The last old man on Earth stared out at the screen towards the viewer.

"If you're watching this ... you finally turned up. It must have been something serious if you didn't show up for this." A low chuckle. "At least I kept my hair, hey?"

The laughing stopped, turned serious. "We tried to stop it. Miracle Day, the Families. And I suppose we did. Good guys defeated the bad guys ... bad guys had the last laugh."

"You see ... we found out how, but the bad guys knew that we didn't have the resources to turn the Miracle off."

"We tried to contact you ... but before they started Miracle Day, they got to everyone who had your number. Martha, Sarah Jane ... everyone."

"The panic was setting in. It wasn't enough to stop the ovens ... the fact, the realisation of what the Miracle meant for each and every human ..."

The old man rubbed the bridge of his nose. "It got bad. Riots, confusion, they burned down Jerusalem ..."

"While all this was happening, the best, the brightest minds in the world were told to think of solutions, of methods of prolonging the human existence. When survival is no longer a priority, what's next?"

"In the end, while everyone was trying something, anything new ... it was an archivist with some insanely high clearances who realised that there was a solution that was very old."

"I didn't have much time left, but I knew what it would mean if they implemented it. I convinced the others. We started the resistance ... but ... you know how well that went."

"They got them all. Gwen, Rhys, Rex, Esther ... if I didn't know better, I'd say that letting me live was their idea of a joke."

"All the data we've gathered, it's on this phone. You have to stop them."

The Doctor shut off the dusty smartphone, peering out of the abandoned warehouse window, which afforded an excellent view of the city.

One of the few warehouses left; every other redundant structure and device was being cannibalised and recycled into it's base materials for repurposing. The Doctor had noticed the space programme starting up again, in order to begin mining the main asteroid belt beyond Mars for materials to implement and maintain the solution.

The solution had started with minor changes but soon overtook every aspect of human life once the rapidly decaying and suffering population realised how efficient it was. The solution was very easy to implement. The solution was designed to be employed with a minimum error rate, ease and speed of operation.

The solution had begun with one prime purpose, but the humans had realised how easily it's function coincided with their long term goal; endurance. They had reached out to this solution, and the solution had swallowed them all.

The Doctor watched one recipient of the solution, walking down the street, resplendent in silver, having ignored the urge for survival and having embraced a very different priority.

The Human Race had been replaced with a new blank face and united under one new creed.

We Will Endure.