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SUMMARY: After a not-so-freak accident, Harry finds himself with only two friends from his old life and half a horse's body. Luckily, Firenze is watching after him… Slash, bestiality kind of…lang.

Now Introducing…*drumroll*

Treasure Chapter 1: Changed

Harry lay miserably on the cold forest floor. Ron had mispronounced and misfired a spell in Transfiguration. They were growing trees from apples so don't ask how it became this, but Harry was transfigured into a horse. However, human transfiguration was extremely complex and dangerous and difficult and tons of other things. For Ron to actually get it right was a great feat, due to the fact that it was complex, dangerous, difficult, and tons of other things. And now Harry was now stuck half boy (Man!) half horse. In a moment of high emotions, Harry had bolted in the confusion. Not his brightest moment. He now found himself in the Forbidden Forest. Outstanding. Harry had decided the best option was to sit – kneel – tight and wait for the professors to find him.

The sudden rustling of the bushes cause Harry to tense. He relaxed when he saw Firenze emerge from the foliage. "Firenze!" Harry managed to coordinate his four legs enough to wobble up like a young colt. (After a few attempts)

"Mr. Potter?" The centaur asked in astonishment. "The stars didn't show me this." He murmured to himself. Harry was too far away to hear. "What happened to you?"

With a shameful blush, "Ron hit me with a spell." Harry mumbled in embarrassment. Firenze came closer and began to circle the young colt. "Firenze?" Harry asked in confusion.

"I believe you're quite beautiful by our standards." Firenze murmured again to himself. "Tell me Mr. Potter, what is being done to counteract this. You cannot stay here. You are not welcomed by the rest of the herd I'm afraid."

"I don't know," Harry began meekly. Fear settled in. What was he going to do?

"I believe I have a solution," Firenze came forth and cupped Harry's delicate face between his hands. "Will you accept me Harry?"

"Accept you? Of course I accept you." If centaurs could smirk in utter satisfaction, Firenze would have.

"Good," he whispered against Harry's lips and moved the Harry's back. The young boy kept him in sight, not understanding what was going on. Suddenly, Harry's eyes widened. Oh dear! Now he completely understood why people bragged that they 'hung like a horse'. He flushed in embarrassment. "Firenze?" Fear coated his words. "What are you doing?"

"I take thee as thy mate," Firenze declared in the ancient tongue and mounted the boy. Harry whined and tired to move forward, but with strong human arms, Firenze locked the boy in place, reared up and entered Harry all in one smooth motion.

Through the pleasure of the large organ moving and touching places that had never been touched before, Harry both cursed and praised Ron.

The pleasure continued long through the night.


The Next Morning

Birds chirped as the sun rose over the trees. The Forbidden Forest actually looked pretty. Rather than the dark and spooky trees, there were flowers and green grass. And in the clearing, two bodies lay tangled lying in the grass.

Harry slowly awoke from his deep slumber. He looked around, confused for only a moment when everything came back to him from last night.

He bolted up from the ground and began pacing around the clearing.

'Damn you Ron! Why did you have to mispronounce the spell? It was a simple Horesuto spell', Harry thought to himself.

Green eyes looked back at the horse man who lay asleep on the ground. A blush slowly crept to his face. Last night was the best night of Harry's life. It was the one night where Harry truly felt loved. The Dursley's never loved him. Ron and Hermione loved him but it was only to the extent that friends love each other. But Firenze, he touched something special deep inside of Harry's heart.

The way Firenze touched him made him feel like he could stay that way forever. Last night was his first time too.

Harry gazed sadly at the form and trotted toward him. He knelt down and kissed the centaur on the lips.

"I'm sorry Firenze. But I have to find my way back to school so that I can be changed back. Last night was truly special and I will never forget it. I do love you, but this can't work", he whispered sadly into his ear.

Harry got up and wiped the tears away. He turned and ran down a path he thought would lead out of the forest. Never looking back, he didn't see two sad eyes following him into the forest.

"No matter what you think Harry, you are my mate. You are my treasure. And even if it takes me one hundred years, I will prove my love to you", Firenze said, as he got up to follow Harry.


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