"Han," I whisper as he tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear. He stares back at me with that hungry look of his, the one filled with desire, hope, love…

I smile and run my hand along his cheek, brushing against his stubble. He grins devilishly and I find myself copying him. As one we move together and eagerly kiss, not able to get enough of each other. I press my body against his, wanting nothing more than to melt into him. His hands entangle themselves in my hair.

When we stop to breathe I wonder why we don't do this more often. It is then I remember. Not too many days ago I was crowned queen. Although that was what I wanted, I had a few regrets. My coronation sealed off any possible relationship between Han and myself.

Han stares at me sadly and longingly as he raises a hand in farewell. "No," I want to shout, but he fades away.

I wake up, breathing heavily. There is a sorrow in my heart I can't shake. I don't regret my decision to become queen, but I wish… But no, that option is gone.