Hey well first off this story is not only SLASH but there is DIAPER PLAY and some WATERSPORTS. Not to mention BED WETTING! So please do not flame. I love KURT/BLAINE and this was something of a plot bunny in my mind for a while so I decided to write it after it would just NOT leave me alone. Enjoy. Rating is R(M) for a reason.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never was. Please don't sue.

Chapter 3

Blaine's POV

I look at Kurt and can't help but think how beautiful he is. "We should probably get cleaned up. Put new diapers on." I say. I see him nod and I take out two more diapers from the package in my closet. I've been so lucky today. When Kurt first arrived I hadn't really thought he would go through with my plan. I thought he would scoff and it would be forgotten about, never to be spoken of again. But, he surprised me. He took to the idea well and even initiated an intimacy we had not participated in yet. I did not see that coming this morning. Still, I'm not complaining.

I go into the bathroom and take of my soaking diaper which is now stained with come as well. I smile to myself. My parents aren't returning 'till late tomorrow night. Kurt and I still have plenty of time to play.

After we both washed up and changed our diapers we went back downstairs to the kitchen. I set about making something for dinner for us both. I will admit however that Kurt was the only reason our meal was edible. Oops. After dinner we decided to watch a few more films and we spent the night talking about them.

As the night progressed we started getting giddy and before long I found myself chasing Kurt around the living room.

"Ha ha. Blaine!" Kurt's laughter made me swell with joy. Then I caught him and he called out my name in surprise. I decided I'd tickle him. As my hands reached his sides and started to move he screeched out and before long we were on the ground and I was straddling him.

"Oh stop! Please. I'll pee myself! Please, stop!" I listened to Kurt begging me but I kept going. I could see the laughter and happiness on his face. Then I felt it. He had stopped moving beneath me and his face was scrunched up. He was peeing. I'm not sure what came over me but I realised right then I needed to see it. I had to see it. So before Kurt could say anything I had un-taped the sides of his diaper and pulled the front towards me. I saw him gape with shock but I could focus on nothing more than that golden stream now hitting his stomach as it arched up away from the diaper. I was so hard from watching and when the stream finished and I finally looked into Kurt's eyes I saw not revulsion but lust. Kurt had enjoyed it just as much as I did.

"What was that?" He asked me.

"I just, I had to see you. I had to see it. I'm sorry if I scared you." I say.

"It's...it's okay. Just warn me next time." I smile.

"There's going to be a next time?" I ask with a cheeky grin.

"Get off!" He says; laughing. "Go get me a towel so I can dry up without getting pee on your living room carpet!" I blush as I realise he's right. We defiantly did not need any questions about pee stains.

I get him a cloth to clean up with and hand it to him. I watch as he mops the urine off his body and soon he's standing and I offer to put his shirt into the wash so it'll be clean for him tomorrow. "You can borrow something of mine till then." I say. I watch him nod and he takes his shirt off, handing it to me. I go put on the wash and when I hear footsteps on the stairs I realise with a laugh he's gone to shower again.

It's late now. Kurt has another clean diaper on as I'd slightly ruined the straps when I had opened the last. "I love you." I say and I pull him closer to me on the bed. He snuggles into me and I fall asleep watching him.

I wake up and for a moment I'm confused. That's when I feel a sharp pang in my bladder. I realise I haven't peed since the incident in my room this afternoon. Kurt is still in my arms. I'm the big spoon and he is pressed right on my stomach. The pressure on my bladder makes itself known again and I realise I can go right now. I close my eyes and in seconds I'm flooding my diaper. It feels so good, and warm and naughty. I'm peeing in my diaper whilst sharing a bed with my boyfriend who's asleep in my arms. It feels great. My prick twitches slightly at the thought, despite the urine pouring out the top right now. By the time I've finished I've already fallen asleep.

Kurt's POV

I wake up to the sun on my face and feel Blaine's arms around me. I think about the last time this happened and shudder as I remember wetting the bed. I freeze for a second and check to make sure I haven't done the same again. As my hand moves across the dry bedding it hits of something thick and I realise it's a diaper. I'm wearing a diaper. That's when it all comes flooding back. I remember everything Blaine and I did yesterday and while I know I'm blushing bright enough to light a Christmas tree I can't find it in me to regret it.

"Morning beautiful." Blaine croons in my ear. I smile and turn around in his arms to face him.

"Morning" I say.

"Are you wet?" I'm asked.

"Err?" I shift to try and tell but then I feel two fingers in the top of my diaper.

"Ooo...you're soaking. Good boy." I can't help but laugh at Blaine's antics. Still I'm curious as to whether I wet the bed or rather my diaper just because I'd had an accident or whether it was because I'd used the diaper earlier in the day yesterday. It was something that bore more thinking about.

After lazing about in bed for a while longer we both got out of bed and got ready for the day. We had until tonight to continue with the diapers and I really didn't want to miss a minute of it.

Their morning had passed by normally enough. They had eaten breakfast and had played around for a while. They made out on the couch and had sung to each other. Right now they were back in Blaine's bedroom and both were looking at an old photo album of his.

"I want you to pee on me!" I burst out. I feel my face flame and I look back at a cute picture of Blaine cuddling a teddy bear.

"Kurt, look at me." I shake my head from side to side. I'm mortified. I don't know what possessed me to say that. Except I do. Last night when Blaine had opened my diaper and I had felt my stream hit me with Blaine leaning over me like that I couldn't help but imagine him doing such a thing to me. The fantasy hadn't left me alone all day and I guess my mouth ran away with the thought before my brain had time to catch up. I felt Blaine's hand on my chin, urging me to look up. Finally I do.

"I'm sorry." I say.

"Kurt, it's okay. I don't mind. Don't ever be afraid to tell me something, or to ask for something from me. I'll always listen to you and I promise I'll always try to understand where you're coming from. Okay?" I nod shakily, he still has a grip on my chin. Now the hand is moving to cup my cheek.

"If this is something you are sure you want then I'd be honoured." I'm surprised to hear him agree.

"Thank-you. I mean, for not making a big deal or acting weird..." I trail off.

"Kurt, we're both sitting in my room in diapers, something I asked you to do! I should be the one thanking you. Now, do you want to this now? I don't want to push but I've a full bladder and either it's now or we wait till later till I can fill it again." I blush and nod my head to agree.

"Now; please." By mutual agreement we move of into the bathroom. Blaine has a separate bath and shower in his en-suite. Thinking for a second I climb into the bath and sit right back with my legs stretched out. "Do it!" I say. I hear him groan and in seconds he's removed his diaper and is standing in the bath above me. I look into his eyes and almost miss when his flow starts.

It hits my shoulder first. It's hot and pale yellow. There is little smell which surprises me until I realise all the water we drank since yesterday morning has obviously had an effect. Blaine moves his stream down lower to my chest and taking my eyes away from his cock I lock eyes with him whilst lifting one hand. I move the hand down my chest, down my belly and finally, taking a deep breath I grasp my own hard cock. I see his eyes widen and darken in lust. He moves his stream so it's hitting my hand and cock as I stroke faster and faster. It doesn't take long and I'm screaming his name whilst I spurt out jets of white fluid. His own torrent ends and he sits down in the bath with me.

"Fuck Kurt. That was so hot!" His breath is shallow and laboured. "How did it feel? Was it what you wanted?" I chuckle at that.

"Blaine I just came so hard I have come in my hair. That was amazing." I say.

"Will you...I mean could I..." he trails off.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Well nothing really. It's just that I was wondering, I've always wanted to hold a guys prick whilst he was peeing. Would you let me?" I smile.

"Of course. Here or?" I let the question hang.

"Erm, no; at the toilet. I want to stand behind you and hold it." I stand out of the bath and we both rush to the toilet. After just coming I defiantly need to pee so Blaine is behind me and barely grasping my cock when I let loose. He directs the spray into the bowel and I lean back into him whilst I void my bladder. It feels so good.

Once again we shower and clean up and I'm in yet another diaper. We have lunch and I feel the need to pee again. We're sitting at the island in Blaine's kitchen and I decided to just let go. It feels so good and so naughty to be doing this. I'm basically peeing in a chair and no one is the wiser. Or so I think. I look at Blaine and he has a happy, indulgent sort of smile on his face. I know he knows what I'm doing and for some reason that has made it feel all the better!

"That Mr. Hummel was a very naughty thing to do." I can't help but smirk slightly as I look defiantly into his eyes and finish my wee.

"That felt good." I state boldly. He laughs

"I'm glad you're enjoying your diapers so much." He says. I watch him carefully for the latter part of the afternoon and when he's playing the piano to me I notice the slight quiver of his legs and the satisfied smile appearing on his face for what it truly is. He's pissing his diaper whilst he plays to me. Now that is bold. As the time grew late I knew it was time for me to go. His parents would be back soon and I had a curfew.

"Here." As I'm about to leave he hands me a bag. When I look in it I realise there are about a half dozen new diapers in it. "No more wet sheets unless you want to." He says with a wink. I laugh, kiss him goodbye and drive home. This weekend has certainly been entertaining.

I think I'll try that diaper again tonight.