The great, white dragon stirred in her ancient prison, twisting and contorting as she fought to free herself from her chains for the first time in centuries. The silver spirit had slept now for an eternity, it seemed, but finally, she could sense it. For so long she had sought, through the haze of sleep for this sensation. A spirit worthy of her power, engaged in a valiant battle, one it could not win. If this being called on her now, she would, finally, be free from this prison. She writhed and fought against the dark chains that bound her in that place. It was all in vain, though, it seemed this being could not yet sense her. She could not break through the darkness that confined her without this spirit's call.
She settled down into the darkness of her prison as she sensed the battle coming to a close, the spirit would no longer hear her. So she must wait. Wait for this being to realize her presence and call on her power. It may take a long time, but this was fine, she could be patient, after all what was time to one such as her?

Author's Note

And so it begins . . .