
Sparks flew from control panels on the wall. Everyone standing was thrown off their feet.

"John we can't take much more of this. " Don said to John.

"Yurovsky is known as the Romanov Eraser. He won't stop until all the Romanov's are dead. " Dr. Smith explained.

Dr Smith looked worried and afraid.

"You will get us all killed if you keeep fighting him. " Dr. Smith screamed in fear.

"We have to stop them or they will destroy the Romanov's. " John said.

Dr Smith snuck into the space pod. The space pod dropped out of the Jupiter 2 and flew away. He flew towards the Bolshevik ship.
John and Don saw the pod fly away.

"Dr. Smith come back here at once. " John ordered.

"John this is personal leave me be. " Dr. Smith replied.

"Calling Yurovsky or should I say aos 14 umbra. Do you remember me? " Dr. Smith asked.

"Impossible! I thought you were dead. " Yurovsky said.

"You left me to die in the Jupiter 2. Time for payback. " Dr. Smith said.

"You will die traitor! " Yurovsky said.

"What is he talking about? " Don asked.

"Dr. smith atemmpted to sabotage the Jupiter 2 by programming me to destroy vital systems after launch. He was given knowledge about my systems from whoever hired him. " The Robot explained.

"I knew it. How else could he end up on our ship. " Don replied.

"He is seeking revenge. " John said.

Yurovsky fired three missles towards the pod and Smith flew away leading the missiles in a circle towards the Bolshevik ship. He caused the missles to hit the ship and damage it slightly. The pod was knocked backwards. Anastasia headed for the space pod on the Ivan III.

"We have to help him. " Anastasia said.

"Why? " Maria asked.

"Dr. Smith is risking his life for us. " Anastasia said.

"Nastenkia please come back. " Nicholas said.

It was too late. Anastasia left in the space pod from the Ivan III and flew towards the Bolshevik ship. Yurovsky fired missiles toward Smith and Anastasia lured them away from his pod and circled around with the missiles following her.
Anastasia flew along side the Bolshevik ship.

"Get away you capitalist traitor and take those missiles with you. " Yurovsky screamed.

Everyone starred in disbelief as the pod and missiles neared the back of the ship and then an explosion lit up space like a sun. The Bolshevik ship was said flying away in a spiral with it's back half badly damaged.

"Nastenkia are you there? " Maria asked.

"Dr. Smith do you see Anastasia's pod anywhere? " John asked.

"No the poor girl is gone. She gave her life for us. ' Dr. Smith replied.

"I am returning to the Jupiter 2. " Dr. Smith continued.

The Romanov's all stood on the top deck of the Ivan III with their heads bowed. Dr. Smith entered the top deck of the Jupiter 2.
Just then the space pod appeared from the asteroid field.

"Nstenkia how in the world did you survive? " Maria asked.

"I was knocked away by the blast afterward I hid behind an asteroid. " Anastasia said.

Her families eyes were full of tears.

"I don't think we have to worry about Yurovsky anymore. " Anastasia said as she returned to the Ivan III.

Anastasia flew the pod into the Ivan III and returned to the flight deck. She straightened out her dress and Kokoshnik. The Romanov's patted her on the shoulders and were happy.

"Where are you guys going? We are heading back to Alpha Centuri. " Anasasia asked.

"That is where we are going. We have been lost in space for years. " John said.

"Follow us and try to keep up with me. I have a habit of disappearing. " Anastasia laughed.

The Jupiter 2 folled the Ivan III and landed on the planet. Days later they were standing between the two ships which were standing on their landing gear.

"This is Alpha Control. We are glad to hear the Jupiter 2 has been found and arrived safely on Alpha Centuri. We advise the Romanov's to remain there. The situation in Russia is too dangerous for your return. " Alpha Control explained.

"This is John Robison of the Jupiter 2. We have the Romanov's to thank for our safe arrival. " John said.

The robots were standing side by side.

"Have they made any improvements in our design? " The Robinson Robot asked.

"No. " The Romanov robot answered.

"Anastasia gets in trouble sometimes because she removes my power pack. " The Romanov Robot said.

"That sounds like Doctor Smith. " The Robinson Robot replied.

Don and Judy were standing together.

"Looks like you have competition from those Grand Duchesses. " Judy said.

"Not really. I was never much for royalty. "Don Answered.

The forcefield generators were out and the gardens were standing by the ships.

"Will I have seen you with Anastasia a lot lately. " Penny asked.

"We are friends. I could never make it with royalty. " Will said.