So I decided to do something similar to me This is Berk one shot thing. If you don't know what that is it's just a series of one shots about life in Berk but this will be Camelot style! Hope you enjoy! This one will be a two maybe even three parter, I'm not sure yet...anyways enjoy!

It was only on a rare occasion that Merlin could be found at the tavern and today was no exception. Gaius and Arthur both regularly reminded Merlin how he was when he was drunk so he tended to stay away from the stuff. Gwaine however, was the exact opposite of Merlin. He spent almost every day at the tavern and was regularly seen stumbling drunk through the streets. He never seemed to suffer from hangovers though so he always managed to perform top notch during practice the following day.

Somehow Gwaine had convinced Merlin to go with him to the tavern despite Arthur warning Merlin not to go with Gwaine alone. For the life of him Merlin couldn't figure out why he shouldn't go to the tavern with Gwaine alone. They were friends; Gwaine was not a threat to Merlin so why shouldn't he go? Merlin was having a pretty good time joking around with Gwaine. While Gwaine was working on his third drink, Merlin had only drunk about half of his and was already starting to get a bit tipsy.

After Gwaine fifth drink though, Merlin started to get a little worried. Gwaine was flinging himself at anyone who got near him and was starting to get a little violent while doing so.

"Gwaine I think you've had enough to drink" Merlin informed him when he tried to grab Merlin's half finished mead.

"It's fine Merlin" Gwaine assured draping an arm around his shoulder, "We're friends…"

"Okay…" Merlin replied pushing Gwaine's arm off, but Gwaine just but it back.

"What's the matter Merlin?" Gwaine asked.

"I think it's time you went home" Merlin informed him hauling Gwaine to his feet and dropping a few coins on the table for Gwaine's last drink.

"Awe Merlin" Gwaine moaned.

"Come on…" Merlin coaxed half dragging a protesting Gwaine out of the tavern. At first Gwaine protested very loudly but after a few minutes calmed down. Merlin was immensely relived by the fact that he wouldn't have to drag Gwaine back o the castle. Maybe this is why Arthur didn't want me to go with Gwaine Merlin thought. Gwaine suddenly flung himself at Merlin and was hugging him tightly.

"Gwaine let go" Merlin ordered sternly. Gwaine's reply was tightening his hold on Merlin. "Gwaine cut it out…" Gwaine's hand was sliding down Merlin's body until both were wrapped around his waist.

"What's the matter..?" Slurred Gwaine, "I thought we were friends…"

"Yes we are but could you please let go?" Merlin asked. Gwaine shook his head and buried his head in Merlin's shoulder. Gwaine was an overly affectionate drunk Merlin decided. He seemed to go after anything that moved. Merlin tried to wiggle out of Gwaine's grasp but to no avail.

"Gwaine…don't make me hurt you" Merlin warned but Gwaine wasn't listening. Gwaine started caressing Merlin's neck oblivious to Merlin's protests. Merlin groaned and tried to figure a way out of this predicament. Merlin was pretty sure Gwaine so drunk he wouldn't realize it if Merlin did use magic, but he wasn't taking any chances. Merlin wiggled both his arms free and elbowed him in the stomach. Gwaine's breath was knocked out of him and Merlin shoved him off while he was distracted.

"I warned you" Merlin informed him glaring down at Gwaine. Merlin knew he couldn't have hurt Gwaine to badly at least. Arthur was always telling him how weak he was…A now very angry Gwaine stumbled to his feet. Gwaine raised his fist and before Merlin could comprehend what was happening he was sprawled on the floor clutching his face.

"What…?" Merlin asked stunned.

"Why'd you do that?" Gwaine demanded, "I thought we were…friends…" Gwaine was swaying dangerously and his words where slurred together. Someone hauled Merlin to his feet and asked,

"What is going on…Merlin?" Leon had a firm grip on Merlin's arm while Lancelot and Percival were holding up a semi conscious Gwaine.

"I went to the tavern with Gwaine and…he…he punched me when I shoved him off of me" Merlin explained reluctantly.

"Arthur's gonna be furious…" Leon muttered shaking his head.

"He doesn't have to know!" Merlin exclaimed.

"What are you going to say when he asks about your eye?" Lancelot asked.

"Huh?" Merlin asked hand flying up to his throbbing eye.

"You're definitely going to have a black eye in the morning…" Lancelot clarified.

"It's already starting to swell…" Leon agreed inspecting Merlin's eye.

"I'll tell him I fell or something just…please don't say anything to Arthur Gwaine will get in trouble and it's not his fault…well not completely…" Merlin begged. Leon stared at Merlin for a moment before shaking his head.

"Fine…I won't say anything…"

"Thanks" Merlin grinned. Merlin looked over at Gwaine who looked pretty miserable. "Is he…?" Merlin began but Leon answered his unspoken question,

"He always gets like this when he's drunk…honestly Gwaine what are we going to do with you?"

"I think you all could use some mean…" Gwaine declared.

"Yea…there's a nice tankard of mead in your room" Leon declared rolling his eyes but Gwaine didn't notice. At the word 'mead' he instantly perked up and allowed Lancelot and Percival to half drag him back to the castle.

The walk back to the castle was relatively uneventful. Gwaine stumbled quiet a few times, but Lancelot and Percival never dropped him. Leon continued up to Gaius's chambers with Merlin while Lancelot and Percival took Gwaine up to his room.

"You don't have to come up Leon…" Merlin protested.

"Arthur will be mad enough as it is" Leon explained. Merlin sighed but didn't protest any further. Merlin sighed in relief when he saw that Gaius was already asleep. One less thing he had to worry about until morning. Just as Merlin was about to close the door Leon said,


"Yes?" Merlin asked turning to face Leon.

"Please don't go drinking with Gwaine alone" Leon begged. Ordinarily Merlin might have been annoyed. But, Leon was only asking this because he didn't want Merlin to get hurt.

"Don't worry I won't" Merlin assured. Leon grinned and added,

"You might want to try and do something about that eye…Arthur won't be the only one annoyed…"

"Honestly I have no idea what Gaius would think" Merlin admitted.

Leon flashed a smile and started back down the stairs before adding,

"Don't worry Lancelot and Percival won't say anything either." Merlin sighed in relief and shut the door behind him knowing the next would be a long one.

End Notes

So how was it? It was originally going to be a one shot only but it was just getting WAY to long and it wasn't even done yet so I split it up. Please review and tell me what you think!