It was a sunny afternoon and everyone was just minding there own business after a world meeting. However, everyone noticed that America wasn't anywhere to be found.

"Hey Feliciano, have you seen Alfred anywhere?"

"Sorry, Arthur I haven't."

"Ludwig what about you?"

"Nein, I haven't seen him all day."

"Umm.. I think I know where."

Canada was cut off as England passed by.

"Ivan, what about you?"

"Sorry I haven't seen him."

England kept on asking until he bumped into Canada.

"Alfred, there you are I've been looking for you all day we need to discuss about next week's meeting."

"I'm sorry but it's me Matthew. I'm not Alfred but I do know where he is. He said something aboot spending time with his daughter Louisiana today."

"Right, how could I forget? It's been six years since that bloody Hurricane Katrina hit. Thanks Matthew."

He soon left and told everyone where America was. Alfred was out in the city of New Orleans with one of his states Louisiana who both reflected on what happened six years ago. Louisiana herself was a young African American girl named Melanie with medium length hair often tied in a bun, and wears a white blouse, with a tan skirt or sometimes pants. She used to belong to France and Spain for a while and speaks her own form of Creole as well as English. However, thanks to Katrina she spends most of her life in a wheel chair but knows that won't stop her from having fun.

"So, daddy, why do you think we were hit so hard like that?"

"I'm not to sure myself Melanie but even though I'm a hero I was scared that day."

"But I thought that hero's don't get scared at all."

"That's not entirely true I mean I was scared because I was afraid I would loose you to the hurricane and I almost did."

America got up as he pushed his daughter's wheelchair while walking.

"Still if you knew about the hurricane before hand would you have taken me to safety away from the storm?"

"Trust me I would have maybe I could have taken you to be with Maine that way you would be far enough from any hurricane. Sometimes your sisters ask me the same thing about 9/11 and the Northridge quake."

"It was still nice of everyone else like Francis, Kiku, and Uncle Mattie to take me to the Hospital after the storm cleared up."

"Hey it was something we all pitched in for to help I couldn't bear to see innocent people suffering like that."

"Is that because that's what a hero would do?"

"I guess you could say that."

He chuckled a bit.

"Still, dad do you ever regret taking me in as a state? I mean I'm so prone to hurricanes, and other disasters."

"Of course not Melanie, without you I wouldn't be as big as I am right now."

"You're just saying that because you're smaller than Uncle Mattie and don't want to get any smaller."

"Okay, now that was just mean."

"I'm just joking dad."

"Still I want to ask you. What it was like to be caught in the hurricane?"

"It was scary, I mean wind and water were blowing everywhere, trees were rooted up, and all of New Orleans was flooded."

"That is scary. I'm glad everyone is now prepared since that day happened."

"Me too daddy, want to get some gumbo before you have to leave?"

"Sure, it's better than what Arthur used to cook for me when I was growing up anyway."

This fanfic is dedicated to the victims of Katrina since it's hit 6 years ago. It was the deadliest hurricane to hit the United States in years and the damage, and cost for repairs was unheard of. Since then the people of Louisiana have never forgotten what happened and have always been prepared since that day.